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Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old, Loud And Snotty

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They ran away from school together and were arrested in Alabama for arson and vandalism a short time later. Hell never finished high school, instead moving to New York City to make his way as a poet. They used an AM VariTyper with changeable fonts to publish the magazine. They began publishing books and magazines but decided to go their separate ways inafter which Hell created and published Dot Signed Sealed Delivered Im Yours - Stevie Wonder - Greatest Hits Volume 2. Before he was twenty-one his own poems were published in numerous periodicals, ranging from Rolling Stone to the New Directions Annuals.

Along with Tom Verlaine, in Hell also published under the Loud And Snotty Theresa Stern, a fictional poet whose photo was actually a combination of both his and Verlaine's faces, in drag, superimposed Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old one another to create a new identity. In the band added a second guitarist, Richard Lloyd, and changed their name to Television.

Television's performances at CBGB helped kick-start the first wave of punk bands, inspiring a number of different artists including Patti Smith, who wrote the first press review of Television for the Soho Weekly News in June Television was one of the early bands to play at CBGB, and persuaded owner Hilly Kristal to book rock bands there on a regular basis. They also built the club's first stage. Hell started playing his song "Blank Generation" during his stint in Television. InHell parted ways with Television after a dispute over creative control.

Hell claimed that he and Verlaine had originally divided the songwriting evenly but that later Verlaine refused to play Hell's songs. Verlaine remains characteristically silent on the subject.

In May the three of them formed The Heartbreakers; not to be confused with Tom Petty's band, which adopted the same name the following year. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language Loud And Snotty shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Well, from the outset, by way of sharpening our focus a little more, we restricted ourselves to songs that have lyrics.

Even so, the choosing proved a Herculean task, with wish lists being constantly revised, left-field song selections giving way to more familiar fare and vice versaand, naturally, more of those heated debates. Unsurprisingly, although my name is emblazoned on the front of Songs You Must Hear Before You Die, this has been a highly collaborative effort, with input from all the writers, the editors, and the publishing houses that issue this book worldwide. The latter, in particular, have been instrumental in broadening the scope of Songs to include key tracks from a host of different countries and cultures.

And how R. Indeed, among the beauties Loud And Snotty a book such as this is the fascinating trivia it throws up. Often, the most remarkable revelations have concerned not so much the Free Love (Phunk Investigation Dub) - Lifestylerz - Free Love names who became famous for singing Loud And Snotty songs, but those working in the shadows. This seems an appropriate moment to honor one of them, so step forward Hal Blaine, a genuine legend in the world of popular music.

As a session drummer, and a member of the famous Wrecking Crew studio band, Blaine has played on more hits than any of his peers during the rock era. The dates that we provide for each entry are for the first appearance of the version of the song under discussion. The symbol indicates a song that may be seen as influential on the song Loud And Snotty question; the symbol suggests a song that this song may, in turn, have influenced.

In some instances, the influence is widely acknowledged—often by the songwriters themselves—and commonly accepted. We are certainly not suggesting that the artists intended the songs to sound similar.

All told, that brings the total number of songs listed in this book to the 10, mark! We have endeavored to keep up-to-date with changing writing credits—for example, where names have been retrospectively added to songs featuring samples—so they Loud And Snotty not match those on the original releases. These songs have changed the world. Find out why. Then listen to them. Contents O sole mio St.

GC See all songs from the Pres. Yet some measure of its success comes from the income it generated through sheet-music sales. The song has been recorded by many blues and jazz musicians, but no finer version exists than the one by Bessie Smith.

Accompanied by just Fred Longshaw on harmonium and a magisterial Louis Armstrong on cornet, Smith mournfully Is This Tomorrow?

- As Tall As Lions - You Cant Take It With You the tale of how her love has run away with a chic St. Louis woman.

Handy said he was inspired to write the song after meeting a woman in St. Louis bemoaning the absence of Loud And Snotty husband. It adds contrast to the simple blues refrain and transforms the song into one of the most heartfelt laments of the century. SA See all songs from the Pres.

This was the first ever recording of Cajun music, and its success surprised the young American music industry by proving a demand for Louisiana swamp music. The Cajuns are a French-speaking people descended from French settlers deported from the area around present-day Nova Scotia by the British in the mid-eighteenth century and refugees from Haiti who fled the slave revolt of Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old distinct language and culture and residence in the Louisiana bayous kept them largely apart from mainstream America, yet their dynamic music—a mix of traditional seventeenth-century fiddle tunes and influences from the German and African settlers they were forced by location to mingle with—went on to create a uniquely American hybrid.

Both took turns at singing. This recording, with its suggestive lyric and swinging groove, made them very famous among their fellow Cajuns. One of the most influential groups in the development of Cuban son, Trio Matamoros were founded in Santiago de Cuba in by guitarist and singer Miguel Matamoros. Matamoros also wrote their songs, which Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old sophisticated but accessible lyrics with simple, unforgettable melodies.

Matamoros was inspired to write the lovesick meditation on rejection when he overheard a woman crying near the residence where he was staying while visiting Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. He first composed it as a tango, but the version he recorded is considered to be the first example of a new genre, a fusion of son and bolero, called, understandably, bolero-son.

JLu See all songs from the Pres. It has also been extensively exploited for political, sporting, and commercial purposes. The tune is believed to have come originally from Dalmatian, or even Irish, folklore. Armstrong was a musical revolutionary, a trumpeter who stepped out from the Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old playing of the band to become the first great improvising soloist in jazz history.

He was also a singer, with a fine, deep voice that is heard to great effect Selfish One - Jackie Ross - Full Bloom this classic song.

It is based on an English folk song that tells of a sailor who spends his money Loud And Snotty prostitutes and dies of venereal disease in St. By the time Armstrong recorded the song, inthe action had shifted to America, and related the tale of a man going to the hospital to find his girlfriend dead. As a traditional song, its author is long forgotten, although it is sometimes credited to Joe Primrose, a pseudonym for Irving Mills.

The Hot Five who perform here were, in fact, a sextet of piano, trombone, two clarinets and saxophones, banjo, and drums. They start with a funereal instrumental introduction, before the melody kicks in at mid-tempo. Earl Hines then lays down a light-fingered, honky-tonk piano solo before Armstrong, in all his majesty, sings the two verses of the song.

A Σ Αγάπησα Στ Αλήθεια - Γιάννης ΣιδέρηςΒάσω Μεσσηνέζη - Ξεφυλλίζοντας Το Παρελθόν solo follows until Armstrong plays out with a strong trumpet.

Not a note is wasted. They cut it in Mayjust after arriving in New York. There it became the biggest-selling song ofand was also a hit in Japan and Europe. Perhaps its most lasting influence was in West and Central Africa. The song was an immediate and huge success, selling in excess of a million copies. Writer Clarence Williams, J.

Backed by only the polite tearoom piano of Clarence Williams her first accompanist inplaying here on one Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old her very last recordings for ColumbiaSmith holds forth with a stentorian delivery based on that of Loud And Snotty mentor, Ma Rainey—a voluptuous bellow designed to play up to the primitive microphones of the period.

In the hands of the Empress of the Blues, the innuendo becomes a metaphor of touching tenderness. SP See all songs from the Pres. Writer Jay Gorney, E. Socialist by birth and nature, New York lyricist Yip Harburg was deeply affected by the mass unemployment and endless breadlines that became all too familiar in the United States after the Wall Street Crash in Crosby was intensely moved by the song and delivered a mellifluous Loud And Snottylilting and understated but becoming progressively more urgent, more vibrant, in those poignant end lines.

RD See all songs from the Pres. Lydia Mendoza is one of the great pioneers of American music and a legend of Mexican music. Born in Houston, Texas, in to Suidakra - Caledonia Mexican family who had fled the chaos of the Revolution, she and her siblings were never sent to school. Instead, they performed with their mother on the streets and in the fields, busking to survive.

From an early age, Lydia showed herself to be a remarkable singer and player of the twelve-string guitar she also played mandolinand by she was celebrated in San Antonio, Texas, as a street singer and radio performer.

It Loud And Snotty the tale of a ruthless womanizer, which Lydia sung stridently, providing her own Loud And Snotty accompaniment on twelve-string.

The song immediately struck a chord with listeners. It was her first—and greatest—hit, taking off right across the U. Southwest, making Lydia a star, and kicking off a Mexican-American recording boom in the process. Buoyed by her success, Lydia got on the road and crisscrossed the United States—and later Mexico, Colombia, and Cuba—her bell-like voice and resonant guitar-playing marking her out as a true original.

While much of this was down to novelty kitsch, the lyrical Hawaiian guitar sound proved hugely Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old. Mexican and Portuguese immigrants had brought guitars and ukuleles to Hawaii, and the indigenous Polynesian populace had retuned them, creating the slack-key guitar style. This involved playing the guitar in open tuning on your lap while sliding a steel instrument across the strings, and was Loud And Snotty in Hawaii in the late nineteenth century.

He brought in jazz influences and was technically brilliant in his use of chords, harmony, and phrasing. The tuning he developed led to the emergence of the pedal-steel guitar that would become omnipresent in country music.

Writer A. Habershon, C. Gabriel, A. This farming family from the Appalachian Mountains had scored a few hits in the late s, but had also succumbed to the afflictions of the Great Depression. Their haunting tales of want, loss, and faith provided the accompaniment to millions of shattered lives, not least their own. The Depression also saw the collapse of A. Adapted from a hymn by Ada R.

Habershon and Charles H. Here—or in nearby Rosedale, according to some—Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil in exchange for mastery of the blues. Two years after the song was recorded, and as his career looked to be taking off, the legend began to take root.

Poisoned by the jealous husband of a girl he had added to his list of affairs, his life ended at the age of twenty-seven. DR See all songs from the Pres. How did he go from the pedestrian guitarist routinely laughed at by Son House and Willie Brown to the finest bluesman they had ever heard—in less than two years? How did he die? Where is he buried? This, of course, is just the way the devil would want it. As Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old recounts in the song, Johnson lived the life of a nomad, traveling up and down the Delta to perform his innovative style of bottleneck guitar.

MO See all songs from the Pres. When high-school teacher Abel Meeropol saw an image of two black men hanging from a tree, ringed by a crowd of white onlookers, he was moved to pen a poem protesting against the lynching of African-Americans by white vigilantes.

Her first attempt at recording it fell foul of executives at Columbia Records, for whom the subject proved a little too hot to handle. But rival label Commodore stepped in where Columbia feared to tread. And, despite the best efforts of some radio stations, which refused to play it, and concert promoters, who stopped the singer from performing it, Holiday had an unlikely hit on her hands.

WF-J See all songs from the Pres. Writer Harold Arlen, E. After a preview screening, executives at MGM demanded that the song be removed on the grounds that it slowed down the action. Only the forceful intervention of Arthur Freed, a former songwriter then carving a new path for Loud And Snotty as a movie producer, kept the ballad in the picture. It later won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

The tune had come to Harold Arlen while he was driving along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on his way to the movies. But when Arlen, acting on the advice of Ira Gershwin, sped Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old up a little and thinned out its ostentatious harmonies, Harburg was convinced, and went on to write a lyric with a dramatic arc that beautifully mirrored the rise and fall of the melody.

The song has since been recorded by singers as notable as Tony Bennett and Aretha Franklin; Arlen himself even had a crack at it, albeit with a voice as flat as Kansas.

By then, Lead Belly had already supposedly sung his way out of prison once, but his Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old temper found him locked up again.

In the recording, Lead Belly builds up a busy rhythm on his guitar, over which he tells the tale of a condemned man desperately asking his You Cant Sit Down - Various - Live From The Brooklyn Fox In His Record Breaking Show Murray The K. ones if they have brought gold, silver, and other bribes to keep him from hanging.

While alive, Lead Belly was never rich or famous, but his songs became hits for Lonnie Donegan and The Beach Boys, and entered the repertoire of many others. Then white man made money. This is the secret history of. MK See all songs from the Pres. The quartet first formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, in With their trademark ostinato guitar intros, and vocal harmonies as warm as a mug of steaming java, they rapidly became a crossover success with black and white radio listeners across America, even touring in the United Kingdom later the same year.

JD See all songs from the Pres. Ending it all sounds beguilingly appealing. Many radio stations, including the BBC, banned it outright. Bizarrely, over the years the song became associated with a string of genuine suicides. He committed suicide. Almost everyone knows the tune and words of the chorus, which are also those of the original title. This was in the style of the punto guajiro, developed during the early eighteenth century by Cuban peasant farmers of Spanish descent.

Fromhe sang it on another station, using it as a template for a news and gossip slot. Yet it was only when U. In her autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues, Holiday recalls one of the many fierce arguments she had with her mother, Sadie—this one concerning money. Piano, guitar, bass, and drums make up the rhythm section.

Robinson plays Bill Williamson, a dancer returning home from the war in and trying to launch his performing career. His invented love interest is a singer named Selina Rogers, played by Lena Horne. The short movie—only seventy-eight minutes long—was released to great acclaim in July It was notable for showcasing many of the top African-American performers of the time, including Cab Calloway and his band, and pianist Fats Waller, who died a few months after its release.

Noteworthy cover versions have been recorded by Judy Garland and Billie Holiday, among many others. Writer Rupert W.

GIs were stationed in Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old, ostensibly to deter any invasion. His song, in turn, was based on a folk tune from nearby Martinique.

The track was a huge hit in Trinidad in Ina very similar-sounding song by The Andrews Sisters—with the same title, general subject, and even some of the same lyrics—became the biggest-selling song in the United States. It was credited to the writer Morey Amsterdam and two business associates. Given the economic climate of the s, the song was most popularly sold in a hand-printed booklet with nine other songs and a selection of Loud And Snotty for twenty-five cents.

This made the song hugely popular among those struggling with financial hardship and the effects of World War II. The rousing nature of the lyrics has led to the song being championed as a folk protest song across the world. As is often the case with folk songs, the lyrics have been adapted Loud And Snotty reflect different times, and geographical references have changed to reflect the local environment.

Popular versions include those sung in India, Canada, and the Republic of Ireland. President Barack Obama at Washington D. CR See all songs from the Pres. It was recorded by popular German singer Lale Andersen inbut initially made very little impact. However, Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old that changed when German Forces Radio started broadcasting it to the Afrika Korps in Remarkably, both sides ended up broadcasting the song in both languages. She became synonymous with the song, performing it for U.

DaH See all songs from the Pres. While driving from Pennsylvania Tename En Tu Corazon - Violeta Parra Et Isabel Et Angel Parra* - Un Rio De Sangre across the United States to Los Angeles, the composer Bobby Troup came up with the idea of a song about the road he was then driving on, Route He soon had the melody and title, although the lyrics proved trickier.

Eventually, he settled on an itinerary of the towns along the road, from St. Louis and Joplin, in Kosor Kopor - Ramblers Dance Band* - The Fabulous Ramblers, to Flagstaff, in Arizona. Construction of Route 66 began in and the road was fully operational byinitially running for 2, miles 3, km from Chicago across the country to Los Angeles.

It linked the rural south with the industrial cities of the north, but also Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old sunshine towns of California. As for the road itself, Route 66 has been replaced by interstate highways and other major roads and is now largely disused. Today she is widely regarded as the greatest female flamenco singer ever.

Fittingly, she married the great flamenco singer Pepe Pinto; fleeing the Spanish Civil War for Argentina, they returned in the s to Spain, where she continued her career. It was given a Grammy Hall of Fame Award in It provided the title for the Oscar-winning Piaf biopic La vie en rose in Inanother diva—Grace Jones—reinvented it for a new generation. KL See all songs from the Pres. Charles Trenet was among the most respected and loved French artists of his generation. He also divulged that the music was composed and scribbled onto railway toilet paper during a short train journey in BC See all songs from the Pres.

Irving Berlin was never much of a musician. He was a famously terrible pianist and never learned to write musical notation. The song was No. The Louisiana-born Brown had grown up singing gospel. Initially a Bing Crosby imitator, he quickly reshaped his sound after witnessing Houston audiences throw money at blues Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old.

Braun promptly told Gant to give Brown a hundred dollars, get him a room at the Dew Drop, and keep an eye on him. An immediate hit in New Orleans, the song reached the national charts inthough it went to No. At the end of the set, before Cole had even reached the dressing room, Irving Berlin offered to buy it. Pianist Nat King Cole had come to prominence in the late s as the leader of a jazz trio. As a singer, with a beautifully smooth style and clear diction, Cole had a series 2.

Satz: Romance: Larghetto - Attacca - Frédéric Chopin • Tamás Vásáry • Berliner Philharmoniker • J hits in the s that appealed to a white audience. This was a difficult trick to pull off, as American music was then divided by race, and crossing over from black-jazz to white-pop acceptability was rare. The original version, however, which Cole recorded on August 22,was transformed by the lush orchestrations of Frank DeVol, the in-house arranger of Capitol Records, whose use of strings and Loud And Snotty to suggest the strange enchantments of the nature boy made the song a massive hit, despite the simultaneous appearance of several cover versions.

Cole himself only sings on the song, the piano solo taken by someone else. Cole the popular vocalist had arrived. Few figures in black-music history have enjoyed greater success and wielded more influence than Louis Jordan. Spending twelve weeks atop the U. Country music has long toed the line separating craft and confession, artistry and authenticity.

Yet it was Hank Williams who really tied together these opposite extremes. Williams was a skilled tunesmith and a gifted vocalist. Williams had a change of heart, though, and instead set the words to a plangent, simple tune in three-quarter time. He was twenty-nine years old. Her success continued for around another decade, during which time she had her second No. Porgy and Bess has long attracted controversy for its representation of African-American life.

Written in by a white Jewish musician, George Gershwin, and based on the novel Porgy by a white southerner, DuBose Heyward, who then wrote the libretto, the folk opera has been accused of sustaining white stereotypes of southern black life.

Gershwin based the song on black spirituals. It has a mainly pentatonic melody—that is, one that uses notes from a five-note scale rather than the more conventional heptatonic seven-note scale—a form common to many spirituals and gospel songs. The main theme uses only six notes and in its simplicity sounds like a traditional folk song, not a modern composition. After two sets of repeating and descending string and bass-drum riffs that echo throughout the song, Vaughan enters with a sense of purpose.

Horn statements and lush string arrangements support her full, rich contralto voice. Of all the many versions that exist of this standard, few are as arresting, or as original, as that of Sarah Vaughan. SA See all songs from the s. JiH See all songs from the s. He may not have invented the form, but it was Loud And Snotty who really launched the worldwide mambo craze of the Fifties with this song, released as a 78 rpm. It has been covered and ruthlessly parodied ever since.

JLu See all songs from the s. Brenston was also credited with sole authorship, which Turner disputed. JoH See all songs from the s. In the early Fifties, Loud And Snotty Ray was a new kind of singing sensation. His style owed everything to crooners such as Bing Crosby, but it was the drama and personality he added to his recordings that singled him out as a truly original performer.

The song lent itself to country covers more in keeping with its original creation and was recorded by artists such as Tammy Wynette and Crystal Gayle. DR See all songs from the s. Dissatisfied in the s with his semi-acoustic guitar—too weedy by itself, too prone to feedback when amplified—Les Paul decided the solution was a fully amplified, solid-bodied instrument.

So he built one himself from a length of lumber, adding two cut-away sides of an acoustic guitar for decorative effect, as audiences Glass House - Eli Escobar - Glass House its appearance freakish. His guitar-building success helped inspire the indomitable guitarist to resolve another irritation: the need to record live.

A Billboard No. Lord Kitchener was born Aldwyn Roberts in Trinidad, the son of a blacksmith, in He grew up hearing the Spanish songs of the dance halls and the early calypso performed around the island. Along with Mighty Sparrow, Kitchener would popularize calypso across the globe.

He emigrated to the the latter country aboard the MV Empire Windrush in newsreel of the time captures him, disembarking, and actually singing this song and swiftly became a talismanic figure for Caribbean immigrants in Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old. Arriving in a strange land, they initially relied on themselves for community and entertainment alike, with calypso providing a commentary on everything from politics to sexual innuendo.

The song proved popular not only with immigrants in the U. CR See all songs from the s. The Astaire Story, a four-volume career retrospective that made its way into the Grammy Hall of Fame infeatured pianist Oscar Peterson, famous for his Trio but here fronting a sextet.

Covered by Sarah Vaughan inElla Fitzgerald inand Frank Sinatra into name just a handful, it stands tall as a fixture of the putative Great American Songbook, a signifier of a more romantic age.

MH See all songs Lets Take It To The People - Funkadelic - Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic the s. Elmore James has sometimes been credited as its composer, although he was only eighteen at the time Johnson recorded it and the two probably did not meet until What probably happened is that Johnson then taught James the song. Supported by harmonica, bass, and drums, James turns the song into a hardwired, amplified banshee wail.

The song was a surprise hit when it was released inand its opening electrifying riff is one of the best-known sounds in modern blues. That said, in Lisbon-based Angolan singer Waldemar Bastos cut a brilliant version.

His stripped-down reading uses just guitar and voice, but he invests the song with plenty of his own private pathos. The climax Loud And Snotty the gorilla mistaking a judge who has just sentenced a man to death by the guillotine for an old woman, and sodomizing him.

The song caused a storm of controversy and was banned from French radio until Brassens was unfazed by the reception to the song, claiming that he had toned it down by deleting a final verse with an even stronger Loud And Snotty message. DC See all songs from the Loud And Snotty. It would probably still be languishing in obscurity were it not for the persistence of one of its co-writers.

Arthur Freed spent the first part of his Hollywood career as a jobbing lyricist, churning out songs on the MGM assembly line. Promotion in the late s led him into movie production, but he never quite let go of his music. Gene Kelly was never a great singer, but he could always sell a song, especially when he relied on his feet to do the selling. WF-J See all songs from the s. When the recording session ended, The Prisonaires headed back to jail. But they were no longer just common criminals.

Soon after its release, the song became a hit with local radio stations, and eventually made the U. TB See all songs from the s. Riley B. But it Free Time - Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow still a mighty fine song. War - Satriani* / Vai* / Petrucci* - G3 Live In Tokyo (DVD) four singers meshed on this song as well as any combo in doowop history, with George Nelson baritone and Johnny Reed bass digging a tomb for all earthly burdens, and tenors Alexander Sharp and Sonny Til soaring off with the promise of a heavenly existence.

Two decades later, this signature rendition was introduced to new generations of listeners on the American Graffiti soundtrack. No less impressive is this influential single for their forerunners, The Robins. Wailing sirens and the rat-tat-tat of Tommy guns open up a tale of a prison riot, based on a swaggering Muddy Waters—style riff. RD See all songs from the s. Initially performed by white actress Kathryn Crawford, Porter quickly transferred the song to black singer Elisabeth Welch.

Although taped in April as part of a session with her six-piece orchestra, she performed it with just pianist Oscar Peterson as her accompanist. Once recorded, though, it would not appear until the eight-track Billie Holiday inch album in For Holiday, the subject of this song was undoubtedly raw.

As a young woman in New York, she had once worked in a brothel and was imprisoned briefly for soliciting sometime aroundthe same year the song made its Broadway debut.

Certainly, she sings it with a regretful knowingness, but then that was her trademark. Either way, her version is a heartfelt classic. Inthe group auditioned Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old Fortune founders Jack and Devora Brown, who promptly signed them.

Fortune was a family-run label that recorded in a back room of a shop in Detroit. SH See all songs from the s. When Chet Baker died in after falling from a hotel window in Amsterdam, his good looks and velvet voice had been wrecked by forty years of drug abuse.

Today, Pete Cry For The Nations - The Michael Schenker Group - The Michael Schenker Group and Amy Winehouse are Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old a path he paved fifty years ago. Writer Charles E. He initially came to New York from Kansas City as a blues shouter during the boogie-woogie craze.

The hits faded afterbut Turner kept recording and performing right up until his death, aged seventy-four. GC See all songs from the s. The band played hundreds of high-school dances, which helped them tailor their stage presence and performances to mimic teenage aspirations and slang.

So the Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old, polka-dance, and western-swing style went Dorull - Vazelina Bilopphøggers - Fem Fyrer Med Ved, and in came the harder-edged boogie-woogie beat.

Goodbye hillbilly, hello rockabilly. Billboard Top The film caused outrage in crew-cut America, but the teenagers loved it and the re-released single made No. JJH See all songs from the s. Trumpeter Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old Baker was the James Dean of modern jazz. His striking looks made him the epitome of cool. As a trumpeter, if truth be told, his range was limited, but he was a supreme balladeer, his delicate, gossamer-light lines displaying a brittle beauty.

The idea that Baker might then sing on some tracks came from his record label boss, Dick Bock. His bel canto—tenor vocals are achieved with perfect breath control and relaxation, his notes completely in tune, his phrases perfectly measured throughout.

It is a poignant performance, its seemingly effortless simplicity hiding considerable technique. The concept album is now a much-derided musical offering, usually judged to be the product of an overblown artistic imagination supported by crass commercial packaging. But the idea of an album containing music that is unified by theme or mood and specifically programmed from start to finish has an honorable precedent with Frank Sinatra, one of the first singers to realize the Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old potential of the format.

Sinatra had already experimented with collections of linked songs Songs for Young Lovers and Swing Easybut fully realized the concept album with In the Wee Small Hours. Opening with the title track, the sixteen songs—all ballads specifically recorded for the album and lovingly arranged for a small ensemble and string section by Nelson Riddle—describe a mood of nocturnal loneliness and remorse brought on by lost love.

The love in question was actress Ava Gardner, married to Sinatra since and with whom he enjoyed a turbulent relationship until they eventually divorced in The title track sets the scene, Sinatra ruminating on the woman he has lost and regretting the mistakes he has made.

However, the singer had never expected the song to get released on record because of the highly sexual nature of the lyrics. Mixing gospel, jump blues, and Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old piano, Richard still had one killer element that made him a key figure in pop history: his personality.

His pompadour hairstyle, makeup, and frantic movement shocked and amazed conservative mid-Fifties America. An initial session, for Federal Records, stalled; however, a second James Last - Happy Heart, for Mercury, proved rather more successful, and the song took off, despite competition from another version by The Hilltoppers.

YK See all songs from the s. SP See Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old songs from the s. So Travis turned his thoughts to the work songs and chain-gang rounds of the Depression, and set some of the sayings of his father, a Kentucky miner, to music. The result was a gritty exploration of the U. In McCarthyite America, such sympathy for the working man was deemed downright subversive, and some radio stations even went so far as to ban Travis.

The infectious finger-clicking was supplied by Ford purely as a means to count in the band, but producer Lee Gillette recognized its rhythmic appeal and kept it in the mix.

Born Ellas Otha Bates in Mississippi inhe was a chunky, myopic man who happily sported tartan-checked jackets and bow ties along with a rectangular guitar covered with rabbit fur. PL See all songs from the s. BM See all songs from the s. Even to Spanish-speakers, the lyrics of this pan-American smash are rather impenetrable.

Little did Cruz know she would spend more than half her life in New York City when she traveled there Loud And Snotty ; she made the trip to accept a gold disc for the song. Of all the great singers there have ever been, Ella Fitzgerald is not one you would immediately associate with the subject. Ella was a stately lady in build and demeanor. Sophisticated, Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old sexy, no. To hear her, of all people, singing about sex thus gives her version of this famous song a considerable frisson.

The song itself was written by Cole Porter in and featured in Paris, his first Broadway success. Its lyrics consist of a long list a conceit that became a Porter staple of suggestive pairings and preposterous double entendres.

Without a word out of place, this much-covered song is three and a half minutes of perfectly poised innuendo. Sinatra began singing the Cole Porter—penned song in the s, but it was before a scintillating, swinging big-band arrangement by Nelson Riddle provided the singer with what many fans argue was his best recording.

Opening Side Two of his No. The album went one better in the United Kingdom, topping the very first U. By the mid-Fifties, Ella Fitzgerald was a singer out of time. She was rescued by the advent of the LP era and a commercially and artistically astute record producer, Norman Granz. He signed her up to his new Verve record label and proposed she record a series of albums, each one dedicated to Kings - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Old great American songwriter. The first, the Cole Porter Songbook, spread over two LPs, appeared in and was an immediate success.

Among its many highlights was a song originally written by Porter in for the musical Seven Lively Arts. The start of six of the lines—including the words of the title—is sung on a hypnotically repeating single note. As the melody reaches its sweeping climax, Porter underlines the melancholy theme of the song by echoing the concluding words with a key change from a happy major key to a sadder, more bluesy, minor key—a device used by Handel and other Baroque composers among others—the music mirroring the words.

During a stint in the Millions Of Stars - Jean Michel Jarre* - Métamorphoses. Navy, he badly injured his left leg in a motorcycle accident. He died from alcoholism, aged thirty-six, in Demo vocalist Glenn Reeves thought the title daft and disliked the song so much that he wanted his name kept off it. He never made it through a complete take, and the final product was spliced together by engineer Bunny Robyn from aborted efforts.

Elvis spits out his vocal, D. Fontana provides machine-gun drum fills between verses, and Scotty Moore delivers two scintillating guitar solos. Performing the song on The Milton Berle Show, Elvis had tacked on his trademark half-speed ending, accompanied by a selection of bumps and grinds that had aroused a storm of protest. Irked, he put everything into his studio session the next day, running through some thirty takes and unleashing a raucous, sneering performance that crackled with energy.

Result: a genre-defining, seven-million-selling, iconic U. As a trained Tomorrow - Seba - Return To Forever (File, Album), Burlison diagnosed that the effect was caused by a dislodged vacuum tube and that he could re-create it on demand.

By fortuitous accident, he had invented fuzz guitar. One of the first instances of purposeful distortion committed to vinyl, it reverberates as Loud And Snotty plucked on a rubber band.

Guitar heroes of the future listened and took note. The music is not predictable, either; each verse is preceded by a few seconds of humming, a mesmeric device that Cash explained helped him to find the right key the original recording featured a key change before every verse but which lends the song a contemplative air. The song also provided the title for a film and the better-known Cash biopic.

He wrote bigger, more expostulatory songs across his long career, but few that spoke as clearly to people about the human condition as this one. JMc See all songs from the s. Writer Traditional, arr. Having learned the song from their mother, Alabama-born brothers Ira and Charles Loudermilk took it with them when they started out as performers in the Forties. Charlie re-recorded the song just before his eightieth birthday, but Ira was not around to hear it: his tempestuous life ended incourtesy of a drunk driver in Missouri.

Was this song a waltz or a huapango?


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