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It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS)

Download It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS)

Shari And Roni Vs. Plus From Vt 6 Sally Vs. Vt Forced To Fight. A Double Boxing. Vs Meri. Lori Vs Tough, Mean Karen. Vt "Held Helpless" Amber Vs Kari. Plus Some Old Video Matches. Vt "Female Fights" Four Boxing Matches. Lory Vs Mona. Denise Vs Elise. Then Cheri Vs Holly. Plus Old Bellstone Video Match. Kristy Vs Inga. And Then Shelly Vs Pam.

Next Roni Boxes Debbie. Followed By Old Boxing Footage. Rox Vs Jackie. Lori Vs Michelle. Plus Boxing Film Transfers. Then Candy Vs Lana. Shelly Vs Alsa In Ring. Lois Vs Uschi. Lori Vs Mitch. Roni Vs Blondie. Blondie Vs Jodi. Shelly, 5'8", Lbs. Alysa5'10", Lbs, Lee, 5'4", Lbs. Pam Vs Sam. Lee Vs Max. Plus Uschi Vs Ron. Plus Some Live Video. Ends In Middle Of Match. Alysha Vs It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) Marie. Robin Vs Lisa Marie.

Shelly Vs Lisa Marie. Judy Vs Lisa Marie. Then Shelly Vs Lisa Marie. Vs Red. Christine Dupree Lee Vs Alysa. Plus Old Film Footage. Reno Vs Cynthia. Plus Old Boxing Film Transfers. Plus Pro Matches From Japan. Tf Holly Vs Samantha. Nichelle Vs Bambi. Heather Vs Jude. Nico Vs Morgan. Blonde Vs Male. Brunette Vs Blonde. Blonde Vs Brunette In Ring.

Brunette Vs Brunette In Ring. Oil Wrestling. Kat Sartor Vs El Macho. And Girl Vs Girl Match. Demonstrate Wrestling Holds On Male. Some Lifting And Carrying. B1:"Boxing Cavalcade" Mixed Boxing. Another Mixed Match. Training Tape. Mu Mixed Match M Mixed Match. V "American Cousin" Carla Vs.

VChandra Vs. V "The Morning After": Ms. Collector's Corner: Irving Klaw. VVideo Madness V Battle Of The Bone Same As Crystal's "Hollywood Fights. V "No Frills 3". Blonde Vs Brunette. Blonde Vs Black. Stylish Costumes, But Poor Lighting. Cw "Sexual Athletes" Jerica Vs Jessica Fox. Venus Delight Vs Chandra Fayme. Sunny Daye Vs Alexandria Day. Blake Mitchell Vs Raven Sky. Plus Posing And Workout. Ten Matches In All. Many Short Matches.

Brunette Vs Black. Black Vs Blonde. And More. Asian Vs Brunette. No Audio. In A Pro Style Match. Apocaltpse Vs Lady Victoria. In Ring Matches. Cf "Slaveboy Beatdown" Mixed Match.

Nudity In Previews Only. Ailona Vs Anne K. Natasha Vs Anne K. Video Ends Mid Match. Mixed Match. Then Brunette Vs Male. Tuffies And Glamour Girls. Slightly Jumpy Picture. Preview Tape. Then Blonde Takes On Brunet. Same As C Mixed Match One Softens Him Up. Cfv "Thighblaster Mania" Mixed Matches, No Audio. Same As Ur Jan Klein Vs Male. They Work Him Over. Chaz, "Confrontation " Plus. Joy In Catfight On Beach. Marie; Double Robbery Pt. Rusha 3 : The Real Thing. Wager, Tit Grabbing Catfight.

Poor Color Video. And "The Better Woman". Lori Vs Paula. Marcia Vs Lisa. Hard Hitting. Some Good Cat Fighting. Ends With Film Tranfers. Some Fast And Furious Matches. Video Magazine Plus Two More Catfights.

And Film It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS). A Lot Of Flicker. Vs Lesie. Kat Vs Champagne. Vickie Vs Ginger. Jay Jay Vs Stephanie. Rockhell Vs Dominique. Miss V Vs Stephanie. Tyler Vs Kitty. Roxie Vs Diamond. Samantha Vs Donna. Ecstasy Vs Kara. Followed By Some Film Tranfers. Plus Others. Blonde Vs Blonde. Momentary Toplessness.

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Next It's Sandy Vs Corey. Jenny Vs Corey. Sandy Vs. Wa Nicole Vs Dino. Brunette Vs Male. Blonde Acappella 3 - Animal House - Pyjamas Party Vol. 2 Brunette Vs Male. Several Choreographed Fights. Dww "Battle Of The Beauties" Sonja 27 5'3" Vs Susanne 19 5'3" Hana 21, 5'6" Vs Lada 19, 5'4" Stefanne Vs Lada.

Hana Vs Susanne. Dww "October Private Wrestling Party" Stefanie 19 5'8" Vs Lada 19 5'4" Klaudia 24 5'8" Vs Stefanie. Timea Vs Katalin. Alexis 5'7" Vs Stefanie. Lada Vs Alexis. Many Matches. Vs Mary 5'4" Lbs. Bea Vs Marietta 5'5 Lbs. Bea Vs Eveline 5'5" Lbs. Bea Vs 5'5" Lbs. Eu School Girl Boxing. Preview That Follows Contains Nudity. Edina Vs Kriszta. Edina Vs Loren. Annamaria Vs Kriszta. Petra Vs Jana. Vs Hana 5'6" Lbs. Wlanka Dutkova Vs Lada. Camilla Rufferova Vs Lada. Margit Modelova Vs Claudia Stumkova.

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Wanda Vs Kriszta. Kriszta Vs Melanie. Renata Vs Denise. Iva Vs Adriana. Ingrid Vs Martina. Aniko Vs Diana.

Diana Vs Susanne S. Dww "The Summergames Hungary Vs Czech Rep. Then Betty Vs Susanne S. Annamaria Vs Galina. Plus Other Strong Matches. Vs Denise. Luzia Lbs. Eu "Kickboxing Rivalries" Tatjana L. In A Couple Of Matches. Iva Lbs 5'5"Vs Ivo Lbs 5'11". Ingrid Lbs 5'2" Vs Tom Lbs 5"10". Denise Lbs 5'9" Vs Patrick Lbs. Michaela Lbs 5'8" Vs Filipivo Lbs 6'1". Ivana Vs Iris. Mary Vs Ivana. Renate It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS) Klaudia. Sabine Vs Monika. Ivana Vs Susanne. And Others. Vs Claudia, 5'6", Lbs. Vs Pavlina, 5'9", Lbs. Camilla, 5'6",; Lbs.

Vs Dagmar, 5'6" Lbs. Lenka 5'8" Lbs Vs Mikaela 5'8" Lbs. Eu "Lucky Boys" Mixed Match. Antonia, 5'5", Lbs. Vs Petr, 5'9", Lbs. Luzia, 5'7", Lbs. Vs Robin, 6'1", Lbs. Vs Libor, 5'8", Lbs. Kriszta 5'5" Lbs Vs Timea C. Anita 5'8" Lbs Vs Silvia 5'4" Lbs. Barbara 5'11" Lbs Vs Edita 5'7" Lbs. Lenka 5'3" Lbs Vs Brown Skin (Blacksmith Remix) - India.Arie - Brown Skin 5'2" Lbs.

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Vs Jana N. Eva 5'7" Lbs Vs Jana N. Lenka 5'2" Lbs Vs Ingrid 5'2" Lbs. Momentary Nudity. Gabi 5'8" Lbs. Vs Bettino; Hana 5'6" Lbs. Vs Ludwig; Iris 5'8" Lbs. Eu "Party Games" Mixed Matches. Vs David; Edita 5'7" Lbs. Vs Martin. Bsa Mixed It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS). Elena 5'6 Lbs. Vs Anton; Galina 5'4" Lbs. Vs Vladimir; Lena 5'2" 93 Lbs.

Vs Alexsey; Lessja 5'5" Lbs. Vs Andrej; Zhanna 5'5" Lbs. Vs Sergey; Svetlana 5'2" Lbs. Vs Sergey. Jana N. Vs Kriszta 5'5" Lbs. Iva 5'5" Lbs. Vs Christie 5'5" Lbs. Iva Vs Kriszta. Vs Szilla 5'8" Lbs. Vs Antonia 5'5" Lbs. Vs Ingrid 5'2" ? Martina 5'6" Lbs. Vs Monika?

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Olenia K. Vs Olga K. Olenia Vs Oksana P. Tatyanna K. Vs Iryna B. Vs Eva 5'7" Lbs. Renata 5'9" Lbs Vs Iva 5'5" Lbs. Ingrid 5'2" Lbs Vs Kriszta 5'5" Lbs.

Ingrid Vs Hella 5'7" Lbs. Christine Vs. Timea C. Edina Vs. It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS) S. Tania Vs Edita 5'7" Lbs. Luzia Vs Edita. Luzia Vs Timea S. Vs Aida 5'4" Lbs. Eva Vs Nadege 5'3" Lbs. Suburban Roulette was a different story altogether. And Suburban Roulette was his script, which I decided to produce, and it was about a very timely subject matter at that time, which was wife-swapping in the suburbs. Every thirty seconds or so an aeroplane would fly overhead and drown out the sound and I did not want to engage in post-synch sound, adding the sound later, so no take in the whole picture lasts for more than thirty seconds.

Nonetheless Suburban Roulette did fairly well. I read somewhere that Alley Tramp It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) only a two-day shoot… That long?! So Tom was the perfect producer It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS) far as I was concerned because he had no illusions and no intention of being an auteur and I enjoyed working with him. We shot a couple of his movies in California, Linda and Abilene was his picture for instance. So were films like Alley Tramp and Suburban Roulette bound to do well just because of the lack of competition at the time? They also began to pepper their productions with name stars, or semi-stars, grade-B stars, and if a theatre had a choice, that would obviously be their choice.

You made Suburban Roulette in association with David Chudnow, is that correct? Yes, David Chudnow was a fellow in California, an older fellow, who had made his fortune and his reputation scoring movies for an old production company called Pine-Thomas.

Chudnow wanted to make movies and he had seen Moonshine Mountain and thought it was clever, and so he became my partner on a couple of pictures. Suburban Roulette was once and another was one his wife, her name was Rosamond, R-o-s-a-m-o-n-d, wrote the script for, it was called How To Make A Doll Now I saw no sense in this at all but Rosamond Chudnow was enchanted with her own talent as a screenwriter.

I love making films. With a plotline about a boy called Jimmy Jaye played by Dennis Jones who inexplicably stops time and then moves freely around in a freeze-framed fantasyland, the concept was perfect for a low budget master like Lewis, who used it to squeeze his precious footage even harder than normal.

Perhaps the most indelible part in what is a mind-searing film is the animation sequence about a magic globe cut into the middle of the picture, which was acquired from an Italian production company and overdubbed by Lewis and several others.

The scientific explanations are utterly illogical, the songs totally tragic, the acting deplorable, and the chief villain, Mr. Figg, is upstaged. Oh yes, was a banner year for me. I did every picture you could imagine that year. It averages out Blind Fatih - Legend Seven - Blind Faith more than one film every two months! We were grinding out movies like so much hamburger….

An eminently forgettable filmic abomination which occasionally carried the alternate title Santa Visits The Magic Land Of Mother Goose — which seems even more ridiculous in light of the fact that Santa does not even appear! Bloody USP - Baker Street F Men Mastodon. Troy Sanders and Bill Kelliher interview by Glenno.

Pics by Rod HuNT. Danger has just rung me to tell me my interview with Mastodon, arranged for around lunchtime at their hotel, will now be postponed until tonight, just before they play the Hordern Pavilion in support of Slayer. I knew it wasn't going to be as casual as a midday beer and chat, but they've gone to Taronga Zoo with Kerry King instead! I had earlier kissed my girlfriend goodbye as she went to work I rang Gina and told her to look out for a bunch of ugly, metal dudes.

It worked out okay, though. Have you had a good response to your Australian shows so far? Bill: It's been really good. Have you caught any of the support acts?

Troy: Yeah, Blood Duster. They're cool dudes and a great band too. I like their records. I've seen Slayer twice with American support bands. Troy: Well, this is our sixth tour with Slayer; two U. It's not like 97 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem - The Slim Shady LP to Jethro Tull!

Troy: Yeah Sleepy Joe - Hermans Hermits - Sleepy Joe. We've never really cared much for competition.

We never have or will. We were flattered to be honoured and invited but that's about The Fantastic 5 Intro - Cold Crush Brothers / Fantastic Romantic 5* - Cold Crush Brothers Vs.

Fantas extent of that. Bill: It was cool just to be nominated. Troy: Going there was a total surreal, bizarre, awesome trip. It made our mums proud. Did you see many celebrities? Troy: Oh yeah, surrounded Bill: Stevie Wonder! Troy: There's Prince! Stevie Wonder! Fuckin' Puff Daddy there Ronnie James Dio!

How do you manage that Troy: No. We just link up the brutality and unleash the fury basically. Bill: We don't give the audience a chance to breathe. Troy: Thankfully the majority of the Slayer crowd is quite open-minded to us and give us a chance. God, that would have made my night. What was your impression of Aussie music before you got here?

Troy: My first concert, my first record and my favourite band to this Suidakra - Caledonia is Men At Work. Do Talking Birmingham Jam - Phil Ochs - Live At Newport hang with the guys Troy: Totally.

Bill: After the show we have a few drinks, party a little, go out on the town, have dinner. Troy: My first record, first concert and still my favourite band. I listened to them last night before I went to sleep Twenty four years later. He's a great singer, Colin Hay. How was the Grammy awards? Troy: Slayer won.

Was that for Best Metal performance? Bill: Yeah, we were both in the same category, they won. Bill: Fosters. Bill: No! Troy: You guys have any cider here? Yeah, Strongbow, Mercury Cider from Tasmania Troy: Yeah but Strongbow is not from here.

Yeah, but our Aussie water makes a big difference I've got a musical question; do you think you'll continue writing concept albums? Bill: Probably yeah. It's a good foundation to get our heads in the one place. It's good to have a narrative, a story or direction to go somewhere with. One song going into another It's cool. What are your favourite concept albums? Bill: The Pink Floyd concept records. Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche. I'm surprised you like that. Bill: I love it.

I don't know about the other guys but me and Brann [Dailor - drums] love that record. He is Scottish originally. The best singers are from Scotland via Australia Bon Scott.

Troy: Colin Hay, Bon Scott, there you go. How did the in-store signing at Utopia Records go yesterday? Bill: It was crazy.

There were a couple of hundred kids there. Troy: I didn't think anyone would show up. We had no idea. We thought it could go either way. Okay… Aussie beer Troy: Aussie beer? Yeah, we've been drinking Coopers, Tooheys, Carlton Draught…. Did you guys buy anything when you were there? We tediously work I Believe To My Soul - Ray Charles - Box Of Genius at it.

That's how it worked in the past. Can you bring High On Fire with you next time you tour? Troy: We'll try. That would be great. We've done quite a few tours with those guys. Matt [Pike]'s a great guy. He's such a chilled guy then he gets out there and Woahhh!!!! He's so sick to watch. All of them are great. You've got a U. Troy: We're trying to bring together a real mixture of fans. We're hoping that it works well. You got Neil Fallon from Clutch to add some vocals to your last record. You guys seem comfortable bringing guests in on recordings.

Do you have ideas with sounds and bring in someone you know who has that sound? Troy: Yeah, it works like that sometimes. We only collaborate with people we have a connection with or friendship and a respect for. Bill: We should get Tom Araya. Troy: We gotta. But it really depends. Like a song may have the flavour of Neurosis, so we'll say, we should get Scott to do something in there.

That's how it's worked out in the last few albums. Bill: King Buzzo would be cool. We're good friends with King Buzzo from the Melvins.

Troy: That would be so sweet! Yeah, Tom Araya In an interview recently where Dave Grohl interviewed you guys. Troy: I think that must come out in our music because we've only ever hung out with him once… for two hours. You know, catching up. He's like one of the nicest guys in rock.

Paul Romano is a great artist and his graphics work so well within your It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) imagery. Do you work closely on the conceptual side or do you give him complete freedom? Bill: We give him some ideas, give him the lyrics to the songs and rough demos before we get in and record them properly and he works from that.

We give him the rough skeleton idea. How did you hook up with him? It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) He was originally working at Relapse Records when we did It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) first record Lifesblood when he did part of that. That's how we met him.

Now it's a really strong friendship. Bill: He designed our first logo. Have you guys heard of Haverley's United Mastodon Minstrels?

They're strangely enough It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS) Georgia and they were a massive black and white minstrel troupe from thes. Bill: That's weird. Pure Blaxploitation Are you guys from Georgia? Bill: Me and Brann are from upstate New York originally. Do write new stuff while you're on tour? Bill: No. I'm out of questions. Troy: It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) We get in the practice room and shut the door and it comes out then.

There's a lot of stuff going on in everyone's head and fingers. Are you guys itching when you finally get a chance to concentrate on these random ideas? Bill: I dunno. We tour so much. It's like take a break and then get down to business and it seems every time we do, we have like a month. The show was awesome. Mastodon are amazing live. Brent Hinds vocals were a bit The lighting was atrocious. The smart guys went to the girl's toilets, which seemed deserted Finished the night on a sausage sandwich high with BBQ sauce and onions.

I daresay someone will re-issue it in the not too distant future and everyone will proclaim it the masterpiece it is. The energy coming off the stage that evening was retarded. McCann, in what would prove to be his final performance with the group, prowled the stage like a man possessed, belting out tunes wearing a stocking over his head and a denim vest with no shirt.

I honestly thought I was witnessing the re-incarnation of Bon Scott. I was shocked. I never guessed he had this boisterous bogan side to him. Turns out it was just all part of the complex character known as James McCann. Yet again he had me picking my jaw up off the floor. Yeah, I was born in Glasgow and I lived in Scotland for a few years, then we moved out to Australia in the seventies when I was about seven.

Initially we spent three years in this wheatbelt town in the middle of bumfuck, WA, a place called Narrogin. One thing that sticks in my mind is in summer, the smell of pine and gravel on the old farms. When did you get into playing music?

My granddad gave me my first acoustic when I was eight. He was a muso, used to play in a band, he had a few guitars. He gave me my first acoustic and then he gave me the electric and a little Princeton amp. What kind of stuff were you playing? It was covers mainly, a couple of originals.

What was the band called? It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) Swankers. Me and my mate who started the band were these kids in Year 10, fifteen. He has done his share of drifting, and has endured many highs and lows in his life and career. Though he would eventually part ways with the band before all the success, his influence over their Kaufhaus Dub - Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics* - Berlin Dub/Tokyo Dub is undeniable.

Though he has led a chequered life, McCann is currently settled and happy in Melbourne. He seems more comfortable than at any time since the old Harpoon days, and in the past couple of years has released more material than ever, with more on the way. Records last year. Everyone else we hung around with was a lot older. We were smoking dope and going to pubs and watching bands while everyone else was tucked up in bed.

From Albany you moved to Perth — how come? I was in a band at the time, The Rain Dogs, and they were all moving to Perth and I had gone overseas for a couple of months and when I It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) back I just moved into the house with the band. Actually, it was funny, just as I arrived at the house, Gibbo [Steve Gibson], who now plays drums in The Kill Devil Hills, he was playing bass in this band and he and the drummer had just beaten the crap out of each other.

From Perth you moved to Sydney — how come? So that blew me away and eventually he convinced me to move over. So I used to roadie for them and hang out in this weird sort of extended circle of people and that scene opened up a lot of ideas for me, bands like Half and Mothra and all that. Moving over from Perth at twenty-two was pretty frightening but I was just absorbing everything.

So you formed Harpoon to fill the gap? The first line-up was two guitars, bass and drums, so it was a really bluesy detuned rock thing and that was when we. Sometimes he would disappear before we got onstage! So it all just evolved from meeting all these people and asking them to sit in. Was releasing that a highlight? Yeah, that and touring with Sugar Shack and playing with Dead Moon, hanging out with those guys.

Also playing with a lot of the bands that were around back at that time like Mothra, It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) That was so fucking good… Alright, see ya! Yeah, I started It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS) a few shows towards the end, probably just before I moved back to Perth. You were the singer in the first line-up of Nunchukka Superfly — tell us about that.

I was the It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) person to try out as vocalist and I got the gig. I found out about it through Peter Allen from Massappeal who was obviously the original Nunchukka drummer. So I had to write some lyrics and shit like that. We all fell out personally though. I had a falling out with them when I was in Perth Time - Jessica Campbell - The Anchor & The Sail my sister was really crook so I ended up staying on there and not coming back for some shows, I think it was The Mark Of Cain at The Metro or something.

Mean Mistreatin Woman - Josh White - Free And Equal Blues and Peter were like the bad kids, we were smoking dope and taking drugs and the other two were straight-edge so I think we freaked them out with our drug consumption.

Me and Pete, we bonded, like we would share hotel rooms on the road and we created our own little world. I do remember that BDO show, it was fucking amazing.

Around that same time I recorded an album of acoustic stuff that never came out except for a hundred cassettes that I did. That was all kind of really personal shit because me sister had just passed away. It was a bit like trying to sell your soul. So in the end I just gave all the tapes away. My sister passed away the year before so it was like a double whammy in a year and it just turned everything upside down.

That sort of shit, when it hits you like that, it fucking nails you and it has taken nearly ten years to figure that out because it just sort of It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 (VHS) ya. When you lose two of the main strong people everyone else is running around like headless chooks.

And me and mum… grief is a weird thing, families can turn on each other a bit. Now everything is cool, but it just took years to sort itself out. You seemed to be drifting after that and not many of us in Sydney knew what you were up to. I was kind of high-and-dry going, what the fuck am I gonna do? So I got the fuck out of there, I moved to Perth. I broke up with my missus not long after the old man died too.

I was kind of lost. I was living in this shitty little accommodation and it was like, Fuck man, everything was going so good.

Things seemed like they were on the up and up with Harpoon and everything and then, bang, back in Perth with nothing. And he had a real intense style and I remember one of the first songs he showed me that he wrote was seventy two lines and every line was different and he knew. I just had a gut feeling. But definitely Gaz and I influenced each other and we still do. We joke about it, like we steal little licks off each other and put them in our own songs.

What was the Gutterville Splendour Six? Gutterville Splendour Six were basically The Drones with a singer. That was intense, a really fucking intense band that used to work on a lot of negative vibes. It was a hard band to be in, rehearsals were just fucking torture, everyone was just fucking down. Fucking glum man. It was twisted. So it had to have that strange dynamic, it had to be negative to make it work.

But then playing live sometimes it would Solitaire (a) - Dennis Farnon - Pictures From A Life be amazing, like it would take off; really powerful.

I went back to Sydney because I thought I might be able to get something happening there and The Drones went to Sydney initially too. I arrived first and got a place in Surry Jan August - Accent! and then a few weeks later those guys came over from Perth and there were five of us and two dogs all crammed into my one-room apartment. It was pissing down with rain, it was Jyri Honkavaara - Leija of those two week torrential periods that Sydney seems to get in summer, so we No Salvation In This World - Deaths Release - Deaths Release all housebound and drinking and going nuts.

Communication broke down and no one was talking, there was the pressure of being in Sydney and at a loose end, no jobs, nowhere to live, I think there was a lot of paranoia flying around and eventually it exploded into a big argument between me and Gaz. Basically what it boils down to is that it was never going to work with two such extreme egos in the same band. So a couple of days after that they decided to head to Melbourne.

So I formed the Lowdorads but everything had changed, the whole scene had changed. It was less underground, harder to get gigs. What was it that made you want to get out of Sydney? I was getting frustrated and trashed and telling people to get fucked, making a cunt of myself basically all round Una Vez Más - El Regreso - Atracción Fatal. So in the end I just decided to move down to Melbourne and make a cunt of myself here.

Yeah, we started making it after I got to Melbourne and it was slowly put together over time. I think I was losing my mind, but you just never know do you. Do all your songs draw on your own personal experiences? Yeah, mostly. Lowdorads came down from Sydney. It was Four Tops - Four Tops Ao Vivo 8-track so I just spent a couple of months back we Harpoon — Demo cassette time building it up.

Then I would come up with a lyric and vocal part and edit dangle the carrot and get these guys to come back and finish it. He was interested in this other was through Spencer [Jones]. I hear ya. Records Yeah, that came together through Andrew as well. He just rang me straight away. Main players: Dave Slave: Bassist, songwriter, maniac. Rok: Vocalist, lyricist, artist. Kriss Hades: Guitarist, pin-cushion.

Sloth: Drummer, gun for hire. Bit players: Sandy Vahdanni: Slaughter Lord guitarist. Wrote songs and played guitar on The Magus. Seeds of Sad Ex: mid-to-late-'80s Rok: I always hated those metal ballads. The more heavy the sound, the more I liked it. It had to sound like they really were crazy and not just putting it on for the sake of selling records.

Initially I played bass guitar and at that stage I was getting right into Venom and Hellhammer, followed by Celtic Frost and then Bathory. That was Rok. And I just went up to him and said. They play at a speed that renders the audio spectrum almost useless, each member of the band treating his instrument like a power tool. You really have to be wired a certain way to play the music of Sadistik Exekution and even then it takes special training.

Very often the larger-than-life personas of the members has meant that Sadistik Exekution have been taken as some kind of novelty act. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is their story in their own words At that time there were only half a dozen people in Sydney who were actually into this Venom, Hellhammer death metal stuff and certainly no one was actually playing it.

The idea was to make the most fukked band ever. Dave: I introduced Rok to a few of my idiot mates, because really there were hardly any of us. So we decided we were going to make the heaviest, most extreme band on the planet.

Rok: The move to Melbourne from Sydney was an on-thespot decision. One night Dave and I just packed all our crap in the back of my Rock-A-Hula Baby - Werner Müller Conducting The London Festival Orchestra And Chorus - Werner Muller Crypt and took off to Melbourne, arriving early the next morning, not knowing what the fukk was going on.

We had no idea about the trams driving in the middle of the road or where to go first. We did know one thing though, we wanted to make an impact, and we sure set about doing that from day one. Rok: Bathory was one of our major influences in the early days, especially the first Bathory album and the demo tape that Dave and I had. It was much more evil-sounding than most other things around at the time, and that had an impact on some of our riffs and sound It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS). Long before Bathory, I must say we were all heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. Apart from bands, we were always influenced by heavy sounding stuff like bombs, war, freight trains, volcanos, heavy machinery and so on. Dave: A bit of Bathory, a bit of Slayer, but just music-wise, not in the attitude.

For example, the difference in extremity when you compare Slayer and Bon Jovi, we had to make it so that when you compared Sadistik to Slayer it. He then found us a place and went guarantor for us and paid the bond. We ended up just trashing the place. We were living in Balaclava and Rok was walking around with a comical-looking pentagram on his jumper and a dog skull around his neck like a piece of jewelry.

Reverend Kriss Hades: They lived in the heart of Balaclava, which is where the Jewish community live; full-on ones with the hats, the ones that do that wailing wall stuff. We got upset that they looked heavier than us. Linval Thompson - Dont Call The Police was all about heaviness.

We basically terrorized the neighbourhood, got bashed and had some skinheads protecting us. Rok: We went to Melbourne with the aim of finding a guitarist and drummer for our band so we made up a sign and put it in a shop called Pipe Imported, owned by Daniel Janecka. Reverend Kriss Hades was the first person to put his name up on our advert It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

4 (VHS) Dave arranged to meet him. I am very sure Kriss Hades has a better story about our meeting than I can tell you. I was warned by the people in the shop not to go near the band because they ate their own vomit and drank their own urine.

Kriss: It was very strange back then, there was not much music going on, it was more of a lifestyle or something like that. We had a line-up that was Corpse Thundertrash, he was the drummer, then there was me, Rok and Dave Slave; that was the first line-up.

So [Rok and Dave] got really excited to have the guitarist out of Slaughterlord, because Slaughterlord were pretty big at the time. Rok: Dave and I got sick of Melbourne and wanted to return to our mates and lifestyle back in Sydney, although we did want Kriss Hades to be our guitarist and maybe join us in Sydney at a later date. Now though, after seeing Sloth and Sandy play in the rehearsal studio, we all started having new thoughts. Rok: Quite simply, within a few weeks Dave and I joined forces with Sandy and Sloth and the first real Sadistik Exekution line-up was born.

Kriss: I used to go to the rehearsals to watch Sandy play guitar Every Six Days . (Silk T Remix) - KB - Beautiful Vibrations that was pretty amazing. Sloth came up with blast beats on his own, he wanted to take it a little bit further, kinda like Kreator, Slayer and Hellhammer sped up. Dave: It was just obvious. We structure the notes and frame the music to be extreme and it takes a lot of musical skill and unless you practice for ten hours a day for ten years you are not going to be able to develop these skills.

Sloth: A lot of people play fast and then they weary out and you can hear them either slow down or start to hit softer. It takes time to learn to hit the nail on the head every time going at that speed. Rok: We all just wanted to make very full-on death metal that was also quite technical musically.

Sandy was obsessed with being more technical than Slaughterlord and I remember some of the insane arguing between him and Dave about the music, as they were both right into their own ideas about riffs and so on. Sloth: Sandy and Dave would fight about the music all the time.

Sandy really wanted to perfect what he was going for, he wanted to take death metal to another level and I think he really influenced a lot of people. Sloth: I got my inspiration from quite a few old death metal drummers and also a lot of fusion players like the guys out of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and a couple of other freaks like Trilok Gurtu.

Dave: Sandy had written a lot of songs that ended up on The Magus. Basically Sandy wrote the six main songs and I wrote the intros and some of the slower bits and the keyboard tracks, the atmospheric tracks. Sloth: I was writing lyrics and so was Rok and so we shared the lyrics and Sandy was mainly arranging the songs. It Must Be Wonderful - Various - The T&N Files - Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol.

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Phase - Ani DiFranco - Trust (DVD), Le 6 Septembre - Various - Très Chic! (French Style... The Effortless Art Of Cool), Prokofiev - Version - Prokofiev / Chivalry, Sleepy Joe - Hermans Hermits - Sleepy Joe, Remember The Name - Fort Minor - The Rising Tied, Restless - Visionist - Only Eye, Once Upon The Cross - Deicide - Once Upon The Cross, Remember The Name - Fort Minor - The Rising Tied, Fight - Vitamin X - Down The Drain, When The Smoke Is Going Down - Powercloud - How To Recognize Shrubs, Forsaken - Francis M. Gri - Dreamers Stories, Private Idaho - The B-52s - Wild Planet (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

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