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My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US

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Clean Forgot 5. Fragments 6. Not Quite Right 7. SDJ 8. Remember the Theremin 9. Sharpie Kurrajong Hotel Oh yeah! Astra K as 12" picture disc by records; see Discography vinyl for details. The long "Savage" certainly is, with its bright little synth notes, and Frances Gibson's sunny, thoughtful voice asking Head Like A Hole - NIИ* - Starfuckers, Inc.

(DVDr) questions and a guitar chiming in like a particularly considerate friend. But it keeps on, until the repetitions in the small riffs that build My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US tune unsettle the notion that it's headed for a happy ending, like the way that Charlize Theron, in most of her movies, sparkles a spring and then ends My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US dead. I don't know where "Savage" ends up, except that it's nowhere near where it started, even if, on paper, the notes would say the two places are exactly the same.

At first glance, it's hard to tell why; they play a relatively common brand of mellow pop. But as the course of an album runs by, you understand completely; they exude beauty, and capture hidden emotions with both a sense of humor and a touching sensitivity. All in all, their music captures real-life, genuine feelings, and it's pretty to listen to, two qualities that can propel a simple pop song to greatness.

All of that is part of what makes Communicating At an Unknown Rate such a treat. Another is the presence of Steward, aka Stewart Anderson formerly of Boyracer, who lends his vocals and melodic sense to a few songs and is credited with co-writing the whole album. The album opens with one of his vocal contributions, a beautiful ballad that includes a well-placed horn section and builds in emotion until the final, aching words, "There's just nothing left to say".

Most of the album's vocals are handled by Cannanes lead singer Frances Gibson, who has a My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - USstately voice that's also filled with subtlety and power. A quieter ballad like "Not Quite Right", an encapsulation of fears and worries regarding a lover, gets all of those qualities across plus more, like the way she can blend biting humor into a truly sad thought.

The Cannanes, here a trio their lineup shifts from release to releasehave crafted a sound that weds pretty melodies to often-melancholy, almost-hushed vocals.

The mood is generally that of quiet longing, but that doesn't mean the songs are all slow, or that the Cannanes and Steward ever fall into a monotonous pattern. Songs like "Fragments" and "Kurrajong Hotel" have a real edge to them, while "Oh yeah! For Isubeleeene - Various - Oi! The Album, two of the album's highpoints, in terms of emotional impact, are the last two tracks. The first, "Astra", is a gorgeous, poetic goodbye to a lover, over a drum machine bed.

While Gibson nearly whispers some of the album's tracks, here she straight-out sings, beautifully expressing fear and sadness "I'm looking straight ahead, scared". The two juxtaposed together tell an eternal human story. It's the story about accepting sadness and learning to be happy, one that in a pop song can sound forced or inauthentic, but given the right words, the right melody and the right musical accompaniment, hits you right in the heart.

It's an ending that makes you understand why both the Cannanes and Steward have such devoted fans, and makes Jan Pahechan Ho - Various - Bombshell Baby Of Bombay think maybe you should join their ranks. What's more, the records are all quite good. With more than 15 years in the music business under their belt, they have become seasoned troopers, stayers in a world where you're either this week's news or last weeks trash.

Here's a new album, Living The Dream, either their 7th or their 8th, depending on who you talk to. It's the first proper album since 's The Cannanes, that self-titled classic of the modern age. A while between drinks you might say, but there's no point explaining why, and when you listen to the music it's like they've never been away. The Cannanes seem to own the patent on a perfect combination of melody, warmth, and a tickle of the funny bone now and then.

Things may have changed a little over the years. At one point The Cannanes seemingly couldn't keep a beat, hold a note, or tell one end of a guitar from the other.

This was a large part of their charm at the time, and saw them through those early years and records admirably. These days, though, it's a whole other story. On Living The Dream the listener will marvel at the skill and aplomb with which the Cannanes present themselves to the world, still with all the personality and idiosyncratic appeal of My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US.

Living The Dream is also the first Cannanes album released on an Australian label since It's a sad state of affairs when a band is lauded in every country except its own. With records on overseas labels like K, Ajax, Slabco, Harriett, Yo-Yo,and zillions of others, the band have earned themselves a fearsome international reputation.

It has taken a visionary label like Chapter Music to accept the challenge to rehabilitate The Cannanes' profile locally. To be stuffed in an urn and left by the My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US.

Stephen O'Neil has always had a fine stash of tasty licks at his disposal, often sadly obscured by messy production techniques. When Living The Dream opens with Japanese Train Station My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US a brief David Nichols skit - sounding for all the world like Flywheel at their very best - this listener sunk back into his chair and sighed a deep, deep, sigh of visceral pleasure. But if it is possible, Frances Gibson's emotions only head downhill from thereon in.

Her words work in clever contrast to the My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US of the music - because, in contrast to its twin release Communicating At An Unknown RateLiving The Dream finds The Cannanes plugging in their electrical equipment and sharing a few beers.

The ten tracks herein nudge at the hips in a way the band haven't managed since Caveat Emptor. It's raw, with a refined edge, and it's so fucking sublime that you won't know what to do with your My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US. Being the first album locally released by The Cannanes in a decade it is also a significant step into the future. Gone are the safe and steady days of friendly label Ajax; Tim Adams almost guaranteed to release anything by the band. With bright pop artwork and computer-rendered imaging, Living The Dream is a loud statement.

And perhaps that is why it is so unsettling upon the first handful of listens. This listener is used to a more understated and restrained Cannanes and the forcefulness of the choruses really slapped me on my heels in a hurry. And they're not the charming, unsure, choruses of the self-titled album, either - they're the real thing. Not wanting to harp on the fact, though I will, it's the huge bouyant hooks and precise riffs which will win you over; the likes of which in these Lo-Tel days we have been long starved of.

You Name It Greg Wadley remix 2. Postcard from Cuba 3. From the keyboard to your door 4. Solid 5. You're crazy. This is Gibson again, walking through fields of flowers while the Northern Lights spread salacious rumors about her and she plays the Go-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed" in her head. In it might not have seemed so striking, but today you won't hear anything like what this band is doing anywhere else.

Label: Insound Where did our indie-pop pioneers disappear to? Are the days of D. The answers to all these questions are not that simple to answer. But rest assured, our old favorites still endure. Take the Cannanes for example, these indie pioneers are still alive and kicking, still creating song after songs in their Australian Jacob Miller - Tenament Yard studio.

This time around they've traded in their 4-tracks for Qbase sequencing software and they've gone digital. But not digital in a harsh way, digital in a humanly rough manner true to their previous aural aesthetic. With the help of ex-sukpatch beat-head, Steve Herman, they've managed to translate their pop prowess to hard disk and retain all their sincerity. So the days of classic indie-pop are not dead, they've just been tweaked for the better. Insound is fortunate to have been given a few tracks and outtakes not used for their upcoming Slabco Records debut to be used as a tour support.

They've finished touring the states recently with Steward and Even As We Speak, but will be touring the southern regions of the earth. So fire up the arty barbecue, and enjoy [uncredited review from Insound site].

Drug-Induced Delirium 2. Asleep 3. Caesar 4. Simple Question 5. Ordinarily 7. Get on Down 8. Matter of Distinction 9. The Promise Pedagogy the mystery of you Marching Hatred - Obolus - Lament Swing, You Little Red Devil. For their self-titled release the Cannanes expanded to a five-piece, with Ivor Moulds contributing drums on a number of tracks while Francesca Bussey added bass and vocals.

If hearing a song about a dearly departed doggie "Caesar" gives one hives, then one should look elsewhere as it is, said song is great, one of the numbers where Bussey takes lead with her similar-to-Gibson vocals. Things are a touch more crisp on this album than on others, but only just - the soft focus fuzz and hum that is as much an element of the Cannanes as anything else still coats everything in a fine warm glow. O'Neil gets in some slightly unexpected guitar work here and there - the heavily-compressed semi-wah-wah on "Asleep"', to pick an example, that adds an extra element of power to the quick-paced track.

Pillows 2. Angsty Pants 3. Quite an Education 4. Fuzzy 5. Tiny Frown 6. Pacific Gulls 7. Wherever You Go. Frightening Thing 2. King of Lilliput 3. Ern Malley 4. Screaming 5. Prototype 6. Bad Timing 7. Throw Down the Gauntlet 8. Empty Channel 9. Another Fight Passionfruit Singing to Satelites. Arty B is a bit of an odds 'n' sods album, featuring 6 songs included on 7"s of a few years ago three from the Ajax Stumpvision EP fromtwo from the Little Teddy Prototype EP fromand a different 8mm - Cage Grind Noir - Pilots The Directors Cut of "Frightening Thing," originally on K in and 5 "new" ones recorded with the lineup of Stephen O'Neil guitar, bass, vocals, trumpetFrances Gibson bass, vocalsGavin Butler bass, guitar, vocalsand David Nichols drums, vocals.

The tunes range from ultra-infectious "Arty Barbecue", "Prototype" to the tenderly sad "Frightening Thing"covering a gamut that will make sense to Cannanes fans around the globe. It's also the first Cannanes album in two years, further cause to rejoice. Perfect light 2. Juniper Daily is similarly reliable, although or course in different Yeah, these CDs are nice enough and boh bands ore probably good, solid, live performers, but if he true test of a pop song is whether it sticks wih you for days afterward, I'm sorry to say that hese recordings don't qualify.

Are you an outgoing, spontaneous man or woman over the age of 19 with a never-say-die attitude and a good sense of humour? We are a non-profit society that helps young offenders and children ages 8 to 18 who are at risk of getting in trouble.

What's your deadline for his story? Should I just answer by e-mail? That would be easiest. I think lhat would make for a cool article. Jusf run it as your e-mail to me wih the preamble below and your questions and hen my response. Always Irying to push my agenda through, I know.

If I con remember the early '80s, does hat mean I wasn't here? Well I was, so here. Now, what was he question I remember wearing lots of ridiculous new wave-ish clothes It's worh noting, as well, hat for one term I actually hod a class English something, taught by he late Warren Tollmen, personal friend of many beat poets during lhaf air shift.

Guess which octivily took priority? Those words are os scary to me as political correctness. Legislated, mediated tolerance Legislated, mediated, socially sanctioned cool Music or art is good or if isn't. And he fact of he matter is — and you My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US have to like his fact — hat to get hat music or art to a significant audience, organizations are invariably involved.

Thinking hat someone is more noble because My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US doing their thing for a tiny, elite audience and running around wih a K Records logo tattooed on heir shoulder blade is ridiculous. Being able to put my high school French to work for he first time since grade 1 1, e. What's the blygest neyatiue? They recently demolished the cafeteria and replaced My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US with the broadcast 1 studio.

Now here's no central place to go for bad coffee and glimpses of Kevin Evans. A DJ is usually a hockeyhaircutted, ill-informed, obnoxious philistine. But he real difference is a host gets paid more. The industry exploits everyone. It's o business, remember? And if people thought anything other than hat, here were sadly mistaken.

But I've still got to say, how Na Skos 2 - Hurt - Musisz To Kupić. hat Alanis? Do you feel any responsibility to address important Issues and present a certain forum for discussion for your listening audience, or Is the show, as you see it, simply a music program?

The purpose of Realtime is to make you and you and you realize hot you have more in common han you think wih your fellow 1 year old Canadians, whether hat's by playing Sloan discs or talking to people aboul waiting in line to see he new improved Star Wars. I've always thought hat Realtime is more han a music program Pari of he 'magic' to use an overused Hollywood-ish term of Realtime is he live aspect and he spontaneity and the fact lhat even a nine year old kid in Toronto can call up ond talk to Jeff McDonald from Redd Kross obout his i.

In terms of issues, as in capital T issues, I don't see hat as Realtime's mandate. It has a lot to do wih he fact hat he show is on Saturday night and here's only so much hought you can expect people to put into things on a Saturday night. So a debate about, say, mandatory HIV testing — probably not — but a vote on he old Courtney vs. So consume it while you can. A nun playing a slot mochine at Benny Binion's in downtown Las Vegas. For more info, call I met with Meegan Maultsoid of Puncture comprised also of Brent Anderson on guitar, Kevin McCandless on bass, and Lisa Wearing on drums and talked about what it is like to be a front-woman in a hardcore band, the mystery of the "queer band" category, and connecting with youth through music.

It's important hat you're supportive of hat. Basically, [to] put it his way, if you're uncomfortable going on tour and playing in San Francisco ond playing wih bands like Tribe 8 and playing wih a bunch of dykes, hen you shouldn't join Puncture.

Because we do an array of shows. It was just interesting, like, we were talking and he was like, 'Have you guys seen hat new Metallica video? Just get out. But I was like, I don'l even need to go here wih him. I thought it was enough to say, 'Get out. Why do you think that It is? My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US me start by saying, I think ifs really good that you are there. Because ifs important. Otherwise it would bo totally ghotto-izod. The 'Queer Punk Indie Bonds.

I respect all hose bands a lot. I think it's really important hat here ore queer bands. Like Team Dresch, who'll tour he states and go to these little communities and kids will come.

And I hink it's really important that hese kids can go, who are maybe already feeling isolated or hey live in a community where maybe it isn't okay to be queer, and hen hey see hem, ond it is like a role model.

Team Dresch are really open about being queer, they're very political aboul il, and if you speak to hem, hat's part of what hey want to do. They want to My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US young people to feel comfortable, to join he revolution — to be out — and to feel safe wih hot.

So in hat way, I respect hose bands hat ore out here doing something hat's sort of untreaded territory. They're being His Eye On The Sparrow - Mahalia Jackson - I Believe, they're being queer and trying to tap into youh culture. You're doing that too. Yeah, we are.

I guess what I'm Irying to say is hat I respect hose bands for what hey do; but musi cally, I can't say I am a fan of hose bands. Probobly he only band hat I can say hat I am a fan of [musically] hat is into he queer sort of hing is Team Dresch. I respect hem all. They are really cool people. But I don't listen to hat kind of musk. All he music hot I like and I listen to is oil hardcore. It's all heavy. I do find it problematic hat hat genre of heavy music — of course, hose bands are all different in heir own ways — is mole-dominated and it is primarily straight, or people hat aren't out.

Like he singer in Tool, he's queer. Most people don't know hat, go see a Tool concert. It's like, fucking 17 and 1 8 year old redneck guys. If hey knew he was queer hey'd flip heir shit.

In heavy music here are some bands hat I've seen from New York wih women and he music is really hardcore. But he women are still very female: hey have long hair ond big tils and hey are still "I am interested in empowering and supporting queer youth, but it's only one of the focal points of what Puncture does. I write about a lot of other things I feel passionate about. I write about abortion and pro-choice issues, about AIDS awareness, about class issues, about finding inner strength.

I'd like to ultimately be an artist My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US steers youth away from the MuchMusic culture and the commodification of peoples' identities and instead helps facilitate learning.

If we could activate yi and get them pissed off at the system, maybe we could stranger movement that could fight the right wing pushing hot. Yes, it's hardcore musk but it's really not, too — it's slill digestible to men.

Ifs tike, 'Cool, it's heavy and she's got big tits so Yeah, it's still sexy. It's sexy-heavy. Whereas Puncture's not sexyheavy. It's jusf heavy. And it's political and it's in your face. I have tattoos and no hair. To some people, even some women, I hink What did one of my friends say he oher day? She was talking about Puncture and his friend says, 'I can't believe you like hat band.

It's his woman who looks like a pre-pubes- cent boy, who's always going on about something: "Fuck his, fuck hat. What's digestible to some people. To thorn, aesthetically. Exactly, whereas Puncture isn't [digestible]. I hink it's pretty obvious hat I'm queer, or if not hot [hen] I'm o pretty intense woman [who's] pretty strong, and obviously, I am not afraid of men.

It's an interesting hing. It's what I've always wanted to do wih music. I like all hese bands [and] I really like he music, but it's all men. How come here's no women doing it? So, instead of saying, 'Why do I liko this music — all this men's music? Do you ovor talk to thoso men about why thoy aro not more out? But I guoss, in a way, ifs bullshit, because if you look at some artists who aro supposedly not out, but everybody knows it Yeah, I don'l know.

I guess it's up to he individual artist. For some people it is My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US integrated into heir music.

Like Tribe 8. That's what hey do. I don't consider Puncture a 'queer band. I am he only queer person in Puncture, and I hink it would be ostentatious of me to say, 'Puncture's a queer band.

They're supportive of me. They are not homophobic. That would be like us saying [hat] Puncture is ocluolly a straight band because hree people are straight. I'm a minority, so here- fore When people ask, 'Is Puncture a queer band?

No, Puncture's not queer' I don't care if Out magazine talks about us, but it's not my main goal. My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US didn't know it was such a category: 'You're in tho queer group. You'ro not. Some people express surprise: Wow, hey're going to put out a Puncture album? Jody and I talked about his, what her reasons are for expressing interest in Puncture.

She was like, 'Dude, I love metal. I'm not My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US. I'm not jusl ot he punk forefront.

Beyond hat, what you ore doing is original. It's heavy music, but al he front here is his queer woman. There are all hese different components hat make up Puncture, hat make it a more interesting band.

As far as he local scene [goes], I am pretty critical of what is going on. I hink it's tragk hat here aren't more political bands. Bands willing to take a stand on issues. They are afraid to take a stand, or afraid of offending. Or, some people just aren't political — hat's not heir reason for playing music. They don't see he correlation. Who they won't think of is the woman whose musical style was instrumental in shaping the urban and Chicago blues sounds; the woman who influenced everyone from Muddy Waters to Chuck Berry, and was one of the first 20 musicians elected to the W.

Handy Hall of Fame. She is perhaps the most influential yet least talked about woman in blues: Lizzie Douglas, better known as Memphis Minnie. She was born in Algiers, Louisiana in InMemphis Minnie and her family moved to Walls, Mississippi, a tiny community or "wide spot on the road" just across the river from Memphis, Tennessee.

Minnie hated farming life and began running away to Beale Street in Memphis, escaping the backbreaking work and pitiful wages paid to black women labourers. Minnie received her first guitar at age eight, and music became both an obsession and a ticket to freedom. Minnie gained experience travelling with a Ringling Brothers show A Certain Shade Of Green (Acoustic) - Incubus - Monuments And Melodies (Memory Stick) Texas.

There she became a professional show-woman and learned to deal with the pressures of touring as a single woman; by all accounts, she was a "hellcat" who My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US take care of herself. Memphis was her stomping ground, though; in the dubs on Beale Street she jammed with other musicians and eventually met touring partners, bke so many other poor black people in the South, Minnie was drawn to the city despite persistent racial discrimination.

She was part of a vibrant community that was developing a thriving culture and playing blues with a signature style. By her own admission, Minnie was a "down-home girl. Minnie was beginning to gain notoriety for her finger-picking style, her vocals and her own songs like "When the Levee Breaks.

Minnie and Joe were discovered by a Columbia Records scout while playing in a barber shop. The first single featured only Joe on vocals; the third release, "Bumble Bee," was sung by Minnie alone and became one of the most popular songs of that period. Memphis Minnie began recording in at a time when the female-dominated "Classic" blues era featuring vaudeville singers such as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Ida Cox was drawing to a close. Blues recording in the mid to late s shifted from female crooners to guitar-playing male country blues artists, like Furry Lewis, Barbecue Bob and Peg Leg Howell.

This reflected a social change as much as a musical change: hiring black men to fill jobs once held by black women was a sexist practice not limited to the entertainment industry. These country musicians played in juke joints, at home or at parties, at dances and in small clubs, often relying on seasonal labour to make ends meet.

Country blues reflected rural experience and an emerging African-American identity. It was also exciting new dance Unite - Various - 信念に生きる男達 that inspired greater individualism in couple and individual dancing than previous square dances to non-blues styles.

It was with this self-accompanied, autonomous style of music that Memphis Minnie found her niche. Minnie began recording at a time when mainstream cultural notions claimed that men were better than women at most jobs, and that black women, like white women, belonged at home.

Minnie wrote her own material, managed her own career and was known for her guitar picking as much as for her voice, whereas almost all Classic singers sang songs written by men and were accompanied by men.

By the end of her career, Memphis Minnie had released nearly records. Her style ranged from the country or down-home blues to the Shut Down - The Provenance - 25th Hour; Bleeding blues, the postwar blues and the Chicago blues.

Minnie switched primarily to the Vocation label inwith a few side projects with Okeh, Decca and Bluebird. Records in this series were 35 cents instead of the regular 75 cents. Minnie and Joe moved to Chicago to continue recording. Here they developed a duet style reminiscent of vaudeville, a "c'mon-baby, no-you-can't-have- it" musical dialogue. By a new combo style of blues was becoming popular. Now blues singers were accompanied by bass, drums, piano, more guitars, harmonicas and other wind instruments.

Performers who urbanized their sound and incorporated swing rhythms were drawing crowds and making records. Minnie successfully bridged the gap between the solo country blues and urban combo blues. She was a modern blues pioneer and extremely influential to other musicians in the mid-thirties and beyond. Minnie began recording with Decca in Unlike Vocalion, Decca attributed the recordings to "Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe" as opposed to the other way around as on Vocalion releases in recognition of Minnie's growing stardom.

It was also her songwriting talent and guitar skills that turned their recordings into hits. Minnie and Joe broke up inand Minnie went on to develop a more sophisticated sound than the rural blues she had been recording previously.

Some called her "the female Big Bill Broonzy. Part of Minnie's musical transition from an elaborate finger picking style to a more pianolike rhythm guitar can be attributed to her work My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US Lester Melrose. Melrose aimed to sell records that were danceable, records that were geared for juke boxes in bars.

Though some accuse him of creating a monotonous blues sound, Melrose successfully transformed individual performers into combo musicians. Minnie did manage to retain her grittier vocal style, and avoided piano accompaniment on recordings between She also was the first of her peers to play electric blues guitar and really grasp the single string-picking style of Lonnie Johnson.

T-Bone Walker and B. King would later My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US her innovations into their own signature Memphis style. The s were Minnie's bestyears. Playing with her second husband. Minnie began playing Chicago-style blues with a bigger sound, and she was managed by the same team that managed Muddy Waters and Sunnyland Slim. Touring was never easy: while playing a festival in Washington DC with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Minnie and the other black musicians were barred from eating at the same table or sleeping in the same hotel Memphis Minnie Godhead - Feeder - Renegades considered "rough" by all accounts: she chewed tobacco and dipped snuff, gambled, drank, swore and spoke her mind.

Though she was constantly being told what she was not allowed to be or do as a black woman, Minnie defied convention and was in every way an independent woman. Minnie's blues were very much an Crack Attack - Broken Bones!* - Trader In Death of her race, class, and gender.

At a time when women were conspicuously absent from the blues scene, Minnie's innovations of traditional blues forms and her ability to change styles with the times maintained her popularity for nearly three decades.

Minnie refused to be "kept in her place" and it was her headstrong example that encouraged modern blueswomen like Etta James and Koko Taylor to be equally outspoken and successful on tha'r own terms.

Minnie's career was waning by the late s, when she recorded for smaller and smaller labels and toured less. After suffering a stroke inMinnie faded away from the scene. She was eventually moved to a nursing home, where she lived until her death in Woman with Guitar: Memphis Minnie's Blues. New York: De Capo Press. Nothin' But the Blues. New York: Abbeville Press. I wandered down to the Chateau Granville on the afternoon of Feb. Who exactly I would be interviewing remained a surprise — no more of a surprise, however, than the pink decor of the dining room in which the interview was set up to take place.

Much to my delight, drummer Kate and "a little bit of everything samples, guitar, etc. What were they about? Or what -was yours [Kato] about? Basically, we were music fanatics and it was just sort of a vehicle to write snotty articles about our favourite bands, meet them, ond go to sound check and get on the guest list. Stuff like lhat. Not unlike what fanzines are today. We'd put in cartoons lhat our friends and stuff did. It was just ihis creative outlet for music-obsessed teenagers. Magazino production, ovon if it's a small 'zine, can bo very demanding.

Did you learn a lot from it and how did it fit into your music schedule and tho band's schodulo? I mean, my social group was My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US music scene. I didn't like participating in after- school activities or play on team sports or play in the school band or anything. I would go and hang out at the record store wilh my friends and then go see bands and talk about music and play music.

It was just something we did for fun. So if seemed like a natural outlet. Just do it yourself w kind of the whole idea of it. Gabby: Yeah. I just heard you say mu had to sing lhat song. Kato: But also, itwas all pre-computer age, and n make a really good lookin' magazine out of a c easily. This wos all handwritten and xeroxed, and we'd s xerox paper from our after-school jobs or whatever.

Now it seems really easy. But we're gonna do a fanzine for our fanclub, in fact, on my computer. What was going on in your lives when tho band 'took off and when, in your opinion, did it realty 'take off for you? Gabby: I ihink the band's hod so many stages. It could be when people started liking ihe demo tape.

I was bartending at ihe time and [we] got good responses. Or it could be when we loured, when we started doing our tours. We did Lollapalooza ond we had our first record out ond we didn't know if onyone really knew who we were yet.

And then we saw lhat we had a decent-ized audience from that tour ond lhat seemed like the beginning of some-ling realy good. Kato: I ihink, for me, al ihe time lhat I joined this bond I was playing in two olher bands. One of the bands I was playing wilh was called ihe Lunochicks, ond they had been touring, ond I was kind of juggling oil ihis stuff, and I was working. I hod been working full-time in a photo archive, and then I started working port-time 'cause I hod so much going on.

I -link ihe bond really 'took off' when we oil quit our jobs. For a year, we were all living on eilher unemployment or off our savings. So what would you say to someone who walked up to you and said, 'I really liko what you do, and I wanna do it too, and I have some friends and wo wanna do It. Kato: What my sort of vague advice is, is to put yourself out there and really give your demo out to anybody, everybody.

In our cose, it realty worked. My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US lhat ended up working really well for fhe band as for os notoriety and clout and stuff like lhat But as for as advice on how to get into it musically and stuff, unfortunately not everyone is going to know a Mike Diamond or a whatever, but you'll get connections somehow, if you give your tapes out.

Kato: Yeah, just put the information out there and don't sit in your room sulking, playing guitar and sulking, lhat no one has discovered you yet. My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US gotta do some legwork, you gotta Play what sounds good to you ond don't be afraid to Injst yourself If thot's moving you, chances are it might move someone else.

Who aro your musical horoos, and by lhat Mr. Magician - Various - Masters Of Funk & Soul The Sampler moan, who do you really respect as Gabby: I tend to love the classics, like Jimi Hendrix, ihe Stones, ond Marvin Gaye Stevie Vfender, Bob Marley and relationships ore something lhat everybody con identify with.

Gabby: I think Jill's been a great lyricist from the beginning, but everyone's got a right to their opin- Kato: Yeoh, love is a universal theme lhat's very hard lo write anything original about. If I wos going to write a love song — or something about love, or a relationship — I would be clueless and lhat would be the limit of my output, so I appreciate Ihe skill. What about 'one thing? Kato: For people who come from o privileged place, it's often hard to understand why people who are in a less privileged ploce are the way they ore, or why ihey are not able to get out of where they My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US.

Gabby: It's kind of like denial, and it's easier on you to close your eyes and not do anything about it lhan to be aware. Who knows what to actually do about it, but if you've got some consciousness to help, or sing about if, or whatever you wont to do. It's a real touchy thing, ihough, because sometimes you just feel stupid expressing those kind of thoughts.

I'm very interested in politics but I feel very inarticulate when it comes to it, or not as knowledgeable os I'd like to be. But we're all human beings ond when you see stuff, you see it. There was amazing crap going on when lhat song was written: we got a new mayor, a new governor, so many laws were passed, budgets cut, it was amazing.

It's scary lhat a lot of mothers are going to have to struggle now [lhat] there's no safety net. I think in Canada, you guys hove a much belter system. Do people with power affect you In your lives as musicians and in tho music.

Oh and Led Zeppelin. Kato: No apologies necessary. The Slits are really big heroes of mine. I don't know if I have any megoheroes, LDN - Lily Allen - LDN. I get into many, many different things. There are certain people I respect who have been in ihe musk business lhat might seem really strange, like Dolly Parton. A lot of people think she's just big hair, big tits, a backwoods woman, but she's octualfy an incredible songwriter and one of Trompette Et Orchestre En Ut Mineur - Allegro - Maurice André - Les Chefs dOeuvre de la Trompette first female country artists who sold millions of records.

I tend to be more influenced and inspired by female artists too, like Bonnie Raitt or the Judds. Gabby: And the Breeders really knocked our socks off. Tho album has boon criticized for its 'toon angsf-like lyrics. All of tho songs, with tho exception of ono [ironically called 'one thing'], aro about love.

Mary Ann Marshall in MS. Magazine [v. Gabby: Jill did write a lot of the songs alone in her room, so I guess it's not altogether wrong, as far as the alone in your room thing.

Kato: I'm somebody who views our lyrics as a listener because I'm not writing them, and I enjoy the lyrics lhat these folks write. I identify with a lot of these subjects on ihe new album, rm very intereeted in politics but i P88L verv inarticulate when it comes to it. But were au human beinse and when vou eee etupp. Kato: When you're My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US to a major label you are basically dealing ivith big business, and in effect, you become part of this business.

Decisions money and selling, ond not necessarily based on what's best for the band or the fans. It can get My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US far removed from your motivation as a musician that you con get really turned off by it. You have to figure oul what your limit is, and that lakes Gabby: You gotta stay balanced, you gotta keep your integrity, and you gotta do what makes you happy.

We have a lot My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US ears on this record. Kato: And the only ones who are going to look out for your interests are you and your band- mates, and you hope that you and your band- mates see eye to eye on whot you're trying to accomplish.

And you have to keep reminding yourselves about 'these people in power,' and that we're actually the ones who are in control of Do you have a theory on what deja vu is? Gabby: Oh man, I was just thinking about that. Kato: I just read an article about deja vu and I hod always thought it was your brain firing the same information twice, so you feel like you've experienced it already. I mean, neurologically. Gabby: I hear it's when you're realty tired, you get deja vu.

I've gotten deja vu a lot ond I keep on hoping that it means something good but I always have the most typical, average day when I get deja vu. I think it's a fun feeling. Kato: Sometimes it can really freak you out. But I tend to think lhat it has a neurological explanation rather than a psychic phenomenon. Gabby: Rather than you just keep reliving this life over and over again. They have collaborated with numerous artistic groups in the city.

Rosen, Composer. Their next show is a remounting of Sunyata, being held My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US the Vancouver East Cultural Centre from Marchin honour of their 10th year dancing in Kokoro. It promises outstanding visual appeal through textures of sweat, mud, and breath. Sunyata best represents what Kokoro is about: strong visuals, great music, and kinetic magic.

Barbara: Wc are a modem dance company that has been around since In fact, its our 1 lth year, but we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. We are interested in exploring the aesthetics of where eastern and western modem dance-forms meet. What is butoh? Barbara: Butoh is a dance-form which originated in Japan. The first actual performance of it was in and it is My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US to a man named Tatsumi Hijikata.

It is a very stark aesthetic, based on, in pan, a reaction to influence on western modem dance and ballet on Japan. Its had an influence worldwide since its inception. There have been a lot of people influenced by My Wandering Eye - Various - Up Records & Slabco - US work and have experimented.

Several companies in Seattle do that kind of work and several other people across Canada explore the ideas of butoh. Its not a technique, its not like the western, modem dance technique — you couldn't really compare it to Graham or Nimone. Its more like a philosophy of an and life mixed together. Butoh artists are interested in finding an original expression thats true to the individual.

Within the butoh aesthetic, you are painted white, with shaven heads, bare bodies, loin cloth wrapped around Barbara: The painting while is inherit to butoh. We like it because it enhances the way the body appears. Its not hidden by any clothing. It really offers a vulnerability that we're interested in.

So we incorporated it because we liked the way it looked and enhanced the bodies and the shape of the bodies and therefore the feelings that it creates. The complete visual impact is really stunning, especially with the lighting and shadows created.

Barbara: Yes, its illuminating in more ways than one. It really pulls the form of the body out of that kind of hiding And also, the white make-up really does help the way you can use lights and we like that, because it felt like painting with lights on the bodies. Has this ever caused you any problems in terms of reaction from conservative dance forces or in terms of funding? Its not the nudity of the male form, but the nudity of the female form that has been difficult.

Breasts are political and in our society I'm not sure. But the nudity definitely has had impact. And we are known for that. It does create a kind of controversy, I suppose. I'm so comfortable with it now, I dont even think of myself as nude with the white body make-up — to me, that is a costume and I wouldn't be so comfortable on stage if I was nude without the body make-up.

Some people find it shocking and some people don't. Its very Individual. Its certainly political — thats for sure. A lot has been written about the controversy of Kokoro. Barbara: We have never thought of ial. We have a desire to create works that speak to people and I suppose because we put ourselves on the line all the time, that in itself is controversial. Wc push certain boundaries. Like what people think modem dance is, or what people think butoh is, or what people think theatre is.

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Skank - O Samba Poconé, Can We Chill - Various - Новогоднее Party MTV 2008, Blueberry Hill - Vince Taylor - Live 1977, Mitrum 7 - DArcangelo - Broken Toys Corner, Experimenting In Bangkok - Simple Plan - A Big Package For You - 1999 - 2003 (DVD), Syeedas Song Flute - John Coltrane - Giant Steps, This Train (Live) - Various - Psychomania, Go To Work (Xenomania Radio Edit) - Nadine* - Go To Work (Remixes), Touched By God (D. Ramirez Miss 20 Mix) - Katcha - Touched By God 2005 (Disc 1), Too Much Playin - XJN - Yes And No, Inner - Metroschifter - Metroschifter 4, Medication - Primal Scream - Vanishing Point (Minidisc, Album)

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