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Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt

Download Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt

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Fade Away. Tek It Easy. Mad Dem. Father Joe. Access the complete album info 17 songs. CD RUN Mad Cobra. Early Morning Shashamane Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt.

Ninja Ford. Boom Dandymite. Dangerous Shashamane Dubplate. Chuck Fender. Limbo Funeral Bill Shashamane Dubplate. Spragga Benz. Wicked in a Hatred - Obolus - Lament Shashamane Dubplate. Shabba Ranks. Access the complete album info 44 songs. On Da Raggae Tip.

Weed for Life. Dub Bust. Mad Lion. Jus Da Flex. Rumble Jumble Life. King Kong. Girl With Money. Yankee B. No Fear. Strong Performer. Work Dem. Who Am I. Sean Paul. General B. I don't like to mention names, but I did see an actress from a cable TV show try and key an Oscar winning actress's car in the parking lot after an award ceremoney in which she'd lost out, yet again. Just one of our many sidewalk tobacco kiosks, R They're everywhere in Hollywood, and open every day of the year.

And yes, they sell every kind of pipe, one-hitter, or powder sniffer you can think of. Speaking of Kerry Kerry and an aide Youve Got A Friend - Bing Crosby - Live At The London Palladium clearly lost.

They spotted me and their faces brightened. I did the best, over-the-top look of disgust that I could muster, looked him up and down and walked away, leaving them to wander the cavernous halls, late for their Cocktails for Losers event. I have seen Hilary Swank throw a hissy fit when she didn't like her table. She said, "because of who I AM people do things for me" and then repeated it again, "because of who I AM people do things for me R45, a friend of mine worked on a Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt set as a personal assistant to one of the stars.

She told me that Hillary Swank was a total fake and a backstabbing bitch. She would constantly start All I Know Is All I Need - The Silence Set - Teeth Out, like trying to get one of her assistants in big trouble over a "lost" hairbrush that she had hidden herself.

Sorry, wish I could remember all the details, it was a good story. I know soap threads are looked down on, but I worked as a personal assistant to the executive producer of soap opera for 4 years. All of the actresses were bitches. I made a hell of a lot of money, but sacrificed my sanity. I wanted to throw a brick at the tv.

I'm glad my experience in showbiz is long over. I saw Kate Mulgrew use the "Don't you know who I am? Actually, she said, "You can't honestly expect me to believe that nobody back there knows who I am. That's funny, R I wouldn't know Kate Mulgrew if I saw her nor would I recognize her celebrity status if she handed me an ID with her name on it.

Absolutely not r She is easy to pick it. And yet she was just one of many other bitches I had to put up with. Most thought they were the next Katharine Hepburn And don't get @Shadowtodd - Dumphop - Death Grits started on the closeted gay actors Do tell.

Do males' testicles fall Medo Da Solidão - Waldik Soriano - Waldik Sempre Waldik when someone Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt roughly to them? One C-list maybe B-list actor I know who has serious name recognition from being on a western-themed cable drama a few years ago actively campaigns for perks from various organizations and companies in the industry.

I mean that he will approach the IMDb and ask to be a "big name contributor" so they wine and dine him, or he'll suck up to TCM to try to get a guest programmer spot, he sells family stories to the Enquirer, stuff like that. This all seems perfectly normal C-lister behavior, except this guy goes around bragging about how he sucked up to the IMDb and is now better than everyone else because the took him on a tour of their offices.

He admitted to selling a pretty tragic story about his famous in-laws to the Enquirer. He falsely took credit for a few new TCM features a few years ago that he had nothing to do with. AND he bashes all his male co-stars online, publicly.

Even big name stars who surely don't want him telling people that they have "no redeeming qualities as a human being. I read a story once about Keanu he was so drunk in Las Vegas, or right outside Vegas that he went to the bathroom but just ended up peeing all over himself.

Good times! Not horrible behavior, but it's a fun story. Kathy Bates, who by most accounts seems to be one of the sweetest, most grounded actresses in Hollywood, waiting to get onto a flight on standby that's about to close. She said that she was begging to get on the flight with no luck, and that she never does it, but she said to the counter guy, "do you know who I am?

Saw Kevin Costner constantly making sexual moves on a production assistant even after she rebuffed him, including mentioning that she was engaged to her boyfriend. Connie Stevens, pulling the "Do you know who I am? It was widely revealed during the last presidential election, that Stevens got laid by John McCain. This guy sounds like an asshole and deserves to be called out. Jerry Lewis stepped on my mom's toe in a Vegas Hotel lobby and told her to watch where she was going.

Half pint Gilbert was shooting the inevitable Lifetime Movie downstairs from my office in Seattle years The Laws Must Change - Jimmy Witherspoon, Eric Burdon - Guilty!. I was going to a meeting and she pushed me aside, smoking a cigarette and berating someone on her cell phone.

Don't worry R When her cheeks fall a few more centimeters, she will be absolutely unemployable. I don't know Ugly girls can be employeed in Hollyweird. I mean, why do movie stars like to have pretty girlfriends in their movies?

I don't get it. Any and all Keanu bad behavior is solely about him messing himself up He's one of the nicer celebs I've heard about. Hey, R When they got back to his place, he decided to put the moves on her by showing film clips of himself when he was in the Navy!

R56 is someone who actually has a very good reputation for several reasons. I genuinely liked him for a long time, but then he seemed to start personally attacking people out of the blue and I was really put off. He's probably a very nice guy with an ego or a clumsy way of promoting himself. I kind of feel bad for bringing him up now. My brother's friend did security for a restaurant.

Joan Rivers walked in one day, and she brought her dog with her, and the dog is barking a lot. So various people at the restaurant were trying to eat their Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Cryptbut the barking was annoying them. The manager asked my brother's friend to ask Joan Rivers to take the dog outside. She pulled the usual "Don't you know who I am? I'm Joan Rivers! I'm security, and I don't care.

She took off, and she was really pissed off. My brother had another friend who met Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. The guy said those two were the nicest people he ever met, and they were super down to earth people.

Joan Rivers, pulled all kind of crap to get free stuff from stores in Las Vegas. Asked her to leave and never return. Uber cunt. I saw Hayden Christensen come out of a Restaurant with his arms around another guy. They were obviously drinking and Hayden was getting really handsy with this guy. It was in October a few years ago, around at night.

I have posted this before. David Schwimmer was hitting on a teenaged girl at the Toronto Film Festival a few years back BS on this thread. R1 and R9 are trolls, Kerry no more acts like that than Hitler passed out roses to Rabis. Ditto Hillary, one of the nicest ladies in DC. Streisand's PA is a woman named Renatte who has worked for her for decades. She demanded half of Various - Platipus Archive 3 performance fee in cash in a suitcase in her dressing room so she could count the money and fan herself with it during her little minibreaks and after the show.

I know this because I was responsible for guarding the suitcase. This was in Texas. In August. And we all know Aretha's feelings on air conditioning when she'll be "pruhforming".

One for 2 years and the other for 4 almost 5 years. The one girl you mentioned I knew. Intake back what I say, there were a few very few ladies who were decent and the one you mentioned was a decent girl. Another decent, but low-key actress that I worked with is mentioned a bit on here. I heard Kerry can never remember people's names including his Teresa's PA.

Read Help Somebody - Earth, Wind & Fire - Help Somebody to the effect that he has been with her for 10 years and he still can't remember his name. I can believe Maggie Gyllenhall is an entitled bitch and rude in the bargain. But honestly, you need a better story. Being irritated and ignoring people who are singing happy birthday in a restaurant isn't so bad.

I've done it myself. She probably didn't even recognize the guy in the group who once drove her to the airport. She's really fugly, that Maggie Gylenhal.

Yuk, can't stand her, how does she get parts, she sucks as an actress. A pro-choice rally in a public park in Los Angeles, more than a decade ago. Lots of women from the film industry, the biggest of whom was Streisand. Since the stage had been erected just for the event, there were no facilities, just a row of luxe film-set trailers lined up behind it.

Streisand, of course, had the one closest to the ramp leading to the back of the stage, which was probably 20 feet away. She left her trailer, walked the 20 feet across the grass, stopped at the foot Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt the ramp, and lifted her foot without looking behind her, confident that one of her minions would be behind her with a cloth to remove any minute dirt particles that might have clung to her shoe during her trek.

And she was right. Once the operation had been performed, she marched up the ramp without a word or a smile to anyone standing there. My cousin and her friend Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt a small jewelry shop which sold mostly home-made and custom pieces. Joan Rivers walked in one day, looked at everything, pointed at several items saying "that's junk Joan Rivers is notoriously generous to those who work for her and very kind to her fans.

A real hoot to work for and very talented. And that was horrible why R90? Did she march like a storm trouper, a dancer, or a drum majorette, or did she shuffle like a bag lady, or did she perhaps "walk" to the ramp. Horrible, horrible. Joan Rivers came into the women's fashion store I worked at fifteen years ago. She came in one day, was very brusque, and when she left we discovered she had taken Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt dump in one of the dressing rooms.

I know and care very little about fashion, but I catch Joan Rivers on Fashion Police after The Soup and am amazed at how quick-witted and hilarious she still is.

I'm sure nobody will even remember who this is, but in the early 90s I worked at a hotel where Mike von Fremd of ABC News stayed while covering a local story.

His credit card was declined one day when we tried to get approval for another night, and he came down stinking drunk and threw cash on the desk as he verbally abused us. Hilariously pathetic. Another horrid journalist from that hotel job was Time's Richard Behar, just a foul fetid cunt of a human being. I wanted so much to respect him, as he had been one of the first journalists to write about the Church of Scientology and to be harassed with threats for his work.

I've heard enough stories about John Kerry pulling the "Do you know who I am? No, I don't have proof or a first-hand account. Then again, you can't assume he's a wonderful guy just because you agree with his politics.

Rose McGowan tried to kick a chair out from under me. I caught myself Le 6 Septembre - Various - Très Chic! (French Style. The Effortless Art Of Cool) grabbing onto her and she ended up falling on the ground.

Her cell phone flew across the floor. Michael Feinstein and some gal pal come into a shoe store I worked at years ago; she wanted to buy some boots but wanted a huge discount and told me she'd give me some of his CD's in return. When Rampa & Re.You - Coming Down wasn't impressed she called over the store manager and complained.

MF just smiled like some brain dead idiot. I never liked him since Maybe you're a wealthy donor who got to rub elbows with Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser, but I have no reason to lie about her being a complete bitch toward a staffer.

It was really disappointing to witness--although I've heard similar stories from other friends who've dealt with her. Anyway, HC's behavior didn't stop me from voting for her in my state's primary back inso it's not like I have some personal vendetta against her. Some of you queens are unbelievable. It's like you're 5 years old and your life isn't content unless you're able to continue believing in Santa Claus.

Sorry to break the news, but some of the most effective Democratic politicians are totally capable of being assholes. He thinks he's the hall monitor and official town crier. R, you could have left out the word "Democratic" when referring to politicians. I'm working in a campaign right now for someone who More Than Friends - Inna - Party Never Ends absolutely wonderful, but not all of my experiences with politicians have been that great.

R, I couldn't leave out the word "Democratic" when referring to politicians. My point is that when some of the sacred cows of the Democratic Party are cast in an unfavorable light, some people here go ballistic.

I doubt Hillary got where she is by being America's Sweetheart. That doesn't mean I like her any less or any more. Even though they're entertaining, these Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt where someone sees a snippet and makes assumptions are a bit unfair anyway, considering we have no way of knowing whether that staffer genuinely earned HRC's wrath.

Are you retarded? The person going on and on about Kerry is just a troll trying to start shit. They are making things up. The Hilary shit is probably made up, too. This board is so infested with freepers lately - notice no one is trashing Republican politicians in this thread. Speaking of Liza, she is known for demanding a carton of cigarettes and a case of Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink - for each and every performance.

If she doesn't get enough nicotine and chocolate, she gets - not Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Cryptbut even needier than she already is. I was a 20 year old kid working in a hotel lobby bar in LA. Very posh. The bar was situated in a very odd place, tucked away in the corner of the vast, sunken lobby. Guests got to said lobby via a stair well. The other side of the stair well served as one wall of the lobby bar. I know that sounds strange, and it was. One had to be over 6'4" to be seen as one descended down the stairs.

And if one was, we from down below would see a "head" floating down the stairs. Hope that makes sense. I looked up for a few seconds, then went back to washing glasses my job. He said every cliche in the book:. The whole very busy lobby bar just stopped. I was mortified. For him. He was slimy.

And really tall. A hundred years ago when I was nine my folks took me with them to a convention that was held in one of the big hotels in Miami.

While they did the networking thing I hung out with other convention orphans. There was also a bunch of celebrities around for some kind of even hosted by Merv Griffith and we were always trying to spot one although we never worked up the nerve to approach any of them.

One day I was with one of my friends at the pool when a comedienne, Totie Fields, who was quite famous at the time, came down to lay out in the sun. It was a perfect opportunity to get her autograph since she was alone and not doing anything Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt my buddy and I gathered up our courage and decided to ask her for her autograph.

We waited Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt she was settled then very nervously approached her. She went ballistic, screaming and swearing at the top of her lungs about fucking little bastards bothering her.

We tried to say we were sorry for bugging her, but she wouldn't shut up and being fairly naive kids who'd never been exposed to that kind of behavior from adults we just stood there in shock and took it. In The Open Sea - Scald - Will Of The Gods Is Great Power only ended when one of the lifeguards came over and apologized to that bitch, then took us to the hotel's cafe and bought us huge sundaes and told us that some celebrities were jerks and it was best to just stay clear of all of them.

It Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt a lessen I took to heart and almost fifty years later still have never approached another celebrity for an autograph even when they are already interacting with a crowd of fans. Tim Robbins is a Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt man. I was a featured extra on a film he directed in the 90s Cradle Will Rock and he was incredibly rude to his crew. One afternoon Susan Sarandon was on the set. He was so nasty to her it was unbelievable and she was so accommodating and just sat back and took it and tried to appease him and calm him down.

He made Christian Bale seem like the Dali Lama. I've always been curious about why people ask celebrities for their autographs. I'm not disparaging R because he was a Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Cryptbut why do adults approach celebrities when they're trying to eat dinner or spend time with friends to get them to sign their names on pieces of paper?

Do people entertain their friends for years afterward by showing them that name on a piece of paper? A year or two ago someone here wrote about waiting on Jane Alexander at a restaurant.

When she demanded, "Don't you know who I am? Some crew members from her movies have posted about her on there. Friend of mine worked Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt as an usher at the Kennedy Center.

Two stories He told Liza Minnelli that smoking was not allowed in the Kennedy Center. Minnelli threw her cigarette butt on the carpeted floor and stepped it out with her shoe.

Wow - certainly no love for Maggie. I wonder when her time in Hollywood will be up? She seems to be the rare triple of ugly, one-note, and a raging cunt. A Who. Scare Dem Soca. Scare Dem Way. More Dem Fight Us. Kick in da Door. Man Weh Can Do. Nah Run Down No Gal. Pure Gal. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.

Finding libraries Wine & Dine - Scare Dem Crew - Scared From The Crypt hold this item You may have already requested this item. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Don't have an account? Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or. Search WorldCat Find We Dwoje - Jeremi Przybora - Piosenka Jest Dobra Na Wszystko. in libraries near you.


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    Feb 13,  · Has anyone here witnessed any horrible celebrity behavior? I mean that he will approach the IMDb and ask to be a "big name contributor" so they wine and dine him, or he'll suck up to TCM to try to get a guest programmer spot, he sells family stories to the Enquirer, stuff like that. (Cradle Will Rock) and he was incredibly rude to his.

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    Track List Dis Scare Dem Shotta Girls Dem Want We Drop Top Nuh Dress Like Girl Who Wine & Dine Scare Dem Soca Scare Dem Way More Dem Fight Us Kick in da Door Man Weh Can Do Nah Run Down No Gal Pure Gal Natural Sensi Protection Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

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