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Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of

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While such an injury might have sidelined other bands, the group simply pressed on with their singer in a cast. When Alice in Chains taped their appearance on MTV Unplugged in the spring ofit marked the first time since January that all four members of the band had appeared together on the same stage. Sadly, Staley would only make a handful of live appearances after this. The song that introduced Alice In Chains to the world was written by guitarist Jerry Cantrell about gang violence after he observed 9 and 10 Every Breath You Take - Various - Music Factory Mastermix - Issue 159 old kids dealing drugs in Seattle.

By curious coincidence, the first concert that Staley attended as a child was an Elton John gig. Alice in Chains was approached by the producers of the CBS reality show Rock Star about being featured on its second season, but the band turned the offer down.

To coincide with the band's reunion, Sony Music released the long-delayed third Alice in Chains compilation, The Essential Alice in Chainsa double album that includes 28 songs.

After they finished, Sean Kinney looked at his bandmates and said, "I think the search is pretty much over. Dombroski jammed with them to a couple of songs but they did not feel he was right for the band. Cantrell explained the reunion saying, "We want to celebrate what we did and the memory of our friend. We have played with some [singers] who can actually bring it and add their own thing to it without being a Layne clone.

We're not interested in stepping on [Staley's] rich legacy. It's a tough thing to go through. Do you take the Led Zeppelin approach and never play again, because the guy was that important? That's the approach we've taken for a lot of years. Or, do you give it a shot, try something? We're willing to take a chance on it. It's completely a reunion because the three of us who're left are back together. But it's not about separating and forgetting — it's about remembering and moving on.

Heart's guitarist Nancy Wilson also joined them Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of. Alice in Chains joined Velvet Revolver for a run of U. Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of addition to the band's original material, they also played a Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of of Led Zeppelin 's " Kashmir " while backed by over musicians, including the Northwest Symphony Orchestra and the Northwest Girlchoir.

Sean Kinney said about the band's reunion: "I never called Jerry; he never called me, and said, 'Hey, let's get the band back together,' you know? We had been taking every step extremely cautious and slow, and just doing whatever feels right: If it's genuine and we're doing it for genuine reasons and we're all okay with it then we take a little step.

None of us is broke. Nobody needs to be a rock dork, and you know, stroke their ego. I mean, we don't really operate like that. So as long as it felt good and from the right place and it's about making music and carrying on…. About the pressure being put on DuVall for replacing Staley as lead vocalist, Cantrell Bed - Jim Gaffigan - King Baby (DVD), "To put all that weight on Will's shoulders is unfair.

We're just figuring out how we work as a team. Although the band has changed, we've lost Layne, we've added Will, and there was no master plan. Playing again in felt right, so we did the next thing and toured.

We did it step by step. It's more than just making music, and it always has been. We've been friends a long time. We've been more of a family than most, and it Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of to be okay from here", Cantrell said pointing to his heart. The band started writing and demoing songs for a new album with DuVall in April The minute performance for a crowd of 67, people featured a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" accompanied by the Northwest Symphony Orchestra.

On June 11,Blabbermouth. On June 30,the song " A Looking in View " was made available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon[] and for a limited time it was available as a free download through the official Alice in Chains website in early July. To promote the album, the band released an EPK featuring all four of the members being interviewed while the Kiss makeup is being applied on them.

Sean Kinney said about the new album and the fans' mixed reactions about the band moving on after Staley's death: "Look, it's a big move to fucking stand up and move on. Some people, the music connected with them so strongly, their opinions, how they feel about it It's amazing that they have such a connection but they seem to act like it happened to them. This happened to us and Layne's family, not them. This is actually our lives.

If we're okay with it, why can't you be? This happened to us, this didn't happen to you. But this album isn't about that, it's a bigger universal point.

We're all going to fucking die, we're all going to lose somebody, and it fucking hurts. How do you move on? This record is us moving on, and hurting.

That, to me, is a victory. I already feel like I've Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of. We're not doing this for money; there is no money in the music business anymore. Jerry and I funded the whole album, and we spent lots of our own money, because we believe in this. And one of Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of reasons I'm doing this is so more light is turned on to something where the light was turned off.

That turned into 'maybe we can fucking do this. Black Gives Way to Blue debuted at No. Reports later surfaced that Starr's roommate had seen him mixing methadone and anxiety medication hours before he was found dead. Later reports indicated Starr's death may have been linked to two different types of antidepressants prescribed to him by his doctor. On March Blimey - Gwar - America Must Be Destroyed,Alice in Chains announced that they were working on a fifth studio album, [] [] and both Cantrell and Inez later made statements that they had begun the recording process.

The album was expected to be finished by summer of and released by the end of Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of beginning of While Alice Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of Chains were writing for the album inCantrell underwent surgery on his right shoulder, My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US delayed recording the new material.

Disemboweling Party - Exit-13 - Ethos Musick an interview published in MayCantrell explained, "The thing that set me back is I had some bone spurs [and] cartilage issues in my shoulders. I had the same issue in the other shoulder about six years ago so I've had them both done now. It's a repetitive motion injury from playing.

Alice in Chains played their first concert in nearly 10 months and their first concert after Cantrell's shoulder surgery on August 13, at the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. On December 4,Cantrell confirmed that the new album had been completed. Earl Brown attempts to make a documentary on Alice in Chains without any help from the actual band, interviewing other Beautiful Dreamer - Roy Orbison - 20 Golden Hits instead.

Among them are country singer Donnie 'Skeeter' Dollarhide Jr. In Junethe band released a pinball game app for iOS as part Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of Pinball Rocks HD compilation, featuring the single "Hollow", the band's logo and the album artwork, as well as references to the band's previous albums such as Jar of Flies and the self-titled record.

The band released videos for the songs "Hollow", " Stone ", " Voices ", the title track and " Phantom Limb ". Alice in Chains toured extensively in the U.

It's [been] four years since we put the last one out, but at least it's not the gap that was between the Youre A Friend To Me - Sister Sledge - We Are Family one, so that's about right - about three to four years. In NovemberAlice in Chains released a cover of the Rush song " Tears ", [] which was included in the 40th anniversary release of the album In JanuaryMike Inez stated in an interview that the band had begun work on a new album.

The sessions were helmed by Nick Raskulineczwho produced the band's last two albums. I mean, we financed ['Black Gives Way To Blue'] on our own too, so we're not too worried about that stuff.

We've just gotta get it out to The band started recording their sixth studio album on June 12, After recording at Studio X in Seattle, the band went to Nashville to record vocals and lead guitars at Nick Raskulinecz's home studio. But Cantrell had Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of take an unexpected break from work for a couple of weeks after getting sick on a trip to Cabo for Sammy Hagar 's birthday. Cantrell had the band's engineer, Paul Figueroa, come in to his house and record a lot of his vocals and solos there.

Cantrell also said he expects the album to be released "probably sometime this summer". Alice in Chains did not perform live in During an interview with Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation on May 7,Jerry Cantrell said that the new album would Phase - Ani DiFranco - Trust (DVD) released at the end of August The album's third single, " Never Fade ", was released on August 10, through digital and streaming services.

In JuneWilliam DuVall said in an interview with Swedish website Rocksverige that the music video Koper - Harold K - Mengsmering "The One You Know" is the first chapter of what the band is hoping will be visuals for all ten songs from the album Rainier Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of and in addition to that, will be a companion piece to the film that director Adam Mason was shooting.

Houston Astros game. To mark the launch of the album, on August 21,Alice in Chains performed an acoustic set at the top of Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of Space Needle and debuted the song "Fly". On August 22,Alice in Chains sent fans on a Scavenger hunt to access a secret The Beast Comes Around - Napalm Beach - Fire Air And Water that the band would be performing in Seattle on August Ten signed CD copies of Rainier Fog were hidden around the city as a ticket into the show, and the band asked the fans to keep an eye on their Instagram story for details on the 10 hidden locations.

Once all 10 albums were found, the New Years Day - U2 - BBC College Concert revealed that the secret gig would be at the rock club The Crocodilewith limited tickets available with the purchase of their album Moon And Back - Fel Sweetenberg, Finale - Two Kings a pop-up event at the same venue the next day.

The band also commemorated the release of the album with a pop-up museum installation at The Crocodile in Seattle on August 23 and Rainier Fog debuted at No. The album also debuted at No. On December 13,the teaser of the film Black Antenna featuring the song "Rainier Fog" was released on Alice in Chains' official YouTube channel, with drummer Sean Kinney stating; El Incredulo - La Muralla - ¡Avisale! always toyed with the idea of creating videos for every song on one of our albums.

Not Like Cancer - Illdisposed - The Prestige did we do that for Rainier Fogit got totally out of hand and we made a whole goddamn movie. Everything that will be seen in the videos Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of be footage from Black Antenna to preface the complete film's release. Although Alice in Chains has been labeled grunge by the mainstream media, [] Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of Cantrell identifies the band as primarily heavy metal.

He told Guitar World in"We're a lot of different things I don't quite know what the mixture is, but there's definitely metal, bluesrock and rollmaybe a touch of punk. The metal part will never leave, and I never want it to. Over the course of their career, the band's sound has also been described as alternative metal[99] [] [] sludge metal[] [] [] [] [] [] [] doom metal[] [] drone rock[] hard rock[99] [] and alternative rock. Then we started being called alternative metal.

Then grunge came out and then we were Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller - Original Legends Versions rock.

And now, since we've started doing this again I've seen us listed as: hard rock, alternative, alternative metal and just straight metal. I walked into an HMV the other Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of to check out the placement and see what's on and they've got us relegated back into the metal section.

Right back where we started! Before they invented the word grunge we were alternative rock and alternative metal and metal and rock, and we didn't give a shit whatever, we were a rock and roll band!.

Jerry Cantrell's guitar style combines "pummeling riffs and expansive guitar textures" [44] to create "slow, brooding minor-key grinds". While down-tuned, distorted guitars mixed with Staley's Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of "snarl-to-a-scream" [44] vocals appealed to heavy metal fans, the band also had "a sense of melody that was undeniable", which introduced Alice in Chains to a much wider audience outside of the heavy metal underground.

Alice in Chains is also noted for the unique vocal harmonies of Staley or DuVall and Cantrell, which included overlapping passages, dual lead vocals, and trademark harmonies typically separated by a major third. Alice in Chains has sold over 14 million records in the United States, and over 30 million records worldwide, released two number-one albums, had 23 top 40 singles, and has received eleven Grammy nominations.

Icon Award. In NovemberJar of Flies was ranked number four on Guitar World magazine's top ten list of guitar albums of Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell had expressed his admiration for Jerry Cantrell's guitar work in an interview for Guitar International insaying that "the layering and the honest feel that Jerry Cantrell gets on [Alice in Chains' Dirt ] record is worth a lot more than someone who plays five million notes".

Billy Corgan revealed that the song "Bleeding The Orchid" from The Smashing Pumpkins ' album Zeitgeist has a bit of an homage to Alice in Chains in the harmonies and was indirectly inspired by the death of Layne Staley. Godsmack singer and founder Sully Erna has also cited Layne Staley as his primary influence. Alice in Chains has also had a significant Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of on modern heavy metal.

Inthe Vitamin String Quartet released the album The String Quartet Tribute to Alice in Chainsfeaturing instrumental versions on viola, violin and cello of Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of of the band's biggest hits. Sources tied directly to the band were interviewed instead. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of the s glam metal band, see Alice N' Chains. American rock band from Seattle.

Retrieved Retrieved July 21, January 4, September 3, Archived from the original on November 3, Archived from the original on October 7, July 24, Billboard charts. Recording Industry Association of America. Staley sounds like a man possessed on this Dirt deep take. Cantrell breaks free of the chains of grunge and gets swampy on his lead for this single. His syrupy bends would feature heavily on his solo album, Boggy Depot.

Cantrell milks his doomed relationship again here, but over lamenting acoustic guitars.


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