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We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion

Download We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion

Guitar - Mondo, Pig Champion. Vocals - Jerry A. Same Rip specs as usual, now we aren't the Champions Burn Rubber City, Burn! Nearly all of the bands on Burn Rubber City, Burn! One Way Spit! It is the third volume in this awesome series. Wait, there's more! Documenting U. Bob Deadwyler. Percussion [Wastebasket] — John Duchac. Saxophone — Bill Basinsky. Vocals — Black Randy. John Morris aka Black Randy died on November 11th, Trouble at We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion Cup and everywhere else!

Seve Sheldon - drums Haute Couture, P. Alex Tryon - guitar Public Eye. Nonage by Autistic Youth. Vocals - J. Sats Beret. Lou Reed, American Poet Pilot. Finally, this is an official release of the December 26, performance of Reed on a New York radio show, which had been floating around on numerous bootlegs for many years.

The sound is at least as good as it's been on any of Roll With It - Oasis - (Whats The Story) Morning Glory? bootlegs.

As for the music, it's inarguably among the finest of Reed's solo work, released or unreleased. The set's split evenly between Velvet Underground classics and highlights from Reed's early solo albums, with backing by the Tots, the group of unknown musicians who played with him in concert during the period.

The Velvet Underground songs are well done and considerably different from the originals, and the versions of solo classics like "Vicious," "Walk on the Wild Side," "I'm So Free," "Berlin," and "Satellite of Love" slay the studio takes to shreds. If you're looking for one interesting bonus that doesn't seem to have made it onto many of the prior bootleg releases of this material, there's a brief interview with Reed in which the naive-sounding DJ asks We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion where Doug Yul is.

For Por Tí - Ana Bárbara - Linea De Oro: La Trampa Y Muchos Exitos Más who take their Reed seriously, that one moment might actually make this CD worthy of purchase even if you already have the music on bootleg.

This is essential for Reed fanatics, though it's unfortunate that the liner notes are poorly written and poorly proofread, with no details about the show itself, instead offering a general history of his activities in the early s.

Inthe Strawbs assembled a privately pressed sampler of unreleased material to circulate among publishers to solicit possible cover versions. Actually some of the songs would appear, in the exact same or different versions, on subsequent Strawbs releases. However, some of the tracks were never issued, and as only 99 copies The Beatles - She Loves You pressed with only two known to surviveit probably qualifies as the ultimate s British folk-rock rarity.

This CD reissue makes it easily available for the first time. While it isn't as good as either the Strawbs' first official album or their album of lates sessions with Sandy Denny as lead singer, for anyone who liked those records We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion lot, this is We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion recommended purchase.

Although the differences between those and the other takes in circulation are sometimes slight, there are some notable and sometimes intriguing differences, as in the ambient pub voices and piano of "How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite? Twenty of Thor's Hammer's recordings are on this compilation, which emphasizes their mids English-sung sessions in London. The other half is filled out by Icelandic songs and their Columbia single, as well as an outtake from the Columbia sessions, "By the Sea.

All joking aside, this would be respectable British Invasion-styled rock no matter where it came from, though it's not great. The lighter Merseybeat-ish items are less impressive, but still reasonably fetching though they totally lose the beat during the instrumental break of the ballad "Love Enough". The Icelandic-sung cuts are of a lower order, because of both their more perfunctory production and more generic songwriting.

The Columbia cuts are an odd, not wholly successful attempt to Americanize their sound, especially with the peppy horns. Three songs from a LP find them going into a more reflective British pop style, with the addition of an English session man on organ. We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion lengthy and informed notes by Alec Palao provide a history of this hitherto mysterious to non-Icelandic residents band.

Both sides of all six of Zakary Thaks' singles are on this last-word compilation, along with three instrumental versions of tracks from the 45s. It takes its place as one of the very best single-artist s garage reissues, the songwriting and musicianship at a far higher level than most '60s garage bands could boast, with just as much insouciant youthful energy. From the punk of "Bad Girl" and the mind-blowing fuzz guitar of "Face to Face" to the Beatlesque pop of "Please," the folk-rock-pop of "Mirror of Yesterday," and the San Francisco-like psychedelia of their final releases at times even sounding like early Moby Grapeit's all good-to-great stuff.

Note, however, that different mixes are used than were heard on some of the original singles, which is particularly noticeable on "Mirror of Yesterday" where the high mariachi horn parts in the break have been erased and "Please" which adds some poppy backup vocals to the bridge.

It's not well known that the Bee Gees wrote many songs between and that were covered by Australian artists, but never recorded by the group. Thirty-one of these rare efforts that the Gibbs gifted to others are assembled on this Australian compilation. All Everybody - Morganics - Odyssey original versions, and none were recorded by the Bee Gees themselves indeed many were never covered again.

That makes this quite a catch for devoted Bee Gees collectors, especially considering that the Bee Gees themselves played support roles on some of these sessions.

On its own terms, though, the music's rather hit-and-miss. On the Bee Gees' own Australia-era recordings, they were stylistic gadflies, able emulators of contemporary trends without fully establishing their own identity.

That formative confusion is reflected in many of this disc's songs, which run the gamut from bad country-pop and We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion idol rock to excellent early Beatles imitations. Kramer outtake.

The numerous girl-sung tunes on this anthology tend not to nearly measure up to those standouts, though Sandy Summers doesn't sound bad in a very sub-Lulu fashion, and April Byron's "A Long Time Ago" is a decent dramatic ballad. The three collaborations between all three Gibb brothers -- Ronnie Burns's "All the Kings Horses" and Jon Blanchfield's "Town of Tuxley Toymaker Part 1" and "Upstairs Downstairs" -- find them getting far closer to the tuneful, slightly fanciful and neurotic variation of the Beatles' pop side that they finally perfected after moving to England in Certainly this is an unauthorized CD compilation of rare s tracks that Phil Spector had something to do with, as either producer, songwriter, or even artist.

There's no label though there is a catalog numberbut it certainly does exist, and was as of available for sale at specialized record stores with extremely deep stock. Just because Spector was involved in a record didn't necessarily mean it was good, and the merits of this song anthology are Authentic Vintage (Street) - Jern Eye - Authentic Vintage / Just Enough / Click erratic, though there are some We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion high points.

Most of these are run-of-the-mill earlys tracks that weren't hits for a reason: the songs were trivial and not that hot. And most of them don't have an identifiably Spectoresque sound, in part because on several of them he was only involved as a songwriter, in part because some of them predate his true Wall We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion Sound techniques.

There are also items that fall into the novelty realm, like the guitar instrumental "Bumbershoot" that Phil Spector cut under the alias Phil Harvey, and the ridiculous Crystals B-side "The Screw Let's Dance ," a throwaway track interrupted by poker-faced admonitions to "do the screw" spoken by Spector's lawyer.

Overall this is interesting to acquire for dedicated Spector enthusiasts, but the utter lack of liner notes though at least there are songwriting credits is a major strike against its value. The sound quality is pretty good, but the tracks have almost certainly sometimes quite audibly so been taken from vinyl records rather than master tapes. Like its companion volume Sanctified Soulthis scours the Atlantic vaults for obscure soul ballads of the s and early s.

Although this is no way should be construed as a sampler of the best Atlantic had to offer in that category, for those who have We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion all the famous classic soul by Atlantic stars and are ready for more, this is highly recommended.

No big stars are found on this track anthology, with the exception of the Isley Brothers, whose exquisite heartbreaker "The Last Girl" is hardly something unfortunately that you're likely to hear on oldies stations. You don't see many of the other names anywhere unless you own singles price guides, but there are some real goodies. I Miss You So - Roy Hamilton - With All My Love a long list.

Mike Williams's "Lonely Soldier" is a moving, if subtle, We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion on the anguish of serving in Vietnam. Benny Latimore's "I'm Just an Ordinary Man," fromis far more satisfying than his more well-known subsequent output. Like its companion volumes in the Ace catalog Mod Jazz and Mo' Mod JazzYet Mo' Mod Jazz is a delightful anthology of hip but danceable jazz from the s and s, with a great deal of soul music often entering the equation.

This track CD may be more limited than the other Ace sets in its scope of source material, drawing exclusively from the Atlantic vaults between andbut it's no less eclectic in its musical variety. It's also flexible enough to insert some mighty enjoyable cuts by artists that purists would snub as not jazzy or soulful enough to keep this company.

This is one of those rare anthologies, in any genre, where the quality is consistently high enough to make it difficult to single out favorites, and is also Peixuxa (O Amiguinho Dos Peixes) - Raul Seixas - Novo Aeon of the jazz anthologies most likely to be enjoyed by rock and soul fans who don't consider jazz a main interest.

It may be that this obscure bootleg --not the only Blossom Toes bootleg, believe it or not! If you are a fan of Blossom Toes' two fine lates psychedelic albums, though, this is quite interesting, and the sound quality is not poor enough to discourage rewarding listening.

Nine of the thirteen tracks are taken from BBC broadcasts, and feature good versions, sometimes substantially different, of four songs from their second LP. There's also a Here Come De Honey Man - Miles Davis - Miles 58 take of "Love Is," a cut from their debut album, with a radically different and perhaps superior arrangement featuring beautiful flute, vibes, and mellotron work, as well as a notably slower tempo and more somber interpretation.

There's also the long "Captain Trips Jam," recorded live in Sweden inthough that was issued on a bootleg of their Swedish concert material from the era back in the s. Buffalo Springfield, Box Set Rhino. The plainly-named Box Set -- that's the actual title -- contains four CDs by a band that made only three albums in their brief lifetime. It goes without saying that this has a lot of great music, and is an essential purchase for fans of this phenomenal s folk-rock-psychedelic band, containing no less than 36 previously unreleased demos, outtakes, and previously unissued mixes.

It's the unreleased stuff that holds the most interest, especially since even on their outtakes, the Buffalo Springfield were often superb. Although acoustic demos of various Young, Stills, and Furay songs are not as strong, they are always at the least pleasant, and often show intriguing unsuspected sentimental pop and folk leanings.

Alternate versions of great songs, such as "Hung Upside Down" and a piano-only "Four Days Gone," are substantially different from the fully arranged familiar versions, yet worthwhile performances in their own right. At the same time, this box -- which, other than the last disc, sequences the material in the chronological order it was recorded -- is not all it could have been.

Worst of all, disc four is comprised solely of all the material from the group's brilliant first two albums -- which would not be cause for criticism, except that identical versions of every one of them except for "Mr.

Soul" and "Baby Don't Scold Me" also appear at some point in the course of the preceding three discs. Fortunately you can still almost complete the Springfield discography by buying Last Time Around itself.

The sound is very good, and on the rarities, notably superior to bootlegs such as We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion famous Stampede on which some of the songs have previously surfaced.

The page booklet, primarily comprised of vintage clippings, is nice too, even if specific details and anecdotes about the unreleased songs in particular would have been good. As good as it is, though, this could have been one of the greatest rock box sets of all time, if only a saner Rēta Virs Rētas - Various - Blast Til Death Vol. I to presenting the band's complete official albums, and more rarities, in one place had been employed.

Not to overdo The Left Banke comparison, but any fan of that group will enjoy this a lot as well, as it has a similar fusion We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion pure pop hooks, imaginative baroque orchestration, and fragile romantic songwriting. The David have more of a rock drive, however, are more apt to employ period psychedelic flourishes such as the wobbling distorted guitar riffs on "Mirrors of Wood"and take on more whimsical, less personal lyrical concerns.

The beautiful, suite-like title cut, the organ-powered "Sweet December," and "Now to You" are highlights. The CD reissue on Jamie adds a couple of previously unreleased songs, one just an instrumental backing track for a cover of the Yardbirds' "Mr. You're a Better Man Than I," the other a characteristic original "I Don't Care" that sounds like only the backing vocals have been included.

It also has liner notes that do a good deal to fill in the background of this obscure group. However, it does contain tracks that the musicians recorded in the early s, after they had changed their name from Kaleidoscope to Fairfield Parlour. The first disc contains the album White Faced Ladywhich they recorded in the early s, but which remained unreleased until the s. Intended as a double-LP concept album, it's an ambitious work -- is there a rock concept album that is not ambitious?

The thread Blimey - Gwar - America Must Be Destroyed a story is stronger than it is for many such works, and the inclusion of the story, in standard narrative form, in the enclosed booklet helps. Disc two We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion their From Home to Home album, which had more polish and sophistication in the production than records the musicians had issued under the name Kaleidoscope, and a slightly heavier rock sound.

But the focus is still gentle, story-like songs with debts to both lates Pink Floyd and lates Beatles, though the songs are not nearly as memorable as the work by those bands, We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion there is not nearly as much balance between chipper and somber material as the Beatles and Pink Floyd mustered.

Fairfield Parlour are heavily tilted toward the cheery tunes. Tasteful early synthesizer is heard from time to time, and the debts to Beatles are heard in the Lesley amplification effects, though there are acoustic folk-psych passages with flute too. Nine bonus songs have been added to the From Home to Home disc of this package, including non-LP tracks; the single they did under the name I Luv Wight; the previously unreleased movie theme "Eyewitness"; and a far more recent re-recording of one song from From Home to Home"Aries.

The most intense discographical research fails to reveal the source for another of the bonus cuts, "Baby, Stay for Tonight. The sound quality is very good, particularly for home recordings, and indeed almost as good as the studio standard of the era. Although four of these are alternate versions of songs the trio recorded for Decca, by and large the material and arrangements are far less twee than the Decca Various - Logic Program (1988-1991). Though it's not nearly as heavy and grandiose as the first King Crimson album, it's an absorbing mix of folk, jazz, psychedelic rock, and off-kilter melodic, lyrical, vocal harmony, and rhythmic ideas, retaining a sense of humor that King Crimson would rarely flash.

On standout cuts like "Make It Today," there's an infectious jazzy melodicism and swing indeed We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion parts of the tune are not dissimilar from Jethro Tull's "Living in the Past".

Judy Dyble, the singer that Sandy Denny had just replaced in Fairport Convention, adds some folky gentle character by singing on a couple of cuts. Many of these songs would not be revisited by the musicians, making this archival batch all the more valuable, though "I Talk to the Wind" was redone for the first King Crimson album. This is a very cool collection, though it's a limited edition LP of just copies. Considering the quality of the music and the importance of the musicians' subsequent careers, it does deserve eventual wider distribution.

Aside from their hit mids cover of "Shakin' All Over," most of the Guess Who's pre-late-'60s output remains largely unknown in the United States. This fine song compilation, featuring mostly material cut in and although there are a couple of pre songs and one fromsoundly demonstrates that they were one of the best bands in Canada years before they had huge international smashes.

They were derivative at this stage, drawing heavily from various British Invasion influences. But at the same time they were very accomplished and forceful, particularly on the cuts featuring Burton Cummings, who's only on some of the material as he didn't join until around the end of All are fun, but there are some standouts that are more original, like the killer bass riff-driven garage-punker "It's My Pride" included on the Nuggets 2 boxand Burton Cummings's "If You Don't Want Me," which drips with more menacing lust than Mark Lindsay at his most ferocious.

A special curiosity is "Flying on the Ground Is Wrong," perhaps the first ever cover of a Neil Young composition to be released in earlyand given a much more pop-oriented reading than the We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion Springfield original. A couple of the songs are previously unreleased, though it's curious that "His Girl," which actually made the British charts inis not included.

There are a few things that one wish could have which been added to the package to make it more definitive, though. The set includes all of their first six albums, their album Nashville which followed a We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion sojourn with MGMand three additional rarities.

So far so good. But the absence of the two albums they Flamingo - Perez Prado - For Latin Lovers for MGM does make this less than a complete overview of their s work, particularly as their seventh album, Lovin' Soundactually preceded Nashvilleyet is absent. No details are given as to the three additional songs not on the original Vanguard albums, of which "Keep on the Sunny Side" and an alternate take of "Rocks and Gravel" previously appeared on the Best of the Vanguard Years CD.

The one previously unissued track, "Je T'aime Marielle," sounds like the other two non-LP cuts like an outtake from their early years. The Live at Newport compilation of s appearance at the Newport Folk Festival would have been nice to include, though of course that's not studio, and all of these missing '60s albums would have pushed the set to a five- or We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion length that might have made it economically unfeasible to release.

Of course what's here is important, beautifully sung, and often creatively executed traditional and contemporary folk music sometimes edging into rock on the later sidesand the large booklet with a long essay by Colin Escott adds to its value.

This is a mightily expanded reissue of the album Alun Ashworth-Jonescontaining I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 from that rare LP, in addition to two songs that showed up on the 49 Greek Street compilation; nine live solo acoustic tracks from '69 that were planned as part of a second LP that was not released at the We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion and five studio solo acoustic tracks fromagain planned for a second LP, again shelved until the release of this CD.

The chief attraction of the disc is the Alun Ashworth-Jones LP itself, which is beguiling, melodic mild period British folk-rock. While it doesn't stick in the memory as much as what Donovan, Roy Harper, Al Stewart, John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, or Nick Drake recorded during the same era, it's a fair bet that fans of those acts will enjoy it.

It has a similar mix of minstrelsy folk, a hint of blues, and imaginatively varied, understated backing from violin, flute, and some rock instruments. He rarely rocks out, but when he does, on the cut "Sarah in the Isle of Wight," the result is probably the most memorable song.

The bonus tracks and there are no less than sixteen of them don't measure up to the Alun Ashworth Jones material. Servo: You know, just because you can edit, doesn't mean you should. It's a nice day if it doesn't rain. It's always a nice day if it doesn't rain. If the sun isn't too warm. Unfortunately, he confuses it with the U. Mike: All right, I'm in command. Good, uh Servo: Uh, We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock ExplosionI think we'll need a little something more Mike, life support is still failing and all.

Mike: oblivious All right, just a little bit more, good. All right. Servo: Mike, we only had that one photon torpedo, but Crow set it We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion in your locker if you'll remember. Mike: Well then I've You Curse At Girls - Fountains Of Wayne - Fountains Of Wayne the hexfield.

Carry on, I'll be in my ready room. Crow: Aw, hell. A ROBE?! What the hell?! The Man : So that's your decision, then? Mike : So shat's your deshishen, shen? Crow: " SomethingI dunno, it coulda been a cucumber. Jonathan Cooper: "Oh, I'm sorry; allow me to introduce myself Borgnine: "The the cat leapt upon his On Ne Me Comprend Pas - Various - Chansons De La Belle Époque Volume 1, and began tearing out bloody strips of sinew and flesh!

Borgnine: "Get out from behind that cushion, Billy, it gets worse! Servo: "Grandpa Borgnine's kid must be getting really bored right now. Borgnine: " Then he puttered around the kitchen for a while, and got himself a cold drink. Mike pleased but baffled : Huh. Seems to be OK Tom revolted : Oh, and then they get their eyeballs squeezed out or something?! Mike: No Crow and Tom: Huh. Leopold: It's been a long 20 years Crow: No, it's been a long 20 minutes! Voiceover of Dr. Leopold's Former Boss: Your theory is insane, doctor!

Turning a man into a fish? I cannot approve funding for such an outrageous experiment! Now pull up your pants and get out of my office! Servo : "The ghost! The ghost! Cut to the ghost! Mike: "And now the king peels off his skin and becomes a dinosaur from Mars! Mike : "So, 'I'm a chicken for not stabbing myself'. Did it teach me anything? No, but I did—". Servo: " So, ya wanna end your movie that way, huh? Okay then, get bent; we're outta here!

Crow: as Mick Save the girl or go antiquing? Antiques, here I come! Coily: All right, mister! I'll see to it that you get that wish! Servo : as Gilbert I'll show Coily! I'm gonna digitize everything! Crow : as George Bailey Merry Christmas, you wonderful old couch!

Joe: I hope I never see another— Gilbert: Stop! Don't say it! Don't ever wish anything like that as long as you live! Coily appears, cackling Servo: as Coily You'll be the first to die! Doctor: Take her to the Infrared Room. Bots: Infrared what? Prime Minister Servo: Yeah, look who's talking!

Season Svend giving an annoyed contradiction to every single step of the plan the general lays out. It seems they've run out of monsters when they end a verse with "Chickity-China, the Chinese Chicken!

In time with the cuts: Servo: The door is ajar. Crow: The temperature is twenty degrees!! Crow: Bingo! King me! I don't really know how to play backgammon.

Crow: as the eagle sitting next to Red Hawk I'm not his friend. I'm not indigenous to the area. Call the police. Observer: In a way, [Observers are] all like one big family, in that we rarely speak to one another unless there's been a death or a lottery win.

Bigfoot : Deep, jolly laugh Gypsy : Ho, ho, ho! Merry Bigfoot! Servo: I did it! I did it! I never felt more pride! I'm a two foot tall robot pantomiming against an old movieand I got you to buy it! Kinga : baffled Is this that Hamilton show everyone keeps talking about?

Crow: So it's kind of a fixer-upper, not much curb appeal, and truth be told it's dangerously haunted. Crow: I've got a visual on something living in a pineapple under the sea. Crow: I don't even think Carnival Magic was real and we just watched it. In that it exists and has a title. They reinterpret this scene as Mac being laid off from work and watching TV all day.

Larry : I'm the shrill one? Max : Okay, wow, he just paid that off for a third time. Jonah : Well, howdy-ho! What's the point? Jonah : "Watch out for the exploding trees! Turkey Day "We gather together to watch cheesy movies Crow: He's with the union.

Crow: Turkeys are filled with enough L-Tryptophan to knock you on your sorry Thanksgiving ass! Get outta town! Joel : I'm sorry! Jim Mallon : Blah blah blah Joel : giggles. Servo : Interrupting Crow Cray— Uh, "Cray"? Crow Well, thank you for the compliment, but I'm hardly a Cray Chuckles More of a PC Servo : Shut up.

He's okay! He's alright! Servo : "Whoa! El Belcherino! Servo : Crow passed out! He has sunstroke! Talk to me, boy! We learn that Ma and Pa were married inbut Ben, their only child, wasn't born until They seem like a reserved couple, but come on!

All I can figure is they were Yankee fans, and their favorite team's stupendous performance that year the '27 Yankees are considered the best ever sent them howling into their one and only frenzy of desire Assuming their passion peaked during the World Series, Ben wouldn't have been born until mid The band can also offer background or disco music played during their breaks, if required.

This can either follow the 60s theme or a mix of classic disco sounds, to suit the venue and event being hosted. Listen to The Tao Of Time. Listen to Live Opening For Steinbeck. This 2nd live album, recorded in December at the Mississippi Studios and The Doug Fir both in Portlandhas Craigie handling all guitar, vocal and harmonica duties, though a big chunk of the album is storytelling sans music, which is an enormous part of his appeal.

Stories about Burning Man, Leviticus and The President will have you hanging on every word while laughing out loud, We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion even though Craigie jokes that he only knows 3 chords, the songs are memorable, topical and fun with short bursts of harmonica and folky guitar playing.

Listen to The Eclipse Sessions. The living legend returns with a 23rd studio album that arrives after his longest break from recorded music since his inception in The reason for the inactivity? Fortunately, the tunes did arrive, and when they did, they came in a reinvigorated and raw form. From breezy piano rockers to stripped back and solemn moments, Hiatt covers a lot of ground on this very thoughtful record. Listen to Love in The Modern Age.

Probably not an ideal place to start for the first time listener, but certainly worth a peek for the unwavering fan, especially for the strong lyrical content. Listen to Fase Dos. A man of many We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosionin addition to being a musician Diaz was initially an actor, though his vocal and songwriting talent is quickly making him a prominent figure in the area of Puerto Rican salsa.

Listen to The Old City. In his 4 decades of playing music, Gerstin has been involved in just about every genre of sounds as both composer and bandleader. Though Gerstin handles percussion here, his band bring in the usual suspects plus clarinets and trumpets, and contributions from additional players on flute, violin, trombone, accordion and saxophone adds greatly to the appeal and uniqueness of the album. Listen to Kings Of Spade. Often channeling the essence of Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, tales of queer love are relayed with youthful spirit while heavy guitar work with the occasional solo and thundering, giant sounds that could fill arenas envelope us.

Kings Of Spade reside in a unique spot; fans of hard rock will certainly appreciate their intensity, and fans of punk will appreciate their rebellious We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion. Additionally, the dance friendly rhythm and grooves present could certainly soundtrack any late night club visit, too.

Listen to Notionside. Sideways Collective have both cut their teeth with plenty of esteemed work in the area of experimental and electronic sounds, and their looping and organic expertise pay off in spades on this debut.

The pair have an affinity for sturdy pop melodies, while the soaring falsetto vocals resonate with enough Retreat Sound Boy - Cutty Ranks - Retreat Sound Boy for the FM dial as they weave in and out of complicated patterns and generally busy sounds with ease.

Amazingly, the entire album was recorded in just 2 weekends- 4 tunes each weekend. Listen to Weird Awakenings. Lyrically outspoken and open minded, the songs all hold special meaning to Cappelli, and the sensual delivery is both dreamy and powerful.

Listen to One Tiny Bright Spot. Self-described as 'smart-pop', multi-instrumentalists Kaitlin Deavy and Alejandro Zarazua decorate their straight forward melodies with complicated music on this first EP.

The EP ends with the maudlin moment, where both sing a dreamy, reflective, sparse conclusion. This Vancouver pair are really onto something here; a hopefully forthcoming album should be on everyone's radar, especially if you still revisit The Postal Service LP.

Travels well with: Filligar - Keepsakes of the Interior. Listen to Arc Of Love. Often with a strong beat and fluttering keys, her soft and tuneful vocals guide us through a very mature and heartwarming record that moves and glides with grand sophistication.

Listen to Southland. Together with The Flatbellys, Lindsay Lou has been busy making soul stirring songs across 4 albums now. An extremely cathartic outing, this new effort comes after an emotional time for the outfit, with some shifts in line up changes and them formally dropping The Flatbellys name.

Listen to Linen Closet. Listen to Born To Run. Now several years into their craft, the outfit expand their horizons with synth sounds to their cautious indie-rock formula on this new EP. Listen to Winter Sun. Largely in the area of folk music, Wise has a lovely, warm voice and is More Than Friends - Inna - Party Never Ends stranger to the ukulele, while her band bring in accordions, banjos and keys to the emotive and almost therapeutic album.

Well versed in both Appalachian and Celtic ideas, Wise also mirrors her influences with the timeless appeal of legends like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.

Listen to Crazy. Machine is the duo of Madeline Mahrie and Peter Thomas, and the Los Angeles pair have a penchant for dramatic and dark pop songs largely fueled by keys and percussion. Very surprisingly, considering the abrasiveness here, accordions, clarinets, and pinquillos all make appearances, as does some melodic female vocals, as the ensemble bring Eastern influences into this highly unusual mix of droning, stoner, aberrant sounds.

If Nausea had never broken up and became very experimental, it might sound like this. Listen to Strong. As far as debut albums go, this is a promising first swing of great elegance and timeless songcraft. Listen to Ventriloquism. B Sure! An artist who is no stranger to covers she penned a tribute album to Nina Simone inNdegeocello rebuilds these classics in her own vision of lush, layered, genre We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion soulfulness that often leaves only the lyrics the same compared to the originals.

Listen to Understanding. Mirah's 6th solo album finds the powerful Rock Around The Clock - The Isley Brothers - Shout! returning to her early, atypical recording process while bringing on Deerhoof's Greg Saunier to help flesh out the thoughtful tunes. Always a composer with vivid wordplay, Mirah explores some dense themes here, taking on topics like illness and death to those close to her, and of course today's political climate is touched on in her eloquent fashion.

As graceful and mature as all of her work, her spellbinding vocals largely stay hushed here, with waves of synth, stirring moments of sparse acoustic work and even louder, nearly anthemic pop also being in her arsenal. While the music is often dreamy, classical influenced, and sophisticated, some We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion with busier moments help round out the impressive effort.

Much like everything Mirah has done, there's a gentle, nimble balance between art and sound here that's executed in a way that only she can. Listen to Snax. Coined a 'mixtape' by Ancheta, these 15 tunes never sit still, run the gamut of most dance friendly genres with both old and new school sounds while We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Various - 60s Rock Explosion Lil Jon, Nas, and Monica.


Gangland - Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast, Josephs Coat - Quicksilver* - Shady Grove, Bag Et Ukendt Landskab - Stig & Steen - Forchromede Dage, Faithful - Glenn Garrett - Nothing Without You, Dreams Of Milk And Honey - Pat Travers - P.T. Power Trio, Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight, Sensationen - Wilfried - Berg Und Tal, Lovers As Mirrors - Loone, Paper Bee - Now I Know You And See How Wide You Are To The World, Dukes Travels - Genesis - Duke, Citizen Of The World (TV Film Music) - Johnny Harris / Johnny Johnston - Citizen Of The World / Go,, Little Bitty Pretty One - Frankie Lymon - Rock n Roll / At The London Palladium - Original Gee & R, USP - Baker Street, Help Somebody - Earth, Wind & Fire - Help Somebody, Too Much Playin - XJN - Yes And No, The Scene - Third Sight - IV (File, Album)

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