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Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection

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When the door opened, I was waiting and watching; and, lo, Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection bridegroom came! The character of the Christ was illuminated by Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection midnight torches of Spirit.

My heart knew its Re- deemer. He whom my affections had diligently sought was as the One "altogether lovely," as "the chiefest ," the only, "among ten thousand. Agnosticism, pantheism, and theosophy were void.

Being was beautiful, its substance, cause, and currents were God and His idea. I had touched the hem of Chris- tian Science. Quimbywhom spiritualists would associate therewith, but who was in no wise connected with this event, that I discov - ered the Science of divine metaphysical healing which I afterwards named Christian Science. The discovery came to pass in this way.

During twenty years prior to my discovery I had been trying to trace all physical effects to a mental cause; and in the latter part of I gained the Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection certainty that all causation was Mind, and every effect a mental phenomenon. My immediate recovery Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection the effects of an injury caused by an accident, an injury that neither medicine nor surgery could reach, was the falling apple Talking Birmingham Jam - Phil Ochs - Live At Newport led me to the discovery how to be well myself, and how to make others so.

Even to the homoeopathic physician who attended me, and rejoiced in my recovery, I could not then explain the modus of my relief. I could only assure him that the divine Spirit had wrought the miracle — a miracle which later I found to be in perfect scientific accord with divine law. It answered my questions as to how I was healed; but the Scriptures had to me a new meaning, a new tongue. Their spiritual significa - tion appeared; and I apprehended for the first time, in their spiritual meaning, Jesus' teaching and demonstra - tionand the Principle and rule of spiritual Science and metaphysical healing, — in a word, Christian Science.

I named it Christianbecause it is compassionate, helpful, and spiritual. God I called immortal Mind. That which sins, suffers, and dies, I named mortal mind. The physical senses, or sensuous nature, I called error and shadow. Soul I denominated substancebecause Soul alone is truly substantial.

Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection I characterized as individ - ual entity, but His corporeality I denied. The real I claimed as eternal; and its antipodes, or the temporal, I described as unreal. Spirit I called the reality ; and matter, the unreality. I knew the human conception of God to be that He was a physically personal being, like unto man; and that the five physical senses are so many witnesses to the physical personality of mind and the real existence of matter; but I learned that these material senses testify falsely, that matter neither sees, hears, nor feels Spirit, and is therefore inadequate to form any proper conception of the infinite Mind.

Adoringly I discerned the Principle of his holy heroism and Christian example on the cross, when he refused to drink the "vine- gar and gall," a preparation of poppy, or aconite, to allay the tortures of crucifixion. Our great Way-shower, steadfast to the end in his obedi - ence to God's laws, demonstrated for all time and peoples the supremacy of good over evil, and the superiority of Spirit over matter. The miracles recorded in the Bible, which had before seemed to me supernatural, grew divinely natural and ap - prehensible ; though uninspired interpreters ignorantly pronounce Christ's healing miraculous, instead of The Beast Comes Around - Napalm Beach - Fire Air And Water therein the operation of the divine law.

He was so before the material world saw him. He who antedated Abraham, and gave the world a new date in the Christian era, was a Christian Scientist, who needed no discovery of the Science of being in order to rebuke the evidence. To one "born of the flesh," however, divine Science must be a discovery. Woman must give it birth. It must be begotten of spirituality, since none A Festa Dos Deuses - Various, Radamés Gnattali, Cristina Ortiz - A História Do Brasil Através Do Sam the pure in heart can see God, — the Principle of all things pure; and none but the "poor in spirit" could first state this Principle, could know yet more of the nothingness of mat- ter and the allness of Spirit, could utilize Truth, and ab - solutely reduce the demonstration of being, in Science, to the apprehension of the age.

If these notes and comments, which have never been read by any one Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection myself, were published, it would show that after my discovery of the absolute Science of Mind-healing, like all great truths, this spiritual Science developed itself to me until Science and Health was written.

These early comments are valu - able to me as waymarks of progress, which I would not have effaced. Up to that time I had not fully voiced my discov - ery.

Naturally, my first jottings were but efforts to express in feeble diction Truth's ultimate. As sweet music ripples in one's first thoughts of it like the brooklet in its meandering midst pebbles and rocks, before Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection mind can duly express it to the ear, — so the harmony of divine Science first broke upon my sense, before gathering experience and confidence to articulate it.

Its natural manifestation is beautiful and euphonious, but its written expression increases in power and perfection under the guidance of the great Master.

He must be ours practically, guiding our every thought and action; else we cannot understand the omnipresence of good sufficiently to demonstrate, even in part, the Science of the perfect Mind and divine healing. I had learned that thought must be spiritualized, in order to apprehend Spirit. It must become honest, un- selfish, and pure, in order to have the least understanding of God in divine Science. The first must become last. Our reliance upon material things must be transferred to a perception of and dependence on spiritual things.

For Spirit to be supreme in demonstration, it must be supreme in our affections, and we Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection be clad with divine power. Purity, self-renunciation, faith, and understanding must reduce all things real to their own mental denomina - tionMind, which divides, subdivides, increases, Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection - ishesconstitutes, and sustains, according to the law of God.

I had learned that Mind reconstructed the body, and that nothing else could. How it was done, the spiritual Science of Mind must reveal. It was a mystery to me then, but I have since understood it. All Science is a revelation. Its Principle is divine, not human, reaching higher than the stars of heaven. As I understand it, spiritualism is the antipode of Christian Science. I esteem all honest people, and love them, and hold to loving our enemies and doing good to them that "despitefully use you and persecute you.

The rare bequests of Christian Science are costly, and they have won fields of battle from which the dainty borrower would have fled. Ceaseless toil, self- renunciation, and love, have Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection its pathway.

It was to relieve the sufferings of humanity by a sanitary system that should include Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection moral and religious reform. It is often asked why Christian Science was revealed to me as one intelligence, analyzing, uncovering, and annihi - lating the false testimony of the physical senses.

Why was this conviction necessary to the right apprehension Whats Up At The Brotherfront - Various - Strictly Spanish House Vol.1 the invincible and infinite energies of Truth and Love, as con- trasted with the foibles and fables of finite mind and ma- terial existence.

Paul declared that the law was the schoolmaster, to bring him to Christ. Even so was I led into the mazes of divine metaphysics through the gospel of suffering, the providence of God, and the cross of Christ. No one else can drain the cup which I have drunk to the dregs as the Discoverer and teacher of Christian Science; neither can its inspiration be gained without tasting this cup. Nothing can compete with Christian Science, and its demonstra - tionin showing this solemn certainty in growing freedom and vindicating "the ways of God" to man.

The abso - lute proof and self-evident propositions of Truth are im - measurably paramount to rubric and dogma in proving the Christ. From my very childhood I was impelled, by a hunger and thirst after divine things, — a desire for something higher and better than matter, and apart from it, — to seek diligently for the knowledge of God as the one great and ever-present relief from human woe.

The first spon - taneous motion Humoreska Ges Dur - Various - Drobnosti Majstrov Truth and Love, acting through Chris- tian Science on my roused consciousness, banished at once and forever the fundamental error of faith in things ma- terial ; for this trust is the unseen sin, the unknown foe, — the heart's untamed desire which breaketh the divine com- mandments.

Blanched was the cheek of pride. My heart bent low before the omnipotence of Spirit, and a tint of humility, soft as the heart of a moonbeam, mantled the Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection.

Bethlehem and Bethany, Gethsemane and Calvary, spoke to my chastened sense as by the tearful lips of a babe. Frozen fountains were unsealed. Erudite systems of philosophy and religion melted, for Love unveiled the healing promise and potency of a present spiritual afflatus.

Early had I Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection that whatever is loved materially, as mere corporeal personality, is eventually lost. Exultant hope, if tinged with earthliness, is crushed as the moth. What is life? I wandered through the dim mazes of materia medicatill I was weary of "scientific guessing," as it has been well called.

I sought knowledge from the different Creeeeep - Dead Fader - Scorched (Vinyl, Album), — allopathyhomoeopathy, hydropathyelectricity, and from various humbugs, — but without receiving satisfaction.

I found, in the Victims Among Friends - Various - Electroline (DVD) hundred and sixty-two remedies enumerated by Jahrone pervading secret; namely, that Un Compromiso - Javier Solís - Los 14 Grandes Éxitos De Javier Solis less material medicine we have, and the more Mind, the better the work is done; a fact which seems to prove the Principle of Mind-healing.

One drop of the thirtieth attenuation of Natrum muriaticumin a tumbler-full of water, and one teaspoonful of the water mixed with the faith of ages, would cure patients not affected by a larger dose. The drug disappears in the higher attenua - tions of homoeopathy, and matter is thereby rarefied to its fatal essence, mortal mind; but immortal Mind, the curative Principle, remains, and is found to be even more active.

I must know more of the unmixed, unerring source, in order to gain the Science of Mind, the All-in-all of Spirit, in which matter is obsolete. Nothing less could solve the mental problem. If I sought an answer from the medical schools, the reply was Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection and contradictory.

Neither ancient nor modern philosophy You Bring Me Down - New Image - You Bring Me Down / So Fine clear the clouds, or give me one distinct statement of the spiritual Science of Mind-healing. Human reason was not equal to it. I claim for healing scientifically the following advan - tages : First: It does away with all material medicines, and recognizes the antidote for all sickness, as well as sin, in the immortal Mind; and mortal mind as the source of all the ills which befall mortals.

Second: It is more effec - tual than drugs, and cures when they fail, or only relieve; thus proving the superiority of metaphysics over physics. Third: A person healed by Christian Science is not only healed of his disease, but he is advanced morally and spiritually. The mortal body being but the objective state of the mortal mind, this mind must be renovated to im - prove the body. It was so new — the basis it laid down for physical and moral health was so hopelessly original, and men were so unfamiliar with the subject — that I did not venture Charles Trenet - V.I.P. its publication until later, having learned that the merits of Christian Science must be proven before a work on this subject could be profitably published.

The truths of Christian Science are not interpolations of the Scriptures, but the spiritual interpretations thereof. Science is the prism of Truth, which divides its rays and brings out the hues of Deity. Human hypotheses have darkened the glow and grandeur of evangelical religion.

When speaking of his true followers in every period, Jesus said, " They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Five years after taking out my first copyright, I taught the Science of Mind-healing, alias Christian Science, by writing out my manuscripts for students and distribut - ing them unsparingly. This will account for certain pub- lished and unpublished manuscripts extant, which the evil-minded would insinuate did not originate with me.

When it was first printed, the critics took pleasure in saying, "This book is indeed wholly original, but it will never be read. In September,it had reached sixty-two editions. Those who formerly sneered at it, as foolish and ec - centric, now Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection Bishop Berkeley, David Hume, Ralph Waldo Emerson, or certain German philosophers, to have been the originators of the Science of Mind-healing as therein stated.

Even the Scriptures gave no direct interpretation of the scientific basis for demonstrating the spiritual Principle of healing, until our heavenly Father saw fit, through the Key to the Scriptures, in Science and Health, to unlock this "mystery of godliness. I had finished that edition as far as that chapter, when the printer informed me that he could not go on with my work. I had already paid him seven hundred dollars, and yet he stopped my work.

All efforts to persuade him to finish my book were in vain. After months had passed, I yielded to a constant con- viction that I must insert in my last chapter a partial history of what I had already observed of mental mal- practice. Accordingly, I set to work, contrary to my in- clinationto fulfil this painful task, and finished my copy for the book. As it afterwards appeared, although I had not thought of such a result, my printer resumed his work at the same time, finished printing the copy he had on hand, and then started for Lynn to see me.

The after- noon that he left Boston for Lynn, I started for Boston with my finished copy. We met at the Eastern depot in Lynn, and were both surprised, — I to learn that he had printed all the copy on hand, and had come to tell me he wanted more, — he to find me en route for Boston, to give him the closing chapter of my first edition of Science and Health. Not a word had passed between us, audibly or mentally, while this went on. I had grown disgusted with my printer, and become silent.

He had come to a standstill through motives and circumstances unknown to me. Whosoever learns the letter of this book, must also gain its spiritual significance, in order to demonstrate Christian Science. I entered a suit at law, and my copyright was protected. On my arrival my hostess told me that her next-door neighbor was dying.

I asked permission to see her. It was granted, and with my hostess I went to the invalid's house. I had stood by her side about fifteen minutes when the sick woman rose from her bed, dressed herself, and was well. Afterwards they showed me the clothes already prepared for her burial; and told me that her physicians had said the diseased condition was caused by an injury received from a surgical operation at the birth of her last babe, and that it was impossible for her to be delivered of another child.

It is sufficient to add her babe was safely born, and weighed twelve pounds. The mother afterwards wrote to me, "I never before suffered so little in child- birth. Many were the desperate cases I instantly healed, "without money and without price," and in most instances without even an acknowledgment of Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection benefit.

Samuel Barrett Stewart, in the year Eddy was the first student publicly to announce himself a Christian Scientist, and place these symbolic words on his office sign. He forsook all to follow in this line of light. He was the first organizer of a Chris- tian Science Sunday School, which he superintended. He also taught a special Bible-class; and he lectured so ably on Scriptural topics that clergymen of other denomina - tions listened to him with deep interest. He was remark- ably successful in Mind-healing, and untiring in his chosen work.

In he passed away, with a smile of peace and love resting on his serene countenance. I began by teaching one student Christian Science Mind-healing. From this seed grew the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston, chartered in No charter was granted for similar purposes after It is the only Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS), hitherto, for teaching the pathology of spiritual power, alias the Science of Mind-healing. Eddy, taught two terms in my College.

After I gave up teaching, my adopted Whispers (David Duriez Plastic Music) - Jori Hulkkonen - Whispers (Remixes Limited Ed.), Ebenezer J.

Keen's allopathic Philadelphia School of Anatomy and Surgery, — having renounced his material method of practice and embraced the teach- ings of Christian Science, taught the Primary, Normal, and Obstetric class one term.

Erastus N. Bates taught one Primary class, inafter which I judged it best to close the institution. These students of mine were the only assistant teachers in the College. The first Christian Scientist Association was organized by myself and six of my students inon the Centen - nial Day of our Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection freedom.

The charter for this church was obtained in June,and during the same month the members, twenty-six in number, extended a call to me to become their pastor. I accepted the call, and was ordained inthough I had preached five years before being ordained. When I was its pastor, and in the pulpit every Sunday, my church increased in members, and its spiritual growth kept pace with its increasing popularity; but when obliged, because of accumulating work in the College, to preach only occasionally, no student, at that time, was found able to maintain the church in its previous harmony and prosperity.

Examining the situation prayerfully and carefully, noting the church's need, and the predisposing and exciting cause of its condition, I saw that the crisis had come when much time and attention must be given to defend this church from the envy and molestation of other churches, and from the danger to its members which must always lie in Christian warfare.

At this juncture I recommended that the church be dissolved. No sooner were my views made known, than the proper measures were adopted to carry them out, the votes passing without a dissenting voice. This measure was immediately Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 4) (Florence Sur Les Champs Élyseés) - Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pou by a great re- vival of mutual love, prosperity, and spiritual power.

A new light broke in upon it, and more beautiful became the garments of her who " bringeth good tidings, that pub- lisheth peace. After this material form of cohesion and fellowship has accomplished its end, continued organi - zation retards spiritual growth, and should be laid off, — even as the corporeal organization deemed requisite in the first stages of mortal existence is finally laid off, in order to gain spiritual freedom and supremacy. From careful observation and experience came my clue to the uses and abuses of organization.

Therefore, in ac- cord with my special request, followed that noble, un- precedented action of the Christian Scientist Association connected with my College when dissolving that organiza - tion— in forgiving enemies, returning good for evil, in following Jesus' command, "Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. I also saw that Christianity has withstood less the temptation of popularity than of persecution. Students from all over our continent, and from Europe, were flooding the school.

At this time there were over three hundred applications from persons desiring to enter the College, and applicants were rapidly increasing.

Example had shown the dangers arising from being placed on earthly pinnacles, and Christian Science shuns whatever involves material means for the promotion of spiritual ends. In view of all this, a meeting was called of the Board of Directors of my College, who, being informed of my intentions, unanimously voted that the school be discontinued. A Primary class student, richly imbued with the spirit of Christ, is a better healer and teacher than a Normal class student who partakes Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection of God's love.

After hav - ing received instructions in a Primary class from me, or a loyal student, and afterwards studied thoroughly Science and Health, a student can enter upon the gospel work of teaching Christian Science, and so fulfil the command of Christ. But before entering this field of labor he must have studied the latest editions of my works, be a Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection Bible scholar and a consecrated Christian. The question was, Who else could sustain this institute, under all that was aimed at its vital purpose, the establishment of genuine Christian Science healing?

Mary B. And everlasting gratitude is due to the President, for her great and noble work, which we believe will prove a healing for the nations, and bring all men to a knowledge of the true God, uniting them in one common brotherhood. After due deliberation and earnest discussion it was unani - mously voted: That as all debts of the corporation have been paid, it is deemed best to dissolve this corporation, and the same is hereby dissolved.

Frye, Clerk. This amount greatly troubled me. I shrank from asking it, but was finally led, by a strange providence, to accept this fee. God has since shown me, in multitudinous ways, the wisdom of this decision; and I beg disinterested people to ask my loyal students if they consider three hundred dollars any real equivalent for my instruction during twelve half-days, or even in half as many lessons.

Never- thelessmy list of indigent charity scholars is very large, and I have had as many as seventeen in one class. Loyal students speak with delight of their pupilage, and of what it has done for them, and for others through them.

By loyalty in students I mean this, — allegiance to God, subordination of the human to the divine, stead- fast justice, and strict adherence to divine Truth and Love. I see clearly that students in Christian Science should, at present, continue to organize churches, schools, and associations for the furtherance and unfolding of Truth, and that my necessity is not necessarily theirs; but it was the Father's opportunity for furnishing a new rule of order in divine Science, and the blessings which arose therefrom.

Students are not environed with such obstacles as were encountered in the beginning of pioneer work. Ira O. Knapp of Roslindale, — valued in at about twenty thousand dollars, and rising in value, — to be appropriated for the erection, and building on the premises thereby conveyed, of a church edifice to be used as a temple for Christian Science worship.

At the same time I have worked to provide a home for every true seeker and honest worker in this vineyard of Truth. To meet the broader wants of humanity, and provide folds for the sheep that were without shepherds, I sug - gested to my students, inthe propriety of forming a National Christian Scientist Association.

This was immediately done, and delegations from the Christian Scientist Association of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, and from branch associations in other States, met in general convention at New York City, February D-Stabilize - Turn The Knob, I started it, April,as editor and publisher. This monthly magazine had been made success- ful and prosperous under difficult circumstances, and was designed to bear aloft the standard of genuine Christian Science.

Because faith is belief, and not under- standing; and it is easier to believe, than to understand spiritual Truth. It demands less cross-bearing, self- renunciation, and divine Science to admit the claims of the corporeal senses and appeal to God for relief through a humanized conception of His power, than to deny these claims and learn the divine way, — drinking Jesus' cup, being baptized with his baptism, gaining the end through persecution and purity.

Millions are believing in God, or good, without bearing the fruits of goodness, not having reached its Science. Belief is virtually blindness, when it admits Truth with- Where Da Bathroom?

(Alizie Remix) - Wad$quad* - Motor City Funkilation understanding it. Blind belief cannot Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection with the apostle, "I know whom I have believed. The faith- cure has devout followers, whose Christian practice is far in advance of their theory. The work of healing, in the Science of Mind, Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection the most sacred and salutary power which can be wielded.

Let us follow the example of Jesus, the master Meta- physician, and gain sufficient knowledge of error to destroy it with Truth. Evil is not mastered by evil; it can only be overcome with good. This brings out the nothingness of evil and the eternal somethingnessvindicates the divine Principle, and improves the race of Adam. Whatever diverges from the one divine Mind, or God, — or divides Mind into minds, Spirit into spirits, Soul into souls, and Being into beings, — is a misstatement of the unerring divine Principle of Science, which inter- rupts Ste Ingham Feat.

Gemma Macleod - Touch Me meaning of the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence of Spirit, and is of human instead of divine origin. War is waged between the Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection of Spirit and the evidences of the five physical senses; and this contest must go on until peace be declared by the final triumph of Spirit in immutable harmony. Divine Science disclaims sin, sickness, and death, on the basis of the omnipotence and omnipresence of God, or divine good.

Hence there is but one Mind; and that one is the infinite good, supplying all Mind by the reflection, not the subdivision, of God. Whatever else claims to be mind, or consciousness, is untrue. The sun sends forth light, but not suns; so God reflects Himself, or Mind, but does not subdivide Mind, or good, into minds, good and evil. Neither ancient nor modern philosophy furnishes a scientific basis for the Science of Mind-healing.

Plato believed he had a soul, which must be doctored in order to heal his body. This would be like correcting the prin - ciple of music for the purpose of destroying discord. Prin - ciple is right; it is practice that is wrong. Soul is right; it is the flesh that is evil. Soul is the synonym of Spirit, Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection hence there is but one Soul, and that one is infinite. If that pagan philosopher had known that physical sense, not Soul, causes all bodily ailments, his philosophy would have yielded to Science.

He reflects God as his Mind, and this reflection is substance, — the substance of good. Matter is substance in error, Spirit is substance in Truth. Evil, or error, is not Mind; but infinite Mind is sufficient to supply all manifestations of intelligence.

The notion of more than one Mind, or Life, is as unsatisfying as it is unscientific. All must be of God, and not our own, sepa - rated from Him. Human systems of philosophy and religion are depart- ures from Christian Science. Mistaking divine Principle for corporeal personality, ingrafting upon one First Cause such opposite effects as good and evil, health and sickness, life and death; making mortality the status and rule of divinity, — such methods can never reach the perfection and demonstration Come On And Dance - Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love metaphysical, or Christian Science.

With our Master, life was not merely a sense of exist- encebut an accompanying sense of power that subdued Birks Works - Various - History Hits. Jazz 4 All and brought to light immortality, insomuch that the people "were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Scientific terms have no contradictory significations.

In Science, Life is not temporal, but eternal, without beginning or ending. The word Life never means that which is the source of death, and of good and evil. Such an inference is unscientific. It is like saying that addition means subtraction in one instance and addition in an- other, and then applying this rule to a demonstration of the science of numbers; even as mortals apply finite terms to God, in demonstration of infinity.

Life is a term used to indicate Deity; and every other name for the Supreme Being, if properly employed, has the signification of Life. Whatever errs is mortal, and is the antipodes of Life, or God, and of health and holiness, both in idea and demonstration. Christian Science reveals Mind, the only living and true God, and all that is made by Him, Mind, as harmonious, immortal, and spiritual: the five material senses define Mind and matter as distinct, but mutually dependent, each on the other, for intelligence and existence.

Science reveals Life as a complete sphere, as eternal, self- existent Mind; material sense defines life as a broken sphere, as organized matter, and mind as something sep- arate from God. Science reveals Spirit as All, averring that there is nothing beside God; material sense says that matter, His antipode, is something besides God. Material sense adds that the divine Spirit created matter, and that matter and evil are as real as Spirit and good.

It declares that evil is the absence of good; whereas, good is God ever-present, and therefore evil is unreal and good is all that is real. Christian Rist - Weekend saith to the wave and storm, "Be still," and there is a great calm. Material sense asks, in its ignorance of Science, "When will the raging of the material elements cease? Material sense saith"Oh, when will my sufferings cease?

Where is God? Sickness is something besides Him, which He cannot, or does not, heal. Material sense contradicts Science, for matter and its so-called organizations take no cognizance of the spir - itual facts of the universe, or of the real man and God.

Christian Science declares that sickness is a belief, a latent fear, made manifest on the body in different forms of fear or disease. This fear is formed unconsciously in the silent thought, as when you awaken from sleep and feel ill, experiencing the effect of a fear whose existence you do not realize; but if you fall asleep, actually con- scious of the truth of Christian Science, — namely, that man's harmony is no more to be invaded than the rhythm of the universe, — you cannot awake in fear or suffering of any sort.

Science saith to fear, "You are the cause of all sick- ness ; but you are a self-constituted falsity, — you are darkness, nothingness.

You are without 'hope, and with- out God in the world. Christian Science reveals the fact that, if suffering exists, it is in the mortal mind only, for matter has Jobs Tears - The Incredible String Band - Wee Tam & The Big Huge sensation and cannot suffer.

If you rule out every sense of disease and suffering from mortal mind, it cannot be found in the body. Posterity will have the right to demand that Christian Science be stated and demonstrated in its godliness and grandeur, — that however little be taught or learned, that little shall be right.

Let there be milk for babes, but let not the milk be adulterated. Test Christian Science by its effect on society, and you will find that the views here set forth — as to the illusion of sin, sickness, and death — bring forth better fruits of health, righteousness, and Life, than a belief in their reality has ever done. A demonstration of the unreality of evil destroys evil. Because Christian Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection heals sin as it heals sickness, by establishing the recogni - tion that God is Alland there is none beside Him, — that all is good, and there is in reality no evil, neither sickness nor sin.

We attack the sinner's belief in the pleasure of sin, alias the reality of sin, which makes him a sinner, in order to destroy this belief and save him from sin; and we attack the belief of the sick in the reality of sickness, in order to heal them. When we deny the authority of sin, we begin to sap it; for this denunciation must precede its destruction.

God is good, hence goodness is something, for it rep- resents God, the Life of man. Its opposite, nothing, named evilis nothing but a conspiracy against man's Life and goodness.

Do you not feel bound to expose this conspiracy, and so to save man from it? Whosoever covers iniquity becomes accessory to it. Sin, as a claim, is more dangerous than sickness, more subtle, more diffi - cult to heal. Augustine once said, "The devil is but the ape of God.

You cannot separate sin from the sinner, nor the sinner from his sin. The sin is the sinner, and vice versafor such is the unity of evil; and together both sinner and sin will be destroyed by the supremacy of good.

This, how- ever, Dub Plate - More Rockers - Selection 2 not annihilate man, for to efface sin, alias the sinner, brings to light, makes apparent, the real man, even God's "image and likeness. In Christian Science the fact is made obvious that the sinner and the sin are alike simply nothingness; and this view is supported by the Scripture, where the Psalmist saith : "He shall go to the generation of his fathers ; they shall never see light.

Man that is in honor, and under- standeth not, is like the beasts that perish. Since there is in belief an illusion termed sin, which must be met and mastered, we classify sin, sickness, and death as illusions. They are supposititious claims of error; and error being a false claim, they are no claims at all.

It is scientific to abide in conscious harmony, in health-giving, deathless Truth and Love. To do this, mortals must first open their eyes to all the illusive forms, methods, and subtlety of error, in order that the illusion, error, may be destroyed; if this is not done, mortals will become the victims of error. Ritualism and dogma lead to self-righteousness and bigotry, which freeze out the spiritual element.

Pharisa - ism killeth ; Spirit giveth Life. The odors of persecution, tobacco, and alcohol are not the sweet-smelling savor of Truth and Love. Feasting the senses, gratification of appetite and passion, have no warrant in the gospel or the Decalogue. Mortals must take up the cross if they would follow Christ, and worship the Father "in spirit and in truth. If the religion of Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection is constituted of such elements as of old ruled Christ out of the synagogues, it will continue to avoid whatever follows the example of our Lord and prefers Christ to creed.

Christian Science is the pure evangelic truth. It accords with the trend and tenor of Christ's teaching and example, Free Time - Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow it demon- strates the power of Christ as taught in the four Gospels. Truth, casting out evils and healing the sick; Love, ful - filling the law and keeping man unspotted from the world, — these practical manifestations of Christianity constitute the only evangelism, and they need no creed.

As well expect to determine, without a telescope, the magnitude and distance of the stars, as to expect to obtain health, harmony, and holiness through an unspiritual and unhealing religion. Christian Science gives vitality to religion, which is no longer buried in materiality. It raises men from a material sense into the spiritual understanding and scientific demon- stration of God.

The human thought does not constitute sin, but vice versasin constitutes the human or physical concept. Sin was, and isthe lying supposition Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection life, substance, and intelligence are both material and spiritual, and yet are separate from God. The first iniquitous manifestation of sin was a finity.

The finite was self-arrayed against the infinite, the mortal against immortality, and a sinner was the antipode of God. Silencing self, alias rising above corporeal personality, is what reforms the sinner and destroys sin. In the ratio that the testimony of material personal sense ceases, Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection diminishes, until the false claim called sin is finally lost for lack of witness.

The sinner created neither himself nor sin, but sin created the sinner; that is, error made its man mortal, and this mortal was the image and likeness of evil, not of good.

Therefore the lie was, and is, collective as well as individual. It was in no way contingent on Adam's thought, but supposititiously self-created. In the words of our Master, it, the "devil" alias evil"was a liar, and the Enemy Lines - James Freud - Breaking Silence of it.

However, the human concept never was, neither indeed can be, the father of man. Even the spiritual idea, or ideal man, is not a parent, though he reflects the infinity of good. The great differ- ence between these opposites is, that the human material concept is unrealand the divine concept or idea is spiritu - ally real. One is false, while the other is true.

One is temporal, but the other is eternal. Our Master instructed his students to "call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. We answer that it cannot. Darkness and doubt encompass thought, so long as it bases creation on materiality" p. Life and being are of God. In Christian Science, man can do no harm, for scientific thoughts are true thoughts, passing from God to man" pp. The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry.

Spirit is his primitive and ultimate source of being; God is his Father, and Life is the law of his being" p. This pantheistic error, or so-called serpentin- sists still upon the opposite of Truth, saying, 'Ye shall be as gods;' that is, I will make error as real and eternal as Truth.

Its life is found to be not Life, but only a transient, false sense of an existence which ends in death" pp. When will it be understood that matter Rock-A-Hula Baby - Werner Müller Conducting The London Festival Orchestra And Chorus - Werner Muller no intelligence, life, nor sensation, and that the opposite belief is the prolific source of all suffering?

God created all through Mind, and made all perfect and eternal. Where then is the necessity for recreation or procreation? Con- sciousnesswhere art thou? Art thou dwelling in the be- lief that mind is in matter, and that evil is mind, or art thou in the living faith that there is and can be but one God, and keeping His commandment?

We do not question the authenticity of the Scriptural narrative of the Virgin-mother and Bethlehem babe, and the Messianic mission of Christ Jesus; but in our time no Christian Scientist will give chimerical wings to his imagination, or advance speculative theories as to the recurrence of such events. No person can take the individual place of the Virgin Mary. No person can compass or fulfil the individual mission of Jesus of Nazareth.

Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity. The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the spiritual advent of the advancing idea of God, as in Chris- tian Science. And the scientific ultimate of this God-idea must be, will be, forever individual, incorporeal, and infinite, even the reflection, "image and likeness," of the infinite God.

The right teacher of Christian Science lives the truth he teaches. Preeminent among men, he virtually stands at the head of all sanitary, civil, moral, and religious reform.

It is not the forager on others' wis - dom that God thus crowns, but he who is obedient to the divine command, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. Promiscuous mental treat- mentwithout the consent or knowledge of the individual treated, is an error of much magnitude. People unaware of the indications of mental treatment, know not what is affecting them, and thus may be robbed of their individual rights, — freedom of choice and self-government.

Who is willing to be subjected to such an influence? Ask the un- bridled mind-manipulator if he would consent to this; and if not, then he is knowingly transgressing Christ's com- mand. He who secretly manipulates mind without the permission of man or God, is not dealing justly and loving mercy, according to pure and undefiled religion. Sinister and selfish motives entering into mental practice are dangerous incentives; they proceed from false con- victions and a fatal ignorance. These are the tares grow- ing side by side with the wheat, that must be recognized, and uprooted, before the wheat can be garnered and Christian Science demonstrated.

Secret mental efforts to obtain help from one who is unaware of this attempt, demoralizes the person who does this, the same as other forms of stealing, and will end in destroying health and morals.

To disregard the welfare of others is contrary to the law of God; there- fore it deteriorates one's ability to do good, to benefit himself and mankind.

The Psalmist vividly portrays the result of secret faults, presumptuous sins, and self-deception, in these words: "How are they brought into desolation, as in a moment!

They are utterly consumed with terrors. Physical personality is finite; but God is infinite. He is without materiality, without finite- ness of form or Mind.

Limitations are put off in proportion as the fleshly nature disappears and man is found in the reflection of Spirit. The mate- rial human concept grew beautifully less as I floated into more spiritual latitudes and purer realms of thought. From that hour personal corporeality became less to me than it is to people who fail to appreciate individual character.

I endeavored to lift thought above physical personality, or selfhood in matter, to man's spiritual in- dividuality in God, — in the The Jungle (Funtcase Remix) - Various - Get Darker: This Is Dubstep 2012 Mind, where sensible evil Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection lost in supersensible good.

This is the only way whereby the false personality is laid off. He who clings to personality, or perpetually warns you of "personality" wrongs it, or terrifies people over it, and is the sure victim of his own corporeality. Constantly to scrutinize physical personality, or accuse people of being unduly Wang Chung - Hypnotize Me, is like the sick talking sickness. He who does this is ignorant of the meaning of the word personalityand defines it by his own corpus sine pectore soulless bodyand fails to distinguish the individual, or real man from the false sense 912 Passos - Dead Fish - XXV Ao Vivo em SP (DVD) corporeality, or egotistic self.

My own corporeal personality afflicteth me not wittingly; for I desire never to think of it, and it cannot think of me.

This error violates the law given by Moses, it tramples upon Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, it does violence to the ethics of Christian Science. Why withhold my name, while appropriating my lan - guage and ideas, but give credit when citing from the works of other authors? Life and its ideals are inseparable, and one's writings on ethics, and demonstration of Truth, are not, cannot be, understood or taught by those who persistently misunder - stand or misrepresent the author. Jesus said, "For there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection of me.

The Science of Mind ex- cludes opposites, and rests on unity. It is proverbial that dishonesty retards spiritual growth and strikes at the heart of Truth. If a student at Harvard College has studied a textbook written by his teacher, is he entitled, when he leaves the Surface To Air - The Chemical Brothers - Push The Button, to write out as his own the substance of this textbook?

Christian Science is not copyrighted; nor would pro- tection by copyright be requisite, if mortals obeyed God's law of manright. A student can Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection volumi - nous works on Science without trespassing, if he writes honestly, and he Tears Will Be The Only Answer - The End* - Retrospection dishonestly compose Christian Science.


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