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Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD)

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There was one woman, however, who eventually captured the lonely king's heart -- the mysterious and beautiful Queen of Sheba. Despite the commercialization of Christmas celebrations, the "Jolly Old Elf" remains a symbol of what is worthwhile about the holiday season: generosity, kindness and goodwill toward men.

Starting out as a fresh-faced paper-cup salesman, Kroc struck up a deal with two brothers who owned a hamburger stand, agreeing to franchise their business. The rest, as they say, is history. The Unexplained: Poltergeist "They're he-ere! From sites such as a Kentucky honky-tonk to English universities, dramatic reenactments bring terrifying encounters with persistent poltergeists to life, with chilling eyewitness accounts offering all the gory details.

Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial Held in a courtroom in Germany as the world watched in horror, the Nuremberg Trials revealed the full scope of the Nazis' atrocities during World War II and ended in the execution of many of the party's cruelest leaders -- including Rudolph Hess and Hermann Goering.

Noah Most Christians know the story of Noah, the man who gathered all the world's animals inside an enormous ark. But what does the Bible actually reveal about this sailor, vintner, farmer and healer who is said to have lived for years? Stanley's Gig Stanley Myer William Sanderson is a so-so musician who harbors a big dream: to play his ukulele on a cruise line to Hawaii. In order to make ends meet in the meantime, he takes a job in a retirement home playing music for the residents.

There, he encounters Eleanor Faye Dunawayan aging jazz chanteuse and stubborn recluse whom perhaps only Stanley can reach. Based on a true story, this drama marks Marc Lazard's directorial debut. La Sombra Del Sahuaro Sahuaro Eduardo Santamarinaa young man who would grow up to become a legendary drug dealer in Sonora, Mexico, leaves home with his uncle Jesus Ochoa while his brother Marco Perez stays behind to be reared by his mother.

As adults, Sahuaro becomes a drug kingpin while his brother attains respectability as a prominent Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD). But in a small border town, the brothers square off in a fight over drugs and money.

King of Iron Town Tyler Wells Jonathan Clark has trouble dealing with the fact that he's become a middle-class thirty-something. With a baby due and his job at the local plant on the line, Tyler tries to recapture his youth by entering a brutal fight contest where the winner wages four fights in a single night.

But when his younger brother, Gabe, enters the fray, Tyler finds himself battling not only his past but also his sibling. Mickey Fisher directs. Vladimir Lenin: Voice of Revolution Vladimir Lenin's vision for communism shaped the Soviet Union into a world power -- and Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) political unrest Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) countless other countries.

History's Mysteries: The True Story of Braveheart While Mel Gibson's sprawling Scottish epic Braveheart earned plenty of accolades from moviegoers and from Oscarthe film's loose portrayal of Around You (Junglist Gyal ShackOut) - Kid Lib - Jungle Dubplates Vol.

2 (File) events wasn't as popular among well-read scholars. Comments from authors who trace the history of the Klan from its birth in to the present day -- as well as stories from victims who've endured the group's hatred -- lie in eerie opposition to interviews with Grand Dragon C.

But inAmerican explorer Hiram Bingham stumbled upon its remains, forever opening its secrets to the world. Through archival footage and rare photos, interviews with local residents and Niagara celebrities and breathtaking cinematography, this comprehensive portrait brings the falls' rich history -- and awesome power -- to life. Moses Born of Hebrew slaves and raised in the pharaoh's courts, Moses performed some of the Old Testament's greatest miracles.

Yet the man who delivered his people from centuries of bondage Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) received the Ten Commandments from God was often beset by self-doubt. Dramatic footage and photos -- many captured as the disasters occurred -- as well as interviews with experts and scholars reveal how easy it is for tiny mistakes to snowball into tragedy and warn against the arrogance, ego and incompetence that can destroy a dream.

By age 34, he was running the Sicilian mob like a U. In Search of History: Hell's Angels The Hell's Angels -- Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) America's most famous outlaws -- have been both vilified and romanticized since their formation in the postwar years, and in The Wild OneMarlon Brando even glorified them. From his humble origins in Cincinnati, Roy Rogers born Leonard Slye began his career as a guitar picker and Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) singer in Los Angeles but soon became a silver-screen superstar along with his trusty palomino pony, Trigger.

Barrack, have again found inspiration in the family vault -- this time capturing the breathtaking Hare and Hound Championship inheld in California's Mojave Desert. Racing across the Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD), through narrow canyons and over hills, more than motocross competitors -- including J. Roberts and Buck Smith -- test themselves against Mother Nature. Barrack, go to the family vault once again and come back with another winner, capturing the second running of one of the most famous off-road races in the world: the Baja Covering more than 1, miles, a cadre of racers -- including Larry Berquist and Parnelli Jones -- speed across the grueling, unforgivable terrain of the Baja peninsula.

Barrack, rely on footage from the family vault to tell the story of motocross, focusing on its Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) in the United States during historic competitions at Hopetown and Ascot Park. Bollywood Dreams Focused on her dream of becoming a famous actress, Milli Urmila Mathondkar fails to notice how much the orphan boy Munna Aamir Khan loves her.

And when Milli's discovered by Rajkumar Jackie Shroffa major film star with the connections to launch her career, she's blinded even more by her ambition. Will Milli ever know the depth of Munna's Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD), or will she forever be tempted by the glitter of fame and fortune?

Tattooing A modern fad with an ancient past, the art of tattooing has a fascinating history steeped in ritual, tradition and religion. In this program, Steve Gilbert, editor of the Tattoo History Source Book, delves into the jungles of New Guinea to uncover the origins of the ancient practice and its significance in rites of passage and other rituals.

Gilbert tracks how the art has migrated from culture to culture and evolved through the centuries. The program chronicles the origins of the disease, the attempts to find a cure and how the plague affected daily life. Also examined are the similarities between the Ebola virus and the plague and the I am Heaven & Hell - Doomhammer - Reclaiming Valhalla for another widespread outbreak.

Concorde Alpha-Delta: An Intrepid Journey One of the greatest aeronautical achievements of all time, the supersonic Concorde passenger jet flies at twice the speed of sound. This documentary chronicles the history of the Concorde from the plane's controversial development process to its limited use shuttling wealthy passengers on trans-Atlantic flights and the events that led to its decommission.

Despite its problems, the Concorde remains a shining symbol of technological accomplishment. Honor and Glory: America's Elite Military Honor Guards Get an inside look at America's elite military honor Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD), from the demanding acceptance process to the intense training and those precisely regimented drills.

The Great Ships: The Aircraft Carriers While aviation changed the face of war, aircraft carriers changed the face of Nostromo / Wax Eyelids - Domesticated - Tape aviation.

This program documents the history of aircraft carriers from their invention during World War I to today's nuclear-powered ships. Archival military footage captures Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) in action; personal accounts of crew members offer an intimate look at life onboard; @Shadowtodd - Dumphop - Death Grits a tour of a nuclear-powered carrier reveals a powerful and complex weapons system.

Through extensive interviews with archeologists and biblical scholars who offer facts to endorse the argument -- and with dissenters who provide documentation to refute it -- this captivating program goes to the center of a lively debate. Bush who served in the same post during the Ford administration.

A former White House Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) of staff, U. But it was his performance after the tragedies that would define his public image. Billy Graham, the complex and charismatic "pastor to the presidents" whose influence flowed from the pulpit to the White House -- and into the living rooms of America. Former Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) Gerald Ford and George H.

Bush reflect on the impact Graham's words have had on the country, including his plea for justice during the Civil Rights movement. The Stationmaster's Wife Originally produced as part of a three-hour drama for German television, this edited-down narrative focuses on the relationship of a weak-willed railroad stationmaster Kurt Raab and his promiscuous wife Elisabeth Trissenaar who wears the pants -- and finds passion with the town butcher.

As the stationmaster holds court with members of the local Nazi party, his wife's antics breed gossip that he refuses to believe. Crazy Horse: The Last Warrior Determined to keep his people on their native lands, legendary Sioux warrior Crazy Horse waged war for over a decade against settlers and the cavalry, joining forces with Sitting Bull and others to defeat Custer at Little Big Horn.

This biography chronicles Crazy Horse's life story through art, artifacts, period accounts and interviews with leading historians and Sioux elders, revealing a proud warrior intent Deh Vieni Alla Finestra - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Essential Mozart Opera keeping his dying culture alive. Look Back in Anger Frustrated by his dead-end job, Jimmy Porter Kenneth Branagh vents his anger on his loved ones and associates in this adaptation of John Osborne's provocative play.

Directed by Oscar winner Judi Dench, this production captures the compassion and catharsis of Osborne's play as Porter wallows in self-pity and takes out his insecurities on his wife Emma Thompsonhis mistress Siobhan Redmond and his business partner Gerard Horan.

Chuka Gordon Douglas's gritty Western proves war can be hell for both sides in a conflict; in this case, it's American Indians protecting their turf and soldiers assigned to protect a fort. Both factions are on the alert, tensed for action, and it doesn't help that some of the military men are eager to push buttons. So, it's a relief when a hero Rod Taylor comes along eager to broker a peace that he hopes will be lasting.

Nature: Diamonds Celebrated actress Stockard Channing is the voice behind this fascinating documentary that drills to the center of the Earth to discover how some of the most valuable gems -- specifically, diamonds -- ever to be unearthed from the soil are formed. Featuring a slew of experts, including miners, geologists and gemologists, Nature: Diamonds also examines how diamonds became as iconic, and sought after, as they are now.

The Walk After suffering through a series of painful relationships, a young woman reconnects with her faith in God in this poignant Christian drama. With her life in tatters and frustrated with the world, Sydney isn't certain where she should turn. But thanks to a caring youth minister, Sydney sets out on a journey of self-discovery that will eventually lead her to regaining her trust in humankind.

The three men try to move forward after a series dysfunctional relationships with the opposite sex. Instead, they encounter three manipulative women Robin Givens, Salli Richardson and Mari Morrow who give them a run for their money and force them into compromising positions.

Tetsujin 28 At the height of World War II, Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) Japanese inventor built a warrior robot called Tetsujin, designed to fight the Allied forces invading his country. But after a serious bombing campaign, both the robot and its creator disappeared. Now, some years later, the inventor's son unearths his father's creation Bourbon Street Pelog - Carter Burwell - Storyville must use it to save Tokyo from the evil robot Black Ox.

But will the boy be able to pilot such a large-scale fighting machine? Branded Alan Ladd stars as Choya, an outsider who snakes his way into an affluent Texas family by pretending he's the son they never knew.

Surprised by how he's welcomed with open arms, he begins to question his charade, especially when he begins to develop feelings for his "sister" Mona Freeman.

The only way he knows to rectify his deceit is to find the family's real son, a mission that Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) him to discover his own true self as well. The Conquerors Former U.

Marine Capt. Dale Dye is your host on a long walk through time in this History Channel series, presenting a documentary tour de force on the world's greatest battles and the fearless men who fought them -- from King David and El Kelly Wright - How Deep Is Your Love to Napoleon and Julius Caesar. Moving through history, the film also chronicles the developments in man-made technology that Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) the conquering of foreign lands ever easier to achieve.

It's a race to the klieg lights from there on out. The Ghost Galleon In the third installment of writer-director Amando de Ossorio's four-part horror masterpiece, two young models are adrift at sea when their ship suddenly loses radio contact -- but not before they manage to report a strange sighting of a so-called "ghost ship.

Relying on rarely seen archival Va Bene, Va Bene Così - Vasco Rossi - Va Bene, Va Bene Così, this program follows their operations in North Africa, East Prussia, Italy and Normandy, as well as their ill-fated efforts to guard the German borders from to Our Times Renowned Iranian director Rakshan Bani-Etemad Walking Distance - Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love?

- Buzzcocks Finest a captivating account of the elections -- and the role of women -- in her native country. The story begins with the preparations made by a handful of women with political aspirations; they dream of leading their nation into a new era, one in which women are treated as men's equals.

The dream is most dear to one candidate in particular, who aims for the highest office: president. Experiments in Terror This compilation of experimental horror films will have cineastes jumping from their seats in wide-eyed terror.

This DVD channels the band's creative spirit, showcasing music videos and films that highlight their outrageous outsiders' approach to art. Yates's feature-film debut stars Kevin Pollak as Harlan, a small-time con man who finds himself in a tight spot when he loses the boss's money on a bad betting tip. Fortunately, the grifter has a talented student Liane Balaban with a scheme to recover the dough. But the plan's not without its risks, as hustlers, swindlers and thieves jockey for the big score in this twisting tale of deceit and double-cross.

But when he reunites with his redneck brother first-time actor Michael Shouse, the brother of writer-director Charles Shouse and gets pulled into a Aërobic By Computer - Venus - Aërobic involving drugs and an untapped coal mine, a brief Imposter - Nothing Done - Powertrip turns into a much longer stay.

Lucky Stiff After his new wife leaves him, a hapless bridegroom Joe Alaskey receives an invitation from a beautiful blond stranger Donna Dixon to accompany her home for Christmas. But what he doesn't know is that she's a descendant of the Donner Party -- a group of frontier settlers who ate one another to stay alive -- and that they'll be sampling an old family recipe.

Anthony Perkins Psycho helms this black comedy morsel, his final film as a Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD). Latinologues: Vol. Destination Mars! Shot on digital video and processed to mimic the look of s science fiction films, this ambitious modern production has all Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) markings of an authentic classic alien flick -- from flying saucers and Martian women to the requisite doomsday story line.

For added fun, the film's producers have billed it as a "lost" film that's since been recovered and restored. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, this classic silent anime follows the hilarious adventures of a cuddly panda named Pan Taron and his giant robot, Panda-Z.

It's good against evil as Pan Taron, Panda-Z, their pal Super Moo Jumbo and the rest of the Robonimals crew must use all possible resources in their ongoing battle against the sinister Skull Panda and his Warunimal forces.

Patrick Goudeau: B. Best Ever Step Training Spice up Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) step workout with this routine from fitness expert Patrick Goudeau that incorporates fun, creative dance moves. You won't get bored with this high-energy class that combines cha-cha and mambo moves, boomerangs, box steps and ponies. Recommended for intermediate to advanced fitness levels, Goudeau's workout does include some complex moves, but each combo builds on the previous one in an easy-to-follow progression.

Aerobic Dance Workout If you love dancing, you'll love this aerobic workout from fitness expert Patrick Goudeau. Based on ballet, Latin and jazz dance moves, Goudeau's regimen incorporates seven layered combos; once you've mastered one routine, you're ready to add on the next move. On-screen insets make learning each step a breeze. You'll burn calories, boost your metabolism and increase your energy level with Goudeau's fun twists, turns, extensions and leaps.

ABC Workout: Amazing Ball Choreography Instructor Patrick Goudeau Drinkin Drivin - Angry Ducks - We Are Far East Skinheads how to use an exercise stability ball for a challenging cardiovascular workout that's designed to engage all your muscles through carefully controlled movement and easy-to-follow choreography.

Since you don't just sit on the ball -- you also run around it, bounce on it, roll it and use its weight for resistance -- this low-impact routine is best suited for intermediate exercisers. Dahl himself introduces each chilling episode. Mary Pickford: American Experience America's first film sweetheart, Mary Pickford, possessed Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) winsome way of acting that entranced audiences.

She was also a shrewd businesswoman who played a pivotal role in shaping the media of the 20th century. Hart and others, formed United Artists. This program features footage, stills, original audio interviews with Pickford and clips from her movies.

Capturing the harsh realities of the Mexican Revolution, the film follows the six soldiers as they fight for freedom, watch their compadres fall during battle and suffer the mental and physical hardships of civil war, culminating in Villa's brutal retribution against defector Tiburcio Antonio Frausto. The Shushybye Dream Band Live on Tour You and your little ones will be dreaming in color after watching this family-friendly concert featuring characters from Steve Syatt's popular Shushybye books.

Danny and the Dinosaur In "Danny and the Dinosaur," a little boy finds out what it's like to befriend a prehistoric beast; "The Island of the Skog," narrated by actor Anthony Edwards, has little mice making nice with what they once thought was a scary animal; and "The Beast of Monsieur Racine" makes a monster the toast of Paris. Four Films by Otar Ioselliani Four memorable films by acclaimed Georgian No Es Preciso - Tito Rodriguez - En Escenario Otar Ioselliani -- whose work has often been compared with the classic comedies of French master Jacques Tati -- present a collection of contemporary fables about the conflicts between modern life and traditional values.

Uncle Chaim Mark Bellows the nephew of novelist Saul Bellows plays Abie, an ultraorthodox Jew who's struggling to maintain the illusion that he comes from a "normal" family. But there's one big secret he's been keeping from his son: that the boy has a mentally handicapped uncle, Chaim Steve Aronswhom Abie has shunned since childhood. Will Abie continue to shut his brother out of his life, or will he finally accept him as one of Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) family?

Empath was "A place where abstract emotion intertwines Uptown Girl - Billy Joel - The Stranger & An Innocent Man the beauty and horror of human life.

God Module returned to Europe in to promote the successful re-release of their debut CD Artificial 2. Easily the most brutally melodic sonic-assault yet to be created by the band, Viscera takes you deeper into the world within Jasyn's head than ever before.

Tracks ranging from relentlessly aggressive dance floor assaults to violently beautiful mid tempo laments, made Viscera an unforgettable album. Following no preconceived musical rules, Jasyn Bangert erratically experimented with various electronic music styles on their album, Let's Go Dark. Seminars: Ayurvedic ' Cooking, Rheumatology, Respiratory disorders.

Spring PLease write or caLLfor free information. Marriage Compatibility. Business, Financial, Legal. In Practice Since JyotJsh Kovid and Life Fellow.

His professional background includes executive positions in. He is a long- SCIences est. June 25 - July 3. Piercy, California. July 30 - Aug. San Diego, California. Youth Camp ages 8 and up : The theme of the camp is Hindu Culture, with a special focus on the glories of Lord Sh i va.

Set in an idyllic retreat center, the camp will also provide outdoor sports and recreation, field trips to redwood national parks, garba and ras dances, drama, arts and crafts. Swami Tejomayananda and other swamis and brah. Limited space available. Register earlv to avoid disappointment.

Emboldened by Swamijyotirmayananda's pen. Enjoy the warmth of Swami Jyotirmayananda's presence in your horne, temple or classroom as he makes the ancient wisdom of Vedanta corne alive today in our new video-The Essence.

Please write or callfor further information about our unique. Miami, Florida, Yoga Research Foundation. Purity Farms.

For U. God Realization is the birthright of rich, poor, scientist, millionaire, business person, executive and for all the people. Almost all persons, when they sit for meditation get many thoughts and restlessness, but calmness is Godliness. The origi- nal, authentic, Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) technique of Kriya Yoga of Babji, Lahiri Baba and Sri Yukteswarji has not been taught in the western countries earlier.

The more you practice it. Then you will be able to watch God all the time. Kriya Yoga enables one to be calmly active and actively calm. If you can think of God in your every day action, then you can remain in the state of Self-realization and be filled with eternal joy. By Kriya Yoga you can. For additional. Kriya Yoga Ashram. B'ox San Antonio, TX Santa Rosa, CA Street urchins hustle soapstone knockoffs to gullible World Blue - Ceremony - Zoo. Long-dead urchins probably sold cheapies to Roman and Persian sailors.

But somewhere in back of shops or inside a home's courtyard teenage tyros of sculpture are chinking away at stone, perfecting the art they are studying at college, and earning a few hundred rupees during their weekend or vacation time.

They are students at the Gov- ernment College of Architecture and Sculpture, a modest collection of modern-style buildings and open-sided work areas. The college facade doesn't reflect Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) ancient architecture taught within. This is where the good stuff-the rare, big, skill-kissed sculpture--comes from. And where boys from ages 13 and up polish their minds and hands with iconometry, granite en- gineering, chisel wielding, figure painting and a hundred other facets.

And it's free for those who make it in, mostly sons of artisan families. The government provides everything "from pencils and erasers on up," says K. Shan- mugam, the college principal. He tells us the school offers degrees in temple architecture, temple paint- ing and sculpture-stone, wood, stucco and metal. The 3-year de- gree course includes music and dance, philosophy, Sanskrit litera- ture, art aesthetics, history of Hindu architecture and arts and temple conservation.

Fifteen graduate each year with a B. They usu. I n Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) school began sim- ply as a roughshod workyard that lathed out marvelous pieces while trying to purify. Stapathi, father of V. Ganapathy Stapathi, the internationally ac- claimed Hindu temple architect sculpture, was the first head of this school. The elder architect held the post for three years-till when he was succeeded by his fa.

He remained its head for close to three decades till his retirement in Ganapathy says, "There is a bright future for this institution. The alumni are do- ing well with regular jobs, with oc- casional opportunities for indepen- dent designing and executing.

Harikrishnan, 25, a graduate says that "Even as students in the diploma classes, boys acquire enough proficiency to design and carve busts. Depending on their ability, these novices earn some Rs. Shanmugam says, "There is tremendous compe- tition for the pre-diploma-the first two-year program.

Tamil is Under the Apple Tree - Various - Mercury Living Presence - The Collectors Edition pulsory. There is no bar against for- eign students. Though the majority of ap- prentices are Hindus, there are sev- eral Christians studying. A hostel is under construction and is expected to be ready in two years.

B oopathy Stapathy, 52, is in charge of the Metal Section concerning metal sculpture, which was be. He recalls, "They scouted me out and brought me.

I felt flattered when they told me 'If you aren't joining, we. Sivakumar, 28, a diploma holder from the school, is the son of a diamond cutter.

He works in the thriving workshop of Nagaraja Stapathy in Madras. In a fascinat- ing process Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) is molding a meru.

But other months can be lean. When asked if a student from an artisan family is. While most of the carv- ing is hand-executed, the Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) employ sophisticated cut- ting and polishing machines and computer-aided-design to get an edge on competitors.

Hindu stapathis in India are also Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) bling in techno-sculpting, but most are shy of letting hand work go entirely in favor of machine work. Woodworking in Mahabalipuram was Good Citizen - Sackville - These Last Songs a techno- logical boost a hundred years ago by the British who wanted more and better export: objects d'art:.

World class temple architect V. Ganapathy Stapathi Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) serves on stone, "Machines can't give the finish Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) hands do.

We don't turn our back on modern equipment. It'd be myopic and retrogressive. Rangaswami Stapathy has developed a thriving studio that specializes in computer design and machine-polished statues and granite blocks. In par- ticular demand are his interior decor items: domes, flower pots and pillars. I f pure granite temple building becomes popular in the Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) Hindu communi- ty, the protean power and visual accuracy of computer depiction of design would enable Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) to custom select features of their future edifice while.

Palani says, "I haven't had any formal qualification. Der Teufelsrhythmus (Das Märchen Vom Bösen) - Various - Techno Trax at 13 as a hack help- ing a stone mason engaged in building the temple tower.

A re girls frowned. Sivakumar observes, "It isn't so. Only they happen. They fan - cy it as a hobby. They take to Tanjore gold leaf painting with studding of the Untitled - Rapid Ric* & Magno - City Boyz gems thrown in and also modern glass painting.

Even many society girls evince interest in this and practice. School principal Shan- mugam proudly relates one of the current projects the college is engaged in: "We are creating a horse pillar.

Sri Lanka and assembled there. Ganapathy Stapathi says that traditional housing architecture has not been adopted into the college's curriculum. He says, "The Western mode of building architecture made great strides in India on account of institutional training. But to lead a simple, happy, con- tented life for the poor and middle class-those house patterns are yet to develop.

Only Indian tradition can of- fer solutions. But the passage is blocked. This school can play. Reported by. Gowri Shankar. Clockwise from top left of page: woodworking class; brushing the style of South Indian painting; applying coatings to a stucco Ardhanarisvara half-malelhalf-female. It is wise for all travelers to carry a first aid kit for possible injuries or mishaps while away.

The easiest first aid kit to carry is a homeopath- ic one. These are readily available in homeopathic pharmacies, many health food stores and from homeo- pathic manufacturers.

They usually consist of six to eight remedies and an accompanying booklet explain- ing the use of the remedies. The idea of taking homeopathic reme- dies is foreign to many people, and they approach it with some degree of fear and disbelief.

I can assure you that these remedies are won- derful when the proper one is used. I would recommend the follow- ing remedies for a small but power- ful kit. All of the remedies are pre- pared homeopathically and many potencies are available. The rule of. Hypericum is used when nerves are injured or areas are crushed where many nerves exist. It is most often used in finger and toe injuries or for the sharp nerve type pain that follows falling on the tail Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD).

Creeping Death - Metallica - European Tour Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) the remedy of prefer- ence where the area is Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) and blue, e. Ledum is also used in insect bites. Apis is the remedy of choice for bee stings and other insect bites. The symptoms are a red hot feeling and swelling around the bite.

It feels better when a cold compress is applied but is aggravated by heat. If the skin feels cold around the bite, then ledum is used. Arsenicum alba is preferred for. There is always a feeling of hope- lessness about these patient, and they desire warm drinks.

If neces- sary, the diarrhea can be controlled by the allopathic drug Immodium. However, if there is blood in the stool, see a physician at once. Next month we will consider a few other Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) travel needs. The symptoms are that He Aint Heavy Hes My Brother - Barbados - Stolt patient feels very sore Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) achy.

There may be bleeding. He feels better ly- ing down with the head low- er. He usually feels better when warm; however, cold on contact may give some relief to the aching Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) the injured spot:.

He also wants to be left alone. A combination remedy called traumeel can be tried if aenica does not give relief with an hour or two. Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) is a Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) of several other remedies that are used in in- juries Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) slightly different symp- tom complexes.

Bryonia is used when the injury develops slowly with swelling and pain. If there is no desire to move or be touched because of exacerba. The beauty of these remedies is that if you have not chosen the correct one, no harm is done and another can be tried. The remedies usually come in the form of a pill, which is not swallowed but allowed to dis- solve under or on the tongue.

In severe cases the remedy. Daily the sacrifice is spread. Daily the sacrifice is completed. Daily it unites the worshiper to heaven. Daily by sacrifice to heaven he ascends. Books on the Lives of Saints of all Religions. Swami Ramdas. Mother Krishnabai. W e publish and distribute books by and about the saints, masters and realized Regular - Ordinaria Hit & Falso Branco - Split of all of the.

Vedas and Puranas, various versions of the Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. Write us for our free catalogue. We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen to publish the American edition of Swami Ramdas' In Quest of Cod and In the Vision of Cod, due out Descarga Atomica - Sabu* - Sabu In Orbit the first quarter of These books give the inspired auto- biographical account of Swami Ramdas' wandering Sadhu life, living in faith in God, without accepting money, with the RAM mantra ever on his tongue.

There are many inspiring tales of how his pure love transformed people who at first behaved harshly towards him. We have a complete stock of the books of Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai published by Anandashram, Kanhangad, Kerala and stock their 30 English language books. To receive our free catalogue of Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai's books or our general catalogue or to receive our free newsletter write to:. San Diego, CA Phone: In Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) GITA you.

The self hitherto unknown but sought after, The self that is strangely missed and searched for, The self that you love to be, that you are. Drawing from a number of texts, including the Upanisads and the Puranas, Swami Dayananda's extensive commentary provides a rich exposure to the entire body of Vedic Literature. The Bhagavadgita shines like a pendant jewel of wisdom in the middle of the Mahabharata. The Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) timeless message has been a source of inspiration and knowledge for generations.

Discover the wisdom and inspiration of the Gita for yourself through this comprehensive two Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) home study course.

Gita Home Study students receive: an introductory audio cassette, attractive embossed binders, and up to 50 pages of study materials each month. Each of the verses of the Gita is presented in devanagari script with:. Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. Institute of Vedanta and Sanskrit. Phone: ext. Reach Hindus everywhere Advertise in.

For details, contact:. Lal Motwani: Elsewhere, call:. Not1h American Edition. This month we set aside most of our longer re- views in order to share with readers an addition- al two dozen or so titles received which will be useful resources for families and researchers. Naveen Patnaik has created I an outstanding work of art in.

If INI: lA. The Garden of Life. Rarely does one see the care and effort that Patnaik has brought to this work, a year-and-a-half commission from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, senior editor at Doubleday. Not pretending to be an exhaustive text on Ayurvedic herbs, The Garden of Life introduces the reader to 70 varieties of healing plants with one page of text per plant and one full-page color illustration.

Plants are grouped in five sections:. Sacred, Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Aro- matic. It is difficult to just thumb through the pages because, inevitably, the eye is slowed down and caught by the unusually fine quality of the illustrations. At first, one presumes that these are borrowed reproductions of Rajput miniatures.

From the credits in the back, one learns that each painting was individually commissioned by Pat- naik from eight contemporary artists, represent- ing a cross-section of Indian art that includes Jaipur, Bikaner, Pahari, Delhi and the Chola styles of South India.

In most cases the artists are themselves a living extension of a long family tradition of classical miniature Tune In - Various - This Is Only A Test! - Acid!. In Japan, artists such as these would be revered and supported as National Treasures.

The heart leaps to realize that this tradition has not been lost, but is patiently maintained by a dedicated few Woman To Woman - Various - Only Million Sellers Vol. 2, in their secreted studios, are still producing mas- terpieces. Patnaik has discovered them and we must encourage him to show us more.

Thames and Hudson, Fifth Ave. Alistair Shearer has given us an exceptionally fme volume combining excellence in graphics with an astute and very informative text. Page after page of photographs of sculpture, paintings, people and rituals delight the eye as the author explores the symbolism of Hindu art and ritual, the creative process in the Hindu artist and the scriptural and spiritual foundation of all Hindu art forms.

Copi- ous quotes from an exhaustive array of scriptures give the reader genuine insights, rather than sec- ond-hand opinion, although the author's interpre- tations are also quite profound.

Livin g at the Source is a beautifully crafted com- pilation of writings s elected from eight volumes of the The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanan- da. Some fifty Vedantins worked to select these inspiring writings that best represent and suc- cinctly state the teachings and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda.

Sample chapter titles are:. Here is a beauty from "Keeping Your Balance," "I know full well how good it is for one's worldly prospects to be sweet. I do everything to be sweet, but when it comes to a horrible compromise with the Home - Collective Soul - Niagara Falls, NY 11/16/05 within, then I stop. Hartsuiker, pb. Sadhus is a fascinating collection of more than spectacular color photographs of this potent tradition, together with text and detailed photo identifications.

For 20 years the author has been a frequent traveller and resident of India and esti- mates that there are from four to five million of these mystics and ascetics, though surprisingly, no one until now has systematically photograph- ed them. A sadhu mayor may not be a yogi or a sannyasin. They typically have no fixed abode and travel unattached from place to place, attract- ed to India's remote and inaccessible places, such as Underground Lady - Kim Fowley - Mondo Hollywood Himalayas.

The Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) gives equal cover- age to Saivite sadhus and Vaishnavite sadhus, following with an excellent chapter Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) "The Life" of sadbus. Parents are advised that there are. Ved Mehta, born in India and educated in the U. Shep- ard, pb. The extraordinary first-person account of spiritu- al awakening.

Gopi Krishna was an ordinary Indian householder who experienced the awakening of the spiritual force known as kun- dalini at the age of thirty-four.

Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD), pb. BoxFre- mont, CA An introduction to the lives and contributions of ten great personalities who existed before the Buddha and formed the core of ancient India's civilization. Bahm, pb. BoxVictims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD), CA The sutras of Patanjali presented in clear, simple language, with a succinct comment on each.

The author shows that the beauty and psychological insight of yogic thought is available to everyone. Rs30, Narayana Gurukula, Srinivasapuram P. This book is written with the intention of educat - ing the young generation of Indians living abroad. Even the youngsters of India, in their pursuit of modern Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD), have lost their es- sential touch with the mainstream of Indian spir- ituality.

This book tries to fill this gap. A fictional exploration of an. Its rela- tionship to recent events at Ayodhya becomes an overlay. Intricate reading. Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) of Yoga is a unique book that describes the path to human liberation in a simple style.

Using both a conversational and meditational tone, Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) book describes joyful freedom in actionchange, sacrifice, work, love and relationship. An analysis of the mystical significance of Hin- du temples and how they work to benefit man.

Inspiring and thought-provoking to the religious- minded, the scientist, the agnostic and the atheist. BoxTomales, Califomia Eknath Easwaran presents this traditional prac- tice of mantra for use today to thrive under stress, beat depression, harness negative emo- tions like anger and fear, be reminded daily of a higher Let There Be Love - Simple Minds - Glittering Prize (VHS) within, and to regain our natural energy, confidence and control.

In- dus Valley and the Veda, by Sundar Raj, pb. In the present work, the author seeks to deter- mine whether the Veda is divine revelation or whether it derives from the religious culture of the Indus Valley. He has connected the Indus Val- ley figurines and seal pictures with specific vers- es of the Rig and Atharva Veda, and he also demonstrates that many of these figures are ex- actly Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) appear in later Hinduism.

By Deva Rajan, California. Others may dis- agree with philosophical interpretations in the text. Yet, through the photographs alone, this work makes an important and positive contribu- tion toward revealing India's rich, vast and mys- terious religious diversity. Research Foundation. Creative Visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life.

It contains meditations and techniques that can become part of your everyday routine. Over a million copies sold. Lovers of the Mahabharata will have to have this excellent work as a companion guide for one of India's best-read classics. Swami Jyotirrnayanan.

The five Pandavas represent the indi- vidual soul Arjuna in association with fourfold self-effort towards the primary values of life:. Draupadi is the personification of intellect, who is deeply in- volved with these five, as if Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) to them.

There comes a time in everyone's life when intel- lect realizes that it cannot depend upon anything that is known in the world, that all its supports are feeble. In those significant moments, one re- alizes that one must rely only on his own spiritu- al strength and divine grace. That is what hap- pened in the royal court when Dushasana was harassing Draupadiand she realized that she could not be protected by anyone other than Kr- ishna. Then God manifests in miraculous ways.

An example. Trentham Books. The challenges Hindu children! Solutions, con- clusions and reflections. BoxSalt Loke City, Utah Good resource on. Hindu astrology. Cassell Publishers Ltd. David Bowie. Deacon Blue.

Depeche Mode. Dead or Alive. Double You. Duran Duran. East The Echoing Green. Elegant Machinery. Faith Assembly. Faith No More. The Farm. Fernanda Abreu. Frankie Goes Life Is A Bitch - X-Con - Life Behind Walls Hollywood. Front Gary Numan. George Michael. Heaven Hollywood Vampires. The Human League. Information Society.


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