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Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri

Download Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri

May turns things around, putting you back in change of the aliies defending the continental battleground. A unique feature of both games is ttie 'artificial intelligence' of your officers.

Command over each division in your army can be passed over to the relative officer for hfm to run it as he would see fit. Each officer can aiso be given certain objectives to work toward Sf either themselves or with you in command. Look for it in September.

SSf's other major offensive is Second Front, chronicling the battles between Russia and Germany during WWH, With a map stretching from Berlin to Stalingrad, you can take command of either side and up to divisions under your control and must keep supply lines open to your troops, plan air raids and regulate production.

Claiming to be the most detailed simulation of Russia's part in the war, you can decide for yourself during the Autumn months. Remember Katf? Who says the Americans aren't over the lop? Two sources of conflict. Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge. MAC etc. No more waiting around for your disks to copy. Low chip count means veiy Iqiw power consumption. Midi packages. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!

It's bettor not to trigger alarms if possible. This is achieved more easily if you iire careful. H stance. Ust: tlie jetpaclc, visor and backpack computer sparingly. They use power aJi the time they are funaioning. This top-class release is soaring up the charts. Core Design popped into CU Towers with a map and some hints m to use your psychic powers, fmething brings itp the selection menu and applied expJortation will lead you to it. Map ihe levels of the building carefully.

Use the head up display map in yoitr backpack computer. Note, it's useful if you buy a bomb. Don't throw a grenade in an enclosed area. The only place left to go is the monastery. Tm really stuck. Please, can somebody help me? This is my favourite game but boy is it hard! Is it the screen that's the same as the box artworlt? I can only complete round five and never get to confront Dark Harrier.

Infinrte lives etc. PFease could you send a cheat or poke for infinite ammo or energy, I need a cheat or f'm going to cry!

I can only get on to the 5th level, I desperately need a cheat or a poke to help me, I cam also having trouble with Quartz, I can't even get onto the second laftice, Msrk Roseberry, 07 DARK5IDE Please could someone send me some help, r have found the red, blue and green crystals and the three letters but I can't get any further.

Steven Fletcher. In the passage to the right a wall closes when you walk towards it Please tell me how to stop it firom dosing. I cannot open the hatch and the crates, I also can't Und the fuel for the jeep, I've found the lighter, a key, a packet of cigarettes, a shovei, a bucket a canteen and a radio. By the time they arrive at their target the ship has moved on.

Also, how do t get the shuttle out of the hanger? All I can do is crash into the wall And Trekktes out here that can heJp? John Renriie. I can reach the stream on level four but keep falling in. Is there a cheat so that I can skip this level, infinite fives would be nice too. Where can I find the combination or - even better - wliat's the combination?

Also I can't find my gun so Jessie kills me every time at Cotton Cove. Please heip. I can get about half way then do something dumb - like walk into a mine. What are the two things the mage wants to d4 split the rock?

Where is it? I can't find it; i cannot eoter Ky lea ran's tower. Please help. I never have enough energy. You should now have infinite credits. Start the game as usual but enter your name as Rainbow Arts. It will then show twelve noughts. For the first two digits, type in the level you wish to start on. Remember, to start on levels one to nine your should put a nought infront of these two digits. Follow this by The Beatles - She Loves You. Then type in four numbers that add up to the level you require eg, for ievel three type in or any other four numbers that add up to three, Add another XX.

He will then keep following you. One is the bag of gold coins which must be obtained by blasting through the bJooked mine. Two is the cursed treasure chest which you get by dropping the axe on the wooden bridge.

You Whispers (David Duriez Plastic Music) - Jori Hulkkonen - Whispers (Remixes Limited Ed.) to be holding the Bible when you pass through the grave room. Item three is the vintage brandy, found in the grave.

Go to the right and drop the brass key on the piece of floor which looks like a plug The finaf item is the golden egg. Jump over the barreJs, carry on hght and you get to an Indiana Jones-type problem, The way to avoid getting crushed is to jump near the top of the slope - you roll down and stop just before the falling rocks. The boulder doesnl foltow you, but don't go back into the room. Just gei a ride in the plane and ffy to mine one.

Go back up to the top and let the bad guy have it. If your disks are a recent editions the cheat mode has been taken out. Anyway try holding the left mouse button and the joystick button down at the same time while disk one loads. If you send in a response but have an enquiry loo incfude them on separate sheets. Thai way we can file everything in neat alphabetical order.

Here with the help is Robert Doweil. You should then find your account has swelled to 12, credits. Download all credits. Enter Shin's pawn shop and get a deck. YouYe not the honest sort so choose the 'No rnoney back later' option He gives you the deck free and throws you out. Walk down the street and enter the Gentleman Losers G. Ask Shiva about the Cryptology chip.

Accept the chip from her and implant it. Get some caviar from room service and edit the bill again. Disconnect and leave G. Enter the Cheap Hotel and collect your caviar and leave. Now go to Metro Holographic and ask about a joystick, buy it and take a trip to the house of Pong, Answer all questions politely and when the conversation ends give them the joystick.

Collect the chips and then implant them. Go to Edo's and swap the caviar for ComJink 2. Return to G. Download Com link 3,0 and read the BBS.

Jack in to S,E,A. Be cautious. Be wary of those who Ate over- frliendly. Do androids dream of electric pasta? Avoid the spaghetti. If s bad far you. A, You wfJi also find Com link Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri. To use IHis program follow these inslmctions. You will have to iise your cryptology skill chip to decode some of the passwords which some of the people in the game have given you, Don I worry, it's not that difficult. Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri your cryptology skill chip cannol do it then ask around or mad some ol the BBS boards.

To get price reductions from Asano you should first ask him why Edo calls him a pig. He'll get on Fiis uppers and insult Edo. Tell him you think he doesn t like Edo and that he is not your friend. Use the goals eye ball' response. This gets yno some wicked price reduclions on equipment. So and see Julius Deane, Ask him what he knows aboul the company name and he should give you the link code.

Use Sequencer l. Before you go into Cyberspace, make sure that you do not have all your cash on you. This becomes apparent if you die in cyberspace. You appear in Chin's body shop antf find lhat the fee for kickstahing your brain was Ihe amount on your credit chip. If you rior'1. You receive 7, credits. This should give about 18, credits — on top of me 10, crerflls yoLf had before.

MicroStyle introduce the winner, Autumn Italia Italy World Cup Soccer 90, Thanks for the memories, The world's greatest game, brought to your small screen for a month- Now it's time to stand out from the crowd and sprint the pitch - Where the real action happens. The ball swings, across, high abcve the defence, as you stretch your legs to their limit. One bounce and you let fly with your boot as the goal iooms before you, sending the ball fizzing towards the top corner International football as it is played for real.

Now download all software and upgrade your coptalk chip. Exit and erase both Comlink 2. Jack into the Eastern Sea Board and enter the link code, Use Sequencer 1,0 refer Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri general tips if unsure to get the Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri. Download Comiink 5,0 and erase Comlink 4. He gives you the link code, Use this link code and Sequencer 1. There are two ways of getting it quickly. Either sell your body parts or get put on the Hosaka Corporation's employment list. The latter is the better option. Read Qenaral him. When using tham you should tiave access lo most of the companies in Itie game. A lesson in tiie future.

Plug your new ctilp in. You're In trouble. Getting in trouble with the law can cost Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri a lot of m-oiey. Keep an eye open for anything that looks out of place. Examine evefything you comt across. Always question characters you come across concerning significant events. Try fo equip yourself with a high powered deck as soon as possible.

Keep notes on wliat's going on. It's easy to Bet lost. That's if you want to play by the book. Keep selecting new missions until you get the one where you attack the bridge followed by the oil platform.

The first thing you'll encounter is a missile boat. Once you're within 20k flick the bomb bay open and fire a Maverick, then shut the bay doors again. This should make your return flight slightly easier. Keeping your altitude at ft fly to your next waypoint, the bridge, and destroy it with a Maverick. Now set your HUD for air to air and do some damage Fly at around ft and Ljse your track cam to pick out targets. If you find the opposition Mark Patterson adjusted his HUD and flew into base with a cocicpit full of hints and tips.

In that case open your bay doors and switch on the ECM jammers. This stwuld give you a decent radar profile. When you run out of missiles switch to cannons, but save rounds. When your fuel drops to 4, it's time to leave. Head towards your second from last waypoint, the oil rfeg, and take it out with a Maverick. Tankers float around the platform. They're very easily datiaged by your cannons.

When you're dowrr to 1gallons of gas take off for home. Weaker avionics than the F't17A. Best tactics are 1o approach with maximum stealth, then sweep up and strike. Be prepared to use jammers as it comes wilh 3 SDptiisticated infra red delector and look down-shoot down raitar.

Sli Soviet copy of the F- Avery capable aircraft. Fast at low altitude, ttiaugti it's not designed far air-to-air combat, so it doesn t want to mix it up. It s more inclined to go after ground targets. Utilise your stealth abtlityto catch it off guard. SU 27s Air superiority figtiter. Designed to outfight everything it meets, ft can out match you in every respect. The best the Soviets can produce. Armed with look down-shoot down radar, so it might spot you at low altitude, but it Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri designed before the Soviets knew ttiey would tie looking for an aircraft with multi-faceted design covered in RAM. Finally, use your ILS on the final approach and you're home free. We tan offer to all members these branded disks at unbeatable prices. Price per box lO 3. V9 W,99 IKI FoDthall FortUAcs The 7 Cities Gold S. Because they're the compiiny that released the greatest game in the history of the world - Defender. That was back in The company quidicly went back to manufacturing great pinbtill machines - like Comet, Taxi 'Afid Jokerz.

They returned to the fold about a year ago, with a graphically spectacular, but very ordinary game, NAKC, which had you shooting the hell out of drug pushens. Their follow up gamt js now in the arcades and is hased on another addictive theme - game shows. In actual fact, Smash TV is. The scam is that in the near future, game shows are still popular on TV, only they've got a bit more viol em 1: Makt; that a lot more violent.

You, or you plus a friend, get locked in a room shown in top down view. Characters are controlled by two joysticks - yes, ttvo.

One controls the direction your character moves in, the odier the direction of fire. Therefore you can be running away from the hoards of bower boys and yet still l e spraying them with lead. In the meantime you have to pick up as many credits as possible they are scattered on the floorcollect prizes the. But it's fast, funny, exhilarating, colourful, slick and a lot iTetter than staying in to watch The Price is Right.

They seem to release an exceptionally varied bunch of games. Runner, which was at Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri time going to be called Roadbiasters ff.

And now this baby, that uses a similar control yoke as the other two. You dash around delivering these things and the bad guys get to take a pop at you. This is alt very fast. From time to time you can also boost into the air and slowly glide down to earth. This manoeuvre is attempted to avoid heavy enemy fire and to pick up extra fuel bits, suspended in the sky. Despite some excellent graphics, however. Hydra fails to grab you where it hurts and counts and, although on an intellectual level you have to admit it's not a bad game, you don't find yourself coming back for more, John Cook Sega are acknowledged ]tiaHtcrs of spriie mEinipulation, You ruime what can be Turn Me Loose - Various - Dominionated The Third with a sprite and they do it, faster and smmither than anyone else.

Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri fust hyvtr to Iwk at recent maiiterpieces like G-Loc to realise that. Eloise Vol. Executed 12" [] DJ Sergio D. L Melody S. Madness vs. Chumi D. Jaime Gimeno The 2 Styles Vol. Curare 12", Pic [] Xque? Special Remixes Vol.

Mega Drive owners will have to wait till September, though, for this potentially classic game. Up to four players can compete over four of the toughest courses ever to face a golfer. All the best features of the Game Gear and Master System versions are included with greatly improved graphics and a host of extra features. If you hit a lousy Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri you can even let the computer take over and get you out of trouble.

The only bad news is that US Gold are looking at a September release for this potentially superb game - can you wait? The graphics are identical to the MS, even managing to keep the speed and playability of the original. Again, look out for a full review next issue. Who are they?

Their mission is to clear up the toxic waste from the sea, eradicate the urban dumping Spargo - Lady mostly filled by rubbish from burger take-aways!

The madness is spreading! Have you ever wanted to scrap the world and start again? You become the leader of a planet and have to battle it out with three pre- tenders to your crown who wish to become ultimate God of the planet. The computer versions, developed by Sensible Software, were a smash hit across all formats and the Sega version promises to be just as good. Mega lo Mania will be released in Autumn and joins the other forthcom- ing world domination games Populous II and Powermonger, both from Electronic Arts.

To conquer the world, this tribe, under your control, has to take territo- ries. You must use all your powers - persuasive and forceful - to win over the trust of the inhabitants. As the people join your tribe, you can ask them to be warriors, farmers, fisher- men or inventors - or the whole lot.

Be warned, this is not going to be a game-for-blast, this is one deep product that will require loads of play-time. Arcade veterans Tengen are releasing Popils on the Game Gear this month, after a slight delay in develop- ment. The game is a strange mixture of block-bashing and brain- busting. You have to work out patterns to destroy blocks on lev- els of action. There is also a map editor to prolong the enjoyment once you have fin- ished the main game or got bored with the same old screens.

Popils has just been released in America, but no official UK release information was forthcoming from Sega. Contact your local supplier for more news.

Watch out Game Gear owners, Virgin are about to drown your machine with releases too. I Leading the charge comes Double Dragon Xtra. It features your favourite j! The game Expect its release sometime in autumn. You play the eponymous character and encounter all the heroes and villains of the film, including Maid Marian, the Sheriff of Nottingham and even Friar Tuck! Arnie makes it to the hand-held in July in Terminator, with Super Off Road squeezing its immense amount of gameplay onto the small screen this summer.

We contacted Flying Edge about this, but Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri seemed as bemused as us. So, till the whole matter is resolved, we recommend you look very closely at any version of Heavyweight Champ or George Foreman Boxing you might be think- ing of buying.

Road Riot 4WD puts you in control of one of those wild four-wheel drive monster trucks that Americans seem so mad on. Continuing their attempt at total domination of the Sega announced the Mega Drive release of the Amiga hit Another World. No UK date has been fixed yet, so keep your eyes on SegaPro.

The game is based on the all-singing, all-dancing, all-head-kicking film of the same name starring Hollywood martial arts experts Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. Accolade acquired the licence while converting the code for Turrican II to the Mega Drive, but instead of devising a whole new game around the film, and thus slowing up its release, they have adapted the original Turrican II.

The film opens this summer, and because of this clever coding trick, the game should be released alongside it. Sadly, that has been delayed a tad but their next Mega Drive product should now be Railroad Tycoon.

You are in control of a rail system and must oversee its growth from a single shuttle between two stations to a major grid network covering all the major towns and cities. You will have to ferry both passengers and freight to become a true fat controller.

Railroad Tycoon is scheduled to come out in July, but could be prone to delays if there are leaves on the shelves. Those cute, lovable and incredibly frustrating Lemmings are just around the corner on the Mega Drive. The game has gleaned all the major computer industry awards, so if the Mega Drive version is anywhere near as good, we should be in for a treat.

You control the Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeria race intent on killing themselves in any way possible. Your job is to stop them doing so by guiding them to safety. The gameplay is very simple and very very addic- tive. Even now, there are plans afoot to do a Sega conversion of the sequel Oh no, more Lemmings!

The game will contain all the best bits of the first one - overlayed gauges etc - but will also have much-needed extras like a split-screen two-player versus mode. Now you and a friend can race it out head-to-head over the toughest grand prix circuits in the world.

Expect an official UK release soon after. Their first release is due from a newly- formed British company, Mirage. The first in line should be Humanswhich Mirage are hoping will give the great Lemmings a real run for its money. Unfortunately, all Little Serenade - Eddie Calvert - The Man With The Golden Trumpet know about this product is that you control a load of humans!

Who s back? Pond is back Yes, once again F. On its Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia - Cuban Boys - Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia, Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri will be qualified enough to take on the next mission, subtitled Splash Gordon Watch out for the third Pond game this summer with Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri fourth appearing this Christmas. Both will again be developed by Millennium and published through Electronic Arts, and both companies hope the series will continue well past the fourth adventure.

The gameplay fol- lows the film plot closely with Indy trying to stop the Nazis in their quest for the Holy Grail. The game has already been out on Game Gear and Master System where it received some good reviews, but with the extra power of the Mega Drive, Indy could finally find gold on the MD. Hands up anyone who finds fishing, whoops, angling an excit- ing sport. But Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri up, it could be a good game after all. No official release yet, so keep your eyes on the shores for this one. BIRD 6. UP TO Choose swaps of the same value. Put all items from checklist into the game's protective I Threw It All Away - Bob Dylan - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) (Box Set, Album, Album) case. Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri - 6. But it's more than that; every game is reviewed and rated so you can decide at an instance whether a game is worth adding to your collection. The Complete Sega Solution is the most accurate and fact-packed guide to winning Sega games. In over pages you'll discover secrets buried within games; infinite lives, hidden messages, level selects, bonus rounds, concealed stages, unlimited continues, Queen - Cool Cat (Flexi-disc) access codes, even games within games.

The Complete Sega Solution features essential playing guides for many of the biggest games. These take you step by step through levels, inform you how to get past obstacles, where to pick up special items, and how to deal with attackers. In short, the playing guides will get you from start to finish. Alternatively call our credit card hotline on Usually a quick resume of what the inlay says - but not as boring. ProView The real meat of the review.

Here you can find out what we think of every single element of the game. This is the most informative part of the whole review.

ProTips Just a small slice of help that should make your first few minutes of play less frustrating and hopefully a lot more fun. The address given is of the main supplier in the UK. ProScore We pick out the good and bad points for graphics, sound, gameplay and challenge. While a game may score highly on graphics and sound, it may severely lack in playability. If this is the case, the scores will reflect it. The overall ProScore is calculated from our final opinion of the game, taking into consideration every single factor - including price!

This is not an average of any score. A ProYo! Any game which does fall into this prestigious category should definitely be in your collection. Are the graphics visible, etc.

That is why we want your help. While you're here, you'll get Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri chance to play all the top games, and give us your views. Then, in the next issue, you'll get your almost unex- purgated ProTalk review print- ed alongside our reviews in SegaPro.

Something unstoppable. They created The Terminator! Controlled by Skynet, an intelligent comput- er system, they were pro- grammed to believe that humans were Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri inefficient to live, and therefore had to be entirely eradicated from the system. Most died in the ensuing holocaust, but some survived to become members of an elite guerilla army, dedi- cated to the overthrow of Skynet.

One such soldier was John Connor. Known to the machines as a leader, Skynet developed a plan to destroy him by sending a terminator back in time to kill his mother before he was born. The rest as they say is history No screen of Arnie taking his eye out but the statics you do get between levels are exactly like scenes from the film.

Left, Reese hits the deck after travelling through time. Reese goes exploring here as he runs around the underground complex looking for the reactor.

The first thing you notice about Reese as Hatred - Obolus - Lament traverses the hostile terrain is his wonderful animation. He runs in a totally realistic way, arms and legs pumping throughout the game, and is perfectly coloured in combat olive, with some astounding detail in both Mega and Master ver- sions.

Before his mission begins, he This is an example of the wonderful anima- tion, Reese vaults over this bin at high speed. Take out this HK Hunter Killer] with your grenades before going underground. Watch out for the laser blasts. Otherwise you may run Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri when underground, and ventur- ing to the surface halfway through your mission is tanta- mount to suicide!

Playing the MS version of The u. The bullets tend to be very small and thus frustratingly difficult to spot. They promise that this will not be a straight conversion, and all the graphics will be redesigned for the smaller screen. Rather slow to act due to the gar- gantuan weapons they're carrying, no doubtthey can be dispatched with your supply of grenades, or the rifle you may well find. The base interior in both versions is a series of highly detailed levels, around, which must be avoided at all costs!

These and other machines are all intricately designed for maximum scariness, and move in a sickeningly robotic way! Down the ladder and into the com- plex, Kyle comes across the Terminators themselves.

Similar in height to Reese, they resemble Arnie in both looks and mannerisms, even must infiltrate the Terminator under- ground HQ. Along the way are sever- al mammoth guardians, the first of which is a foot tracked-wheel mechanoid ogre which hails down a barrage of energy-depleting lasers MD version only. These don't kill Reese, but falling under its tracks most certainly does! You have 45 seconds to reach the time displacement equipment Exitwound - .357 you become toast with all the other Terminators.

Several guardians await the intrepid Reese, including reprises from the surface monsters. This level has a fixed pat- tern, and once completed, becomes easier on subsequent ventures. Level two is a search for Sarah Connor through the streets of Los Angeles. You are greeted with a superb static of Kyle as he emerges from the future arid then the action resumes. Battl'ng your way to the Tech Nolr nightclub for your con- frontation with Arnold, you encounter both police and punks intent on halt- ing your progress.

To get past them, you must blow them away with a 1 2- gauge shotgun. This is concealed within your grey coat, and the anima- tion involved in revealing it is nothing short of magnificentl The punks can be totally Turn Me Loose - Various - Dominionated The Third out. Sad, but true! The in-game music is a blend of hardcore techno-horror and up-beat cyberdreams vibrations, and only helps to enhance the gripping game- play.

All of the sound effects are totally authentic, and include rifle shots, grenade and dynamite explo- sions. On the playability front, both Mega Drive and Master System versions are really easy to get into, and will hold your attention for a hell of a long time.

And choos- ing between them? Either way, everyone has been waiting ages fo. A Character animation is superb. A Superb detail and colour in the Tech Noir bar. A Plenty of deadly effects.

A Well-constructed ploy area. A Packed with toads to do ot all times. A Try killing Arnie on level two! T Only four levels, though. Top-nofch plat- former. The SegaPro team was hooked. What a game! Never before has a licence been so faithfully converted. Please write for a brochure Games subject to availability. The Boy, or man as he should now be since the origi- nal character appeared many years ago, is a product of the fans of Superman, Captain Power and, perhaps, Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol.

2 Live At Pont Aeri. However out of place it may seem, the title music is not too bad and complements the similarly out-of-place in- game music.

Things change is bit when the heroic chap gets transformed into a lizard, mouse, lion, piranha or hawk on the following levels, but the overall effect is constantly fun. Also of a decent size are the guardians at the end of the many levels. Even though this often combines to produce a simple game, Monster World II avoids that danger by adding loads of rooms to explore providing you can find the keys, of course and a decent handful of pick-ups to find, and even though the action is essen- tially very repetitive the sheer enormi- ty of the task in front of you will keep you running and slashing your sword for ages.

Although you always have a purpose to your wandering, you never feel as if there is any urgency to your quest and can quite happily appeared in the arcades, on computer and consoles, including Sega. Here the Boy has been turned into a lizard by the Vampire Dragon. Now he must travel through Monster World and find the cross that will make him normal again. Wonder Boy knows no fear. After battling them on land, he wastes no time in diving into the drink to wrestle with his foes in the water.

Luckily, he doesn't even need to breathe. If a route seems too tricky on land, you may be able to by-pass it by falling through a hole and going underwater. Watch out for the deadly homing piranha when you are submerged; they lake a couple of hits but are positioned awkwardly and are faster tbarj you. Love your enemies. There is also a great deal of interaction, not just with the monsters but also with the odd strange inhabitant who hap- pens to cross your path.

And if you cross his palm with gold, you could receive something very useful. It combines the arcade elements of the original The Boy may be Keep Your Arms Around Me - Otis Redding - The Dock Of The Bay but he can't per- form miracles.

Changing into a lizard may look good, but it doesn't make you jump higher. Obviously, the Shut Down - The Provenance - 25th Hour; Bleeding option means that if you persevere, the attire?

All these other incarnations Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri be necessary to get the magic cross back, and your body returned to normal. These are not just there for decoration; if I Aint Heard You Play No Blues - Steve Goodman - Steve Goodman hit them, they will normally reveal a small item.

X X A large sprites and cute characters. A Password option is gratefully received. The Master System version from Virgin is no exception. Apart from the lack of a trackball, this is Marble Madness! The graphics are every bit as good as the arcade original. The grid-like surface you must traverse is faithfully undulating, and all of the crash-barri- ers are in the right place.

On this machine I reigned supreme, challenging all-comers. With my fast wrist action the trackball became a blue blur, steam billowing from the friction generated by my super- human efforts. Make no silly mistakes and you're through to the next round. Below: this is the aptly-named Silly Round.

Your controls are reversed, so things can go crazy. Splat the Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri baddies for more time and you just might do it! Completing a level with time to spare has that time added to the next, making impossible levels rather possible again. All six levels are here, and are mapped-out as true as possible to the original. Along the way aerial jumps, catapults and plug-hole type tubes are dotted about, all endeav- ouring to speed you on your way.

There are nine tunes to choose from, my ancient Swiss cheese of a brain distinctly remembering several of Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri from my arcade-haunting days as belters from the coin-op. Sound effects are plentiful and also faithful; the dizzy noise, glass-smash, rebound and aerial whoop are all there. That elusive ultimate level is your aim, but even on the easiest option may well prove to remain out of reach.

I only have a few niggles. The first is the lack of a trackball. While own- ers of other machines spoke of its six-level coin-op mag- nificence, Master Systemers had to hang their 8-bit heads in mournful longing. That time is now past, though, as Virgin are releasing Marble Madness as part of their new Sega range. Not so, as there are plenty of ultra- lethal mutations and obsta- cles along the way, all attempting to halt your progress. Just for the hell of it! Down at Eddy's Gym they play a different version.

A Difficulty high, even on easy option. Beware of being dazed on impact! Above: a lucky escape from one of those dratted hoovers. Electrolux have a lot to answer for!

The option of a booster would have been nice for long straights and could have overcome the control difference. The final criticism I have to make is one of pre- cision. The quickest route is through thetubes, but Dreams Of Milk And Honey - Pat Travers - P.T.

Power Trio whoop-de- do's are hard to navigate safely. Lethal Droids - Various - The Rave Master Vol. 2 Live At Pont Aeri watch out for that patch of ice too, if I were you! The Liberty. High Pumping Base Version. Reactive Vol. Enjoy The Melody. High Pumping Original Version. Last Train To Party. Get Down. Save Me From The Night. Cut Of Base. In My Eyes. Tell Me Techno Version Bpm's. The Hardcore. Chicken Memory. High Pumping Base Version. Reactive Vol. Enjoy The Melody.

High Pumping Original Version. Last Train To Party. Get Down. Save Me From The Night. Cut Of Base. In My Eyes. Tell Me Techno Version Bpm's. The Hardcore. Chicken Memory. Ruboy's Drum Machine.


Dub Plate - More Rockers - Selection 2, Miss ODell - George Harrison - Through All Those Years, Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 4) (Florence Sur Les Champs Élyseés) - Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pou, Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 4) (Florence Sur Les Champs Élyseés) - Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pou, Bank Holiday - Albert W. Ketelbey - In A Persian Market, The End Is Where We Begin - Our Lady Peace - Burn Burn, Einmal Möchte Ich Ein Böser Sein - EAV (Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung) - 100 Jahre EAV...Ihr Habt, Winterzeit - Kinderzeit - Heino - Die Schönsten Winter- Und Weihnachtslieder Für Die Ganze Familie, Old Black Kettle - Porter Wagoner - Tore Down, Wang Chung - Hypnotize Me, James Last - Happy Heart, CEst La Même Chanson - Claude François - Claude François, The Viscounts - Harlem Nocturne / Dig, Ntk - Scott Rosenberg - :: V :: Solo Improvisations

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