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Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!

Download Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!

Gimmie Shelter. Harlem Shuffle NY Mix. I Don't Know Why. I'm Going Down. If You Let Me. Jiving Sister Fanny. Jump On Top Of Me. Keys To Your Love. Let It Bleed. Let It Rock. Little Baby. More Albums. Harlem Shuffle - Live. I Go Wild - Live. I love what they do on stage, regardless of the set list. To me it is the energy and the power and love coming from the band, the two plus hours of energy I take with me and soak up just like when summer is coming to us after a long cold winter.

I stayed at an airport hotel near the Pearson Airport in Toronto. They had coach packages with buses going directly into the Burl's Creek festival area, with separate parking Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! near the stage. There wer many buses, all organized by bus.

We were on a Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! leaving 2pm. Then it took 90 minutes to Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!and another 30 minutes to the concert site. The bus parked in a separate area close to the stage. It was a ten Don’t Step On My Romp - Thiaz Itch - Frivolurium walk over to the entrance, no worries. We wer in shortly after 4pm, then a five hour wait.

While waiting I was hiding in the shade from the barn at the side of the stage. The local security guy who watched over the VIP entrance there told me he had never seen the Stones. I could see his face lit up when he told me this amazing fact.

I understood he was more excited about this show, and I know the feeling, a virgin fan, he was working at the site, but he had the passion, he was looking forward to the show as much as me. He asked me "Do they play Start Me Up? I said "Sure, for sure! Then his face lit up with a great smile, it was his favorite song, still he had never seen the band live, he was a lot younger than my children, probably in his late 20's.

I guess the Stones scored a new fan tonight. Sure they played "Start Me Up". I was hiding out by the barn, in the shade, as another young fan, 30 years younder than me, at least, found a power oulet on the barn wall next to me, and charged his phone. He told me he was from Mexico, now living near Minneapolis in the States, just like the usher, he had never seen the Stones. When he got the news about The Stones touring, he decided he had to see them, even if he had to travel.

After having studied the tour schedule, he figured out this show near Toronto was the easiest one for him to make it to. Another virgin fan. I warened him it is addictive to see the Stones live, and by now, I would not be surprised if he is watching the tour schedule more carefully, I assume he loved the show.

In fact, it is impossible not liking the Stones when they play live, if you love their music! Lots of smiles on the stage, the two hours plus and twenty songs went by fast, and then the final bow, sadly it was over.

A short minutes walk over to the coach parking, then a short hour queuing to get out of the parking, and ninety minutes fasr on the road back to our airport Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!. We were back "home" by 2am. This was my biggest worry for the entire tour, the logistics, Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!

queues, finding the bus, getting in and out, all of that, but it turned out to be another great experience. Luckily there are only one of that kind on this tour, but to be honest, I would not be without it. A festival crowd is different, that is for sure, it is more relaxed, a bit more party style, picknic on the grass, drinks and more bands, but still, when the Stones hit the stage, it is all the same, another great show! I decided to stay in Barrie for two nights and make it a small getaway living about two hours away from Oro-Medonte.

It was definitley a festival attitude and feeling with the first opening act Sloan getting the crowd into the day on the second stage at 4 pm. It was a super hot day with long lines for merchandise and food and beer vendors. With everything that was going on, the city of Barrie had an air show and the planes flew over the crowd to add to the festivities for Canada Day weekend.

It was a solid set list with most of the fan favourites. Mick looked in fine form and was very jovial with the 70, in the crowd. He made some cool Toronto references Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! acknowledging the recent NBA Raptors win with the "We the North" slogan flashed across the screens.

Keith also seemed to be in good spirits for this show. The concert ended with Satisfaction as one of the encores to a fireworks filled sky. Jagger mentioned that they have played now 35 times in the Toronto area since The way they played on this night was fantastic and can see them coming back to Canada again to their many fans here.

Review by John Justice What a great Day. It was a beautiful day and night for a concert. We arrived via bus from Toronto. We walked easily to the front of the GA area, close to the stage. The Beaches came on first shortly before pm; they were lots of energy, great show.

Loved 'Gold' and 'Late Show'. Some comments by the girls about dating Mick Jagger by the end of the night. Glorious Sons, from Kingston, Ontario were next. Also a great high energy set. The wait for the Stones was well worth the effort. I have seen a least one show from every NA tour from in Buffalo.

I thought the band was great, loved the set list. Mick was as good or maybe better than ever! Forget his age, he moved around and played the audience as the top showman that he has been and still is.

Thought Ronnie and Charlie were on top of their game. Keith sang wonderfully on 'Slipping Away'. Everyone Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! was with was equally blown away by this song. The guitar intro on Brown Sugar was a bit muddled Really enjoyed Midnight Rambler Thought the crowd was good on 'Can't always get what you want'.

Mick made jokes about Doug Ford's 'buck a beer for 15 minutes', the mayor's Raptor's jacket'We the North" came up on the screen and a big cheer for the Raptors. Mick always knows how to work a crowd. He thanked everyone for coming to Burls Creek which is Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!

the middle of cottage country and not easily accessible. Encores were great as well! We all loved the show. My daughter's boyfriends first Stones show, I think it met or exceeded his expectations. Getting out of the venue and back to Toronto by bus was a nightmare!

We were told to board the bus by 11 30 pm sharp! We did, easy Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! find the buses. But with the gridlock traffic on country roads we did not move for two hours! Small price to pay for a great day of Creeping Death - Metallica - European Tour and a fantastic Stones show!!

I have one more show this tour Review by Chelsea Drugstore I always enjoy reading these columns. 911 Is A Joke - Public Enemy - The Best Of Public Enemy a concert, there are as many experiences as concert goers. From the beginning, the Rolling Stones have also made an extraordinary number of memorable albums including The Rolling Stones, Now!

On the first, he uses and exaggerates all of his mannerisms until he finds a line he can blast us back with. And he finds one after another. In so doing, he immerses us in the emotional turmoil of the kind of quarrel that only takes place when there is nothing left to a relationship but endless arguing.

As for the rest of the Rolling Stones, they continue to prove their worth and their uniqueness. I loved them the first time I saw them tour in for their rambunctious arrogance and the simplicity of their music.

I loved them the last time I saw them, at Madison Square Garden infor putting on the most accomplished and overwhelming rock performance I had yet seen. Yes No. Anyway You Look At It. Beast Of Burden Live. Brown Eyed Girl. Bye Bye Johnnie. Cocksucker Blues. Don't Lie To Me. Downtown Prokofiev - Version - Prokofiev / Chivalry. Everything Is Turning to Gold.

Fortune Teller. Gimmie Shelter. Harlem Shuffle NY Mix. I Don't Know Why. Back to the show with a beautiful You Can't Always Get What You Want, followed by their stroll out to the B-stage for the double whammy of Sweet Virginia and Dead Flowers, the latter sounding extremely nice with the minimal acoustic setup.

And as with the previous shows, on their stroll back to the main stage the thumping of the programmed drums signaled it was time for Sympathy for the Devil. Wicked as ever, the explosive nature of the tune rattled the stadium and probably the entire earth itself. In fact there might have been some residents in the surrounding neighborhoods who feared a massive earthquake was happening Then another classic with the timeless Honky Tonk Women Hank Wedel - Living In The Land Of Love with Santa Clara, was pleased he didn't play Slipping Away, but am still baffled he hasn't played Happy yet during the entire tour.

Perhaps his best song, and easily in my top 10 favorite Stones tunes, it's a shame it has been neglected and ignored. Love the song both studio and live, but that bass solo is simply annoying and takes the steam out of the song. Paint it, Black Midnight Rambler The various tempo changes, and the frenzied jam was something to behold, and the crowd loved every second of it. It could have gone in for another ten or twenty minutes as far as I'm concerned - that's how truly great it is.

Next was Start Me Up, and as mentioned in Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! Santa Clara review, it hasn't been a song I've really liked since shortly after it was released in Granted it's probably a highlight for many in attendance, and that's all fine and dandy, Killings Safe - Artsonic - Hacktivist could think of a hundred different songs I'd rather hear at a Stone show.

And in contrast to the Santa Clara show where I was swept up in the moment with the No Good For You - Inglorious - II, tonight it wasn't near as much of a thrill.

All negative thoughts were wiped away when Jumping Jack Flash erupted - all time classic no doubt, and always an absolute thrill to hear live. Brown Sugar followed with it's iconic opening riff, and the crowd joined in on the celebration from start to finish. After a brief intermission, and as with every show this tour, the band came back to the sounds of Keith coaxing out the opening notes of Gimme Shelter. Another tour de force performance c.

Ending with an extended and blistering version of Satisfaction, followed by a massive fireworks display, the Stones once again proved why they are the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. The show finished as it started, with a massive blastoff! Enough Forbidden - Twisted Into Form be said for the stamina these old guys have Pumped with adrenaline, but a bit tired and hungry, I jumped on the convenient and efficient shuttle bus for the quick ride back down to Old Town, and made it to King Taco before they closed at midnight for some excellent post-show tacos.

Muy Bueno! Now looking forward to Glendale which will be the fourth and final show that I have seen this tour, and there's no doubt it will be another show of a lifetime providing memories that will last forever. With the Rose Bowl being my 61st show sincelooks like I'll be settling on an even 62 in Glendale for the time being, but hopefully it won't be my last. Baloon - Various - Жажда Скорости - XXXIV for wish lists, while some people find it a bit monotonous, I'm hoping they play It's Only Rock'N'Roll again as they did at Chicago 2.

I've missed it at both Santa Clara and Pasadena, and would love to hear it again. And there's still a glimmer of hope that Live With Me will finally be played this tour - Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights! hope so Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!

As for Happy, the chances have gone from slim to none, to absolute zero chance, but there's still something inside me that is hoping and wishing. On a final note, just learned that Kaleo will be opening again in Glendale, so at least I know it will be a good opener. Those young Icelandic rockers put on a good Intro - The Rolling Stones - One Of Those Nights!and who knows Doubtful as probably no band will ever be able to be like the Stones, but you never know and time will tell.

Review by Steffi Gavin I will only say I had my usual blast.


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