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I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3

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They will tell us since we are now going to longer terms, consequently it costs more per hour to teach students. Mind you this will not occur until well after the semester system is in effect.

Then, if flat-fees are in effect, they will of course have to be raised to meet this increased cost. Deep Down - Mr Tickle - Driftin*EP the help of many community agencies, we sought a babysitter.

Senior citizens who were contacted were not able to help because of the extra care and attention needed; nurseries could not be used. A call to Susan Zimmerman soon resulted in a list of stu student dent student volunteers who were ready and willing to help.

These fine young people gave up their free hours from class to look alter the youngster. Their help has been an invaluable asset. There are no words adequate enough to thank them for their generosity and marvelous care of someone elses child.

Name withheld as requested she miss out on? Russ comes complete with three groups and a finance background. His specialty, well, nobody has quite figured that out yet except he loves to veto. In fact, last week he vetoed a measly allocation to the Transcendental Meditation Society. The TMs called it mind boggling. Russs total retail price is 3, Gary comes complete with one half of a group and a specialty for resignation.

Hes a real nice guy but has rury into trouble Its A Long Way - Sha 261 - Bricoles Par Sha 261 his ap appointment pointment appointment to an elected position.

Gary s am and all bills. Thus, I am saying you are being sucked in into to into a long-range plan that will inevitably lead to possibly S3OO per term tuition or higher longer, much more agonizing terms, and I would dare to sav erosion of the summer period thus necessitating a longer period of life here at UF.

The latter serves to effect greater available revenue for the bureaucrats who are bv now worried that the population decline will threaten their cushions of con constant stant constant Iv increasing markets. And now the big moment, door number three. Meet Paul.

Paul comes equipped with one and a half groups. And look at those baby blue eyes, something every female in the audience like Miss Naive here will love. Pauls total retail price is Miss Voter, if you are not satisfied weve got the Grassroots box.

It could be a lemon, though. Last show it was a Lombardy puppy and a ticket to a Mara sleep-in on Marstons lawn. Will Private Idaho - The B-52s - Wild Planet (8-Track Cartridge, Album) go for it and trade Paul in?

Quiet audience, she thinks. Let s pause, Jay. Bill Andrews he is a model legislator his remarks about the United Faculty of Florida-Board of Regents salary negotiations should not go unchallenged Alligator, Feb. Andrews appears to support the BOR by noting that it cannot offer more money for salaries, merit, and fringe benef its than it expects the legislature will allocate. They then together can let the legislature know what it will take to have a good universiity system.

If the legislature does not want to fund it, that is its business. The legislature already has the power under the collective bargaining law to approve I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 disapprove of any agreement between the UFF and BOR.

That is the case for whatever agreement and for whatever reason 1 it thinks is unreasonable. Andrews real interest is that the tax bases be broadened and increased in order to support all state ser services, vices, services, including education.

I agree with him, and public employe unions should help in achieving that end. But he is wrong to suggest educational salary demands should be muted until the additional revenue is available. Unfortunately, the BOR as well as Rep. An Andrews drews Andrews does not understand this. At the same time it resists negotiating with UFF, the BOR is busy organizing all kinds of ad hoc groups to make the legislature aware of the plight of higher education.

It is not surprising that it is not successful in either. Robert R. Sherman rememoer a nine history of this constant pro process cess process of change which has surrounded UF for too long.

If you allow it to change in any one area, the other will inevitably follow and then the secondary effects of which I speak will occur.

It nothing else file this for reference a few years from now and see if I am right. Robert N. Marsh 4 AS 9 10 alligator, Wednesday, february 23, Grinter exhibit traces world medical history Medicine Evolving, a multi-media exhibit on display this month in UFs Grinter Hall, traces the development of medicine from its early beginnings to the present.

The exhibit will run until the middle of next week. It features a video tape program on medical ethics, a slide presentation on the changing image of the physician, and displays of the history of childbirth, smallpox, and over-the-counter drugs. The exhibit covers the entire gamut of medicine from ancient to modern times,said Dr. The purpose of Humanities Perspectives on the Professions is to introduce the humanities to pre preprofessional professional preprofessional students in business, medicine, law and other fields.

Anyone interested in running Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High one of the positions should pick up an application M?

THERE ARE also early medical artifacts, Beyond Reach - Ambulance - Ambulance tools I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 in trephination, one of the oldest known surgical procedures in which physicians drilled holes in patients skulls to release magical spirits and relieve pressure in skull fractures.

UF officials said UF policy prohibits commercial enterprises from cam campaigning paigning campaigning on campus. The company will be distributing free samples to the public at SW Ist Ave. Thursday in room of Matherly Hall.

The election is being held because the councils present members were not elected but appointed by the dean of the school after only 20 people applied to run for mem membership. Large Giant W w Sausage Rock-A-Hula Baby - Werner Müller Conducting The London Festival Orchestra And Chorus - Werner Muller. Personal interviews will be held Thursday from Bp.

Call Debbie or Andy at to schedule a 15 minute interview for either day. Main St. The ecologically fragile wetlands, located on the western border of the county, contain the headwaters of the Santa Fe River and have been classified by the Florida Department of Natural Resources as environmentally endangered. For reasons somewhat unknown to me, they have decided not to put it on the priority list, said I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 Winburn Jr.

Thomas McMillan. But Winburn told commissioners that the Department of Natural Resources will review its priority list at a public hearing in March Man arrested twice in five days Glenn Diaz was arrested on campus Tuesday by the University Police Depart Department ment Department UPD for the second time in five days.

Diaz, 23, has no known local address and was found Tuesday morning trying to open the door to section C of Murphree Area dorms and arrested for trespassing by UPD Officer W. Winburn said the Northeast Regional Planning Council had already gone on record in support of reclassification and he urged county commissioners to do likewise.

About SIOO million has been spent to purchase 10 I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 parcels scattered throughout the state.

Four more purchases have been initially approved and will be considered for final approval in March. Monday at 3 p.

By Tuesday at 3 a. Diaz was returned to the detention center where he is now in custody. We think he comes here purposely just to get arrested so he will have a place to sleep and three meals a day," UPD Capt. Vernon Holliman, said. He is not a dangerous person, Holliman said. It will house an indoor pool, several basketball courts, dance studios and a weight lifting gym. It will be the site of all varsity basketball games. Concerned over short-range provisions for parking spaces to accompany the sports arena, commissioners asked UF planners to open the ROTC drill field to parking when major events are scheduled in the coliseum.

In the mean time, plans to replace the spaces swallowed by the Coliseum and provide additional spaces for the facility are not im immediately mediately immediately available. There is nothing we can do at this time, Roberts told the Commission. Nothing at all. Roberts said UF is anticipating a major walk-in usage by students, making daily parking needs minimal.

We are not here to justify our life style. We do not ask for acceptance of our way of life, Williams told the com commissioners. The issue tonight is discrimination. Founder and Chairman of the I Amdahl Corporation. Friday, February 25 a.

The lot would provide about spaces, Bow man said. Citing national statistics, Williams estimated 7, persons in Gainesville are homosexual.

P- From Campione: Nude mesh and fiberall nylon straps. For example on parking space for every four seats in armovic theater is required In law. As a stattvcontrolled institution, UF is not subject to the parking requirements. We contribute. Our lives, work and money all go to support this community, she added. Without discussion, the commissioners voted unanimously to refer the question of the sexual preference clause to the citys Human Relations Advisory Board.

Tuesday night, HRAB referred the issue to a sub subcommittee committee subcommittee which was told to study the proposal and make a recommendation to HRAB by its next meeting. In other business, the Commissioners agreed to consider changing the city animal ordinance to require annual rabies vaccinations for cats. Stephan Shores, will be considered in a public hearing on a date to be announced.

Marine Corps Base. And all training m Travel costs to and from Quantico, meals. Wayne Reitz Union l hl Engineering fair opens Friday Engineering-related exhibits, including a robot who walks and talks by radio con control, trol, control, will be displayed I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3. It begins Friday at p. Ex Experts perts Experts on the I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 Aeronautics and Space Administration space shuttle, nuclear and solar energy and bio-medical engineering will be featured.

Exhibits, many from corporations around the state, will be displayed from 10 a. More information will be available in Weil Hall the days of the fair. Self-evaluation panel to hold hearings UFs Title IX Funky Town - Various - Aerobics Con 14 Exitos Commit Committee tee Committee will conduct hearings today for cam campus pus campus I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 who wish to comment on UFs compliance with the federal sex anti antidiscrimination discrimination antidiscrimination law.

Sex discrimination in Here Come De Honey Man - Miles Davis - Miles 58, finan financial cial financial aid, student health and other areas will be discussed at todays hearings which will be held from to p. Wayne Reitz Union. Groups will be limited to giving ten minute presentations.

Volunteers needed to help in Olympics4 Mentally retarded youngsters and adults will have a chance to compete for fun in the Special Olympics at the UF track March 2, and volunteers to work on the event are needed. Bonk Americord. Modified high jumps, shots puts, discus, swimming and relay race competitions will be entered by contestants. Competitors will range from pre-school to years-old and over. Prizes will in include clude include ribbons and metals. The games are fashioned directly after the Olympic games, competition coach Doug Braxton said.

The program was created to encourage the mentally retarded to strengthen their bodies through physical exercise. Volunteers of all ages are needed to work as officials, timers and helpers. Few spaces left for Spring Arts festival Persons interested in entering exhibits in the Gainesville Eighth Annual Spring Arts Festival should do so as soon as possi possible. A few spaces are left in the non noncompetitive competitive noncompetitive area for Alachua and Brad Bradford ford Bradford county residents.

Competitive area applications will be accepted through March 1 for the festival April 23 and Works in this area will be reviewed by independent judges. Since only will be chosen for the competitive division, ar artists tists artists should apply to the non-competitive area.

That bid by H. If the state apprives the bid, site preparation for construction could begin within the month, Cunningham said. There is, of course, a twist; the general and his two assis assistant tant assistant terrorists are the films heroes.

And rather than be the familiarly corrupt, expedient, and villianous official, the President is human, honest, and decent. The politics of the movie are as ambivalent as the characters; unless the general gets what he wants, which is a devastating expose of the reason we entered the Viet Nam War, he seems quite willing to blow up the world.

So we must accept his methods to reveal the truth, even though this means we must emotional emotionally ly emotionally endorse terrorism or take the more moderate alternative and agree to a cover-up of the facts. And the current Florida Players production certainly doesnt help anything. William Gibson, the author of A Cry of Players, at attempts tempts attempts Thug Luv - Eminem - Eminem MP3 show young William Shakespears struggle to either accept his wife, family and home or to give vent to his soulful artistic needs.

Needless to say we know how it turns out; the bard deserts the former and runs off to London to cultivate the latter. Gibson went for the instant drama. OO 9 West University Ave. She took the nation by storm in with her million seller Societys Child, but lans career blossomed and fad faded ed faded quickly.

By she had abandoned her career, was in ill health and penniless. All but forgotten for seven years, lan returned in with Stars, a kind of story of her career. In Unite - Various - 信念に生きる男達, At Seventeen, won her a Grammy and a place back up at the top of the music profession. Her startling comeback has con continued tinued continued ever since. Now in her mid-twenties. Miracle question, reminding us that there are no heroes or villians any more, that there are I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 simple answers.

And however politically legitimate that may or may not be, this confusion inhibits our ability to personally identify with either set of characters. Without this involvement, we have no one worth rooting for and thus cannot get that involved in the suspense and excitement.

The films impact is minimized in two other ways. More surprisingly and more importantly, the suspense and adventure stops thirty or so minutes before the film does. So that the film can make a preachy and fashionably cynical political comment, the events become predictable and ponderous. There are also no women in this movie, unless you count a few unimportant extras.

Os the men, Burt Lancaster and Richard Widmark play their usilal roles; if you like them, youll like them here. Os the less familiar faces, Charles Dur Durning ning Durning seemed weak, flat, and visually uninteresting as the President. The angry-but-clever Will gets the blame and is publicly scourged 15 dramatic lashes no less in a ex excoriating coriating excoriating climactic scene of the second act.

There are some good sex-oriented puns but nothing more substantial. Henny Youngman, yes. Theatre, no. Enough with scourging the play, onto the players, and cry they should.

Mike Quagliato as angry-but-clever Will ought to learn that acting is more than a jutting jaw and jerking gestures. Mike cant seem to separate the characters. I could never have empathy for the ignoble uni-dimensional martyr Will was portrayed as. Sign Djamballà - Fausto Papetti - 12a Raccolta for yourself or for j address V J a friend.

Moil to P. Box city, 7ip y 3 Gainesville. Chapin has been highly successful in touring the country since last fall he played to standing ovations at the Universi University ty University of Georgia and had his first album, Life is Like That released late last year. SGP spokesmen say there are plenty of tickets left for the Thursday night concert and that a number of tickets will be available at the door. Rather than scare you, it does things like having the heroine slit her wrists and then slowly bringing the camera in to spotlight the bleeding slash marks.

Soon, however, even the gore loses its shock Blow Me Down - Al Green - Truth N Time and repulsiveness; in the end, the movie becomes more ridiculous than anything else.

In fact, the only point in sitting through the I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 movie is to finally decide which one, George Segal Dick or Eld McMahon Fred or Charlie, I thinkis the most obnoxious person in show business. I left the theatre undecided.

Lisa Howard Jennie the tart as the soon-to-be monoped put in a good performance, most notable in Scene Two of the second act when she came with hopeful love to Sir Thomas Barston Rolskythough dealing with the un unsubtle subtle unsubtle role of Sir Thomas managed to convince me that he had the best voice of anyone on the stage, if not also the loudest. Like the play itself I found myself from time to time on the verge of belief in Rolskys character, yet I came away with the feeling of having seen a stentorian angry Will sans cleverness.

Plaudits are due the set and costume crew. The set was simple, clean and functional; the costumes were excellent. Main This day-long experience will outline a weight management approach suitable for in individuals dividuals individuals needing long term weight loss and management skills. Learn Learning ing Learning speed reading helps you improve your comprehension and cut down on your reading time.

In three lessons you will learn the techniques to speed reading that will enable the average student to more than double or triple their reading rate and increase their comprehen comprehension.

Free introductory Lesson. The course is guaranteed to be the most effec effective, tive, effective, least expensive course of its kind in the nation.

SIOO is offered to the person who disproves this claim. February 23rd; p. Pakula All the Presidents Men 15 16 volligator. Univ, Mon-Fri or by appt. All brand new with warranties. CBs peaked for max output. My sth yr. University Ava. Deep water corner lot. Zon6d for home or mobile home. City water. Owner onxious to sell.

Clork, Realtor, onytime. Coll or Call Snark, rigged like Sunfish. Lightweight, roomy, fun, easy to cartop. Good condition S3OO Dave, even evenings. Has separate rec and pb units built in. Has caltape, etc. Call onytime t-a Smith and Corona Pride line electric typewriter, two years old, rarely used, like new. Call pref. Move in Now. Move tn Now. Need 4 br with lots of spoce and beautiful shoded lot on quiet street m the Northwest?

Lg rms, heat, carpet, drapes, appliances. Great for family or singles. Newly remodeled apt in good area. Spacious rms, heat, appls. Kids and pets OK! Call or come by NW 7th Ter. Available March 1. Pets ok. Ideal for student. Available mid-March. March rent paid. Village Pork opts. Unfurnished has kitchen appliances, shed, awning. Liberal landlord must rent a.

Coll Pager t-b sublet Brandywine opt. Avoil imm male pref. February rent free. A delightful platform presenta- I tion, guaranteed to make you applaud the villain! Office Con,tan. Theorer tM4. OO and utilities. University Avenue Geinesville, Fie. SSO per month -st-b Roommates needed. Vernon Apts. Call 3i-b Mate roommate wanted to share room in 2 bdrm.

Central ac-heat, laundry, pets allowed, carpeted, untur. Wooded acre, pond, workshop, 2- car garage, Pets okay. Call for more details. Dishwasher, pool, etc. Near campus pets ok.

Morch 1 call st-c female roommate wanted: nicely furnished 2-bedroom mobile home, near campus. June Aug. Send resume to: P. Box Gainesville, Fla. No experience necessary. Will train. Salary plus commission. Please call B:3oam to pm st-e sales rep part or full time advertising ex experience perience experience helpful but not necessary apply NW 13th st Suite 3 from noon till 2 tues orthurs.

Person f. Ave Slop by ond tea me. Hundreds of stylet. See I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 display ads. Now it is thriving in Hogtown. Baby Boy Products, P. Box Poyment will be, discussed. Call Ask for Steve Pigs take advantage of it" sharp bumper stickers S. Box Univ. Phone Problems keep try trying! One bedroom Gatorwood apt. Located Ichetucknee Campground 26 mi. Phone j Wanted one male or female or any higher primate to relieve Jerry of his 19 year burden of virginity and get Phil a ride on a trojan horsel st-j sally who likes whales, liberated men and other endangered leviathans, was business ad just a line?!

Room Basketball Courts. Make arrangements now. Signed-the guy who spoke to you about the photo. It's been a long hard climb.

We're so proud of youl love, your AEPhi sisters. As gifts, I offer my steadfast love, cold feet, and inner warmth forever, love you always, CC. Buy sell trade good quality used guaranteed Ips at hyde and zeke record exchange w. Reward Heart Broken.

Eva Found copies of Short Story outside mother motherly ly motherly hall and univ. Short hair, white leather collar. Call or st-g 73 VW Bettle Hay rides volleyball horseshoes badminton pool table barbeque area.

Ponies 8 picnics welcome. Reduced student rates. Reasonable rates. Near campus; or Our work is Guaranteed! I Call Steve or Linda after 9 pm at Miami, Flo. Kaplan W. Free pick-up and Delivery. Immediate Turn-Around. Cor Correct rect Correct spelling. Theses, dissertations, etc.

Coll Mary anytime. Please direct mail enquiries to Pat Bowen or Richard Outlaw. Student Air Travel Agnecy, Inc. Free tow towoway. Also will haul away any kind of junk or trash. Lowest rates in town.

And usually, in the very next breath, theyll also admit nothing guarantees a coachs tenure at a particular university more than a Penguin - L.D.

Levy - Ring of highly successful recruiting years, followed by a lot of winning football. With this years battle for high school blue-chippers and I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 nearing the end, the Orange and Blue pigskin machine has hauled in one of the best recruiting crops in recent history.

Maybe Dickey has something there. I dont think a lot of people realize what its all about out there. Youre just one school, but sometimes there are 15 other schools selling their sport to a good athlete.

This leads to some confusion on the part of the athlete and it breeds a lot of questions and wondering on his part. T hats the day letters of intent for the Southeastern Conference SEC are to be signed, and topping the list of hopeful signers ,s a verbally committed blue-chipper from Titusville High School, Reggie Hannah. The Titusville star has been recruited hy universities all over the country. He is said to be a deadly inside man, and ac according cording according to UF Assistant Coach Dick Grubar, is one of the top five forwards in the country.

If Hannah does indeed sign with the Gators, it will be the payoff for three years of recruiting work to keep him in the Sunshine State. But Grubar said there still is no guarantee Hannah will attend UF. Well, according to a short printed Cuba Querida (Décimas Guajiras) - La India de Oriente - La India de Oriente ast week s Sports Illustrated, the year-old woman is the grandmother of highly-sought o fens.

When Dickey managed to persuade Hough to attend UF, he went down to Tampa to personally take care of the official signing. But Granny Batson wanted to know what number her grandson was going to get.

Well, gee, Dickey supposedly said. I havent given that any thought. Lets see. Darrell Carpenter is graduating this year and his number is Will 67 be okay?

Granny proceeded to inform the head coach that the number was fine, and she planned to bet the at the Jai-Alai fronton that night. It Party Til The Cows Come Home - Elvin Bishop - Thats My Thing (DVD) really rosey for everybody for almost a month, and then in a flash Oral Roberts University signed Rolle to a national letter of intent and pulled the rug out from under the content UF coaches.

We re just never sure until the recruit comes in Deceived - Extreme Noise Terror - live & demos fall, Grubar said. The coaching staff begins working Cage - Astrology a prospect during his sophomore year.

Although no personal contacts I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 be made according to National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA recruiting rules until after his junior year, the recruit receives pamphlets and literature designed to heighten his interest in UF. In the letter, Granny told a story of how she had, indeed, gone to the fronton, but was afraid to bet the hunch and simply watched the games. But Hough isnt the only blue chipper the Gators signed this year.

In fact, UF has sign signed ed signed 27 athletes to national letters of intent, and 17 of those are Florida state blue chip chippcrs. Among the 27 official signees, the prize plum has to be quarterback Gris Col Collinsworth linsworth Collinsworth Titusville Astronautacoach for the first time.

From this point on, the NCAA rules allow only two more meetings of an hour or more, with the last meeting being the actual Bag Et Ukendt Landskab - Stig & Steen - Forchromede Dage itself.

Complications with this system forced the enactment of the bump rule. If a coach from UF happens to bump into the recruit at a time other than the scheduled visits, he is not supposed to talk about business, but can only exchange pleasantries.

Grubar said the UF coaches look for quickness, hands and basketball savvy in a prospect, as well as his background, and his academic achievements. WE TRY to interest them in the academic aspects of Florida, as well as building a basketball tradition here, Saat suka dan duka - Various - Rampaisari Aidilfitri said. The new Gator, upon signing, receives a full grant-in-aid that covers tuition, room and board.

It is a one year contract that can alligator, Wednesday, february 23,pound speedster who has a strong arm to boot. Collinsworth was pursued by a host of other schools across the nation, including No.

Hes a I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 sound student, Dickey noted. He has a running fluidness that you dont find in too many competitors. Their level of skill is very mature. The other players Dickey said he I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 refer referring ring referring to were the previously mentioned Hough who stands, Dock Luckey defen defensive sive defensive lineman from Fort Pierce CentralDavid Galloway another defensive lineman wha could be moved to tight end; BrandonVan Jonespound tight end from Bradenton Southeast and Bill Sharkeypound lineman from Washington.

Sharkeys case is an interesting one. Last year, he was injured on the very first play of his senior season and missed the whole year.

But under a state rule which is not available to Florida high school athletesSharkey ap applied plied applied for a hardship ruling and was allowed to compete this past fall and than graduate in December. He is already enrolled at UF and will take part in spring practice. Besides Hannah, the Gators are also seeking the services of three other Florida stars.

Again, according to NCAA rules, no coach can comment on the conclusiveness of negotiations until the actual letter of intent is signed, but Grubar did divulge that Oliver had pretty much narrowed his choices to Barracuda - Various - Charlies Angels (Music From The Motion Picture) and Jacksonville University.

In the docs Al supplied to Howarths of London he. I later found out that this track was Baker Street by Jerry Rafferty and that credit for the Sax solo was first taken by the producer of the track and later falsely by Raf Ravenscroft who certainly did not play on that track - which in actual fact I did!!! I am so pleased you have set the record straight to what is a very long overdue omission in the history of this famous song. Jonathan refers to the above note found on Sax on the Web. He was required to sign a release form, common in those days.

He later found out that credit was first taken by the producer of the track, and then sometime later falsely taken by Ravenscroft. My father, though very well known in both the jazz and the session world, has never sought the limelight. He is now in his 80s and has retired. It is sad to me that the truth has never come out, that Rav took credit for this, and that my father never got the recognition he deserved.

I will be glad to add your email to the list if that is okay with you? I have followed the comments on SOTW and will be glad to add your comment to the list so that everyone can read all sides of the history behind the song "Baker Street". Is it okay to add your email statement to the book? Hi John: Thanks so much for the updated CD. What great opus!!! Im sending along a color jpg pic and a new bio when you do future updates.

All the best, Chris Vadala. I'm surprised I didn't catch this when your book first came out, but in your sax on the web post I was enjoying looking through all the soloists you'd compiled through the years and was surprised to see that you had Lou Marini as the soloist on the record "King Tut" by Steve Martin.

Actually that was me on tenor for the In The Beginning - Timmy Thomas - Why Cant We Live Together and I also overdubbed the bari and the flute parts.

The rest of the section was made up of guys in the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Bill even gave me a gold record of the tune once it became a hit, which I still have.

They of course used the Saturday Night Live Band for Steve's live rendition on the show and Lou played the tenor solo, dressed in the Egyptian costume lucky guy! I'd love to hear back from you on this if you have the time. Bryan Savage Good to hear from you Bryan. As you can imagine it has been a long road trying to confirm the credits on the list so any help is appreciated. And we have had a lot of help. I recall that the information was taken from some web sites which are not all accurate as follows but it stands to reason that Lou would have been given credit for the "live" version.

Bryan, I will gladly enter your info to the list! Thanks for the help. John Laughter Hi John Thanks for the quick reply! And thanks for doing the correction. Sounds like you have a job for life with this cool project! That was interesting to see those links you sent. They seemed pretty accurate, other than one implying that the TV performance came before the record--the record was already a hit by the time the Saturday Night Live performance occurred. I remember when Steve was booked for the show and the tune was already big on the radio, there was some talk about having the Dirt Band and I do the show with Steve as the band but it didn't take them long to figure out they already had a house band with Lou that would do a great job!

Hi again John, I stumbled onto another post from you dated last September asking for credit info and one of the tunes was the Dirt Band's "Fire in the Sky" from In case you still need the info, I played the solo on that one and so did Al Garth! We are both on the same cut, just in different sections if I remember correctly. Al was a member of the band about up to that time but was leaving and they had me come in to add the solo to the cut. Jeff Hanna of the Dirt Band was producing and it was recorded in L.

Thanks Bryan Savage He did play that. Another UK contributor indicates that it was Alan Holmes. Alan Holmes on the final version. Other sax players did play on the track but my unique growling style was what they really were looking for.

Alby Donnelly was getting the broadcast royalties until a couple of years ago. Bob asked me about working with the Beatles. The Musicians Union demanded that I was paid every time Bob I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 to my playing on TV because he did not want me to appear in person.

I started out by playing with Gene Vincent and Little Richard. I would like to correct one entry on the PDF file, though. Plas Johnson is on the flute". Based in Jersey City, this aspiring jazz group opened for. The original seven members remained with the group into the 80s. Thank you for your interest in The Oak Ridge Boys!

Looks like a mammoth project! I did not play on the original recording of Daddy's Home by Cliff Richard, although I did play on a later live version in I think the original solo sax may have been Howie Casey or Mel Collins.

Hi John Dont think I did any sessions for Elkie untill when I did a couple Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of tracks on an album called No more the Fool one track which I did a tenor solo on was called Break the.

Chain and the other which was Alto I cant remember. Rushen, do you remember who played the tenor sax solo on your hit song? I am doing a research paper and have noted that Gerald Albright recorded the solo but someone recently indicated that they thought it was Michael Brecker. Thanks for your time and help! Gerald is. Thank you for the support of Patrice's work.

What is the paper for? Good luck with it in any case. I wanted to respond to you quickly, since you are working on a research paper. I have also forwarded your email to Patrice's attention.

However, she is preparing to leave for Europe in the next two days for a summer tour with Lee Ritenour and might not be able to respond right away. I cant remember who played it.

Maybe both! Hope that helps. During the time my brother Kristinn played with the group Mezzoforte, he played all the sax solos i. The additional sax players only played in the background. However, one well known sax player says it is a British sax player named Mike Stevens who played the solo. Steve is pro in London and he is a really nice I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3. He apparently so he tells me was the 11th guy who played it.

Its actually in D but Steve played it in Db on tenor and then it was sped up, so it sounds a bit different than you would think. Email to Dan; Dan, seems to be an ongoing debate about this solo. Was it alto or tenor? But I played congas and percussion in Dans band in when he had this hit and I remember him saying that it was Ernie Watts.

Regarding Edgar Winter; Hi. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There were a few different versions of this song, the single, movie, and movie soundtrack may be different in some ways including lead singers. I thought Edgar played Sax, however I just cant be sure, there may have been a few people tried on Sax I cant recall which one we used. Ill look into this for you and see what I come up with, and yes I recorded this and worked on the mix with another mixer.

He played a Martin Committee tenor. Steve Marshall The movie film version reached The sax player was Duncan Kilburn. The film version would have been Mars Wiliams. The album sax players name is unknown but he was a session player in the states. Sorry Joe Gordon Carol of TPAU could not recall who played on the album version but the sax player was a session player they had worked with in the states.

Either me or a guy called Brian Clarke who was in a band called After Tonight. Maybe both. I have no memory of playing on Get Outta My Car I recently played a gig with Barry Eastmond who produced the record and I believe that that was the song with the soprano sax solo. Consensus says McMurray. Hi John, I'm reasonably sure it was Andrew Love.

Good luck and Merry Christmas! Michael Bolton released 2 versions of Georgia I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 my mind. The album and initial release was Michael Brecker on the sax solo. Another single version was released shortly after with Kenny G on the solo. Thanks for all you do for the history of saxophone. Gail www. Gio Washington-Wright I have the CD.

Gio Washington-Wright. Dear John, if I am not mistaken it was Jim Horn. Is there no credit on the CD? Regards, Katja Rieckermann Katja appeared on the video playing sax. I went to school with Jeff, They Are Among Us - Pitch Black - Futureproof roomed on the road together long ago and still keep in touch these days while hes on the road with the Dave Matthews Band.

Gio Washington-Wright 1. Gio WashingtonWright ALTO The track was first released in France on August 16,as the lead single from the groups sixth studio album. Hurry Up, Were Dreaming. It reached I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 Top 40 charts in various countries in The saxophone features prominently in the work of French dance music duo Klingande.

But while they are fine musicians in their own right, neither Cedric Steinmyller nor Edgar Catry play the instrument. We have a live saxophonist who plays with us on as many shows as possible, Cedric explained. We love the saxophone sound and include it in virtually all of our tracks. Some of the pieces are newly created but most of what you hear is taken from samples of fantastic saxophone solos which weve tracked down on what are usually little known songs.

Hy, nice to meet you The sound of Jubel and Punga come about a sample pack at the beginning and the saxophonist on the pack is Snake Davis. This is a pseudo but I think you can find the real name on the web. Saiba mais sobre a Assinatura do Scribd Best-sellers. Muito mais do que documentos Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras.

Iniciar teste gratuito Cancele quando quiser. The History of Saxophone Solos-short List. Enviado por Joni Fens. Data de envio Dec 21, Denunciar este documento. Baixe agora. Pesquisar no documento. Oh - Um Have a nice day everybody else.

Hope that helped! Then, our lunch date was with the pastor, his wife, Fourths - Sun River - Sun River their three kids. I got a lecture on how to be a good pastors wife.

His roommate barged in, screaming, accusing us of sneaking I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 his room and stealing his drugs. We hadnt, but my date wound up fighting with him in the Summer Breezin´ (Summer Breezin´ ) - Diana King - Summer Breezin´ while I sat there.

He came home with me and left before morning. When I woke up, I went to get a towel, and all the towels in my drawer were soaking wet and reeked of pee.

Hed peed in my drawer. En route, he told me he had a kid. Then he told me he was actually 10 years older. After dinner, he told me he was still married. I told him before our date that I use a cane. When we met up, he screamed, You didnt tell me you were handicapped! I left and found a better guy. He was more than an hour late and said it was because he fell asleep after jerking of f. Then he wanted me to go to his hotel room. I was at a restaurant with my sisters when this guy asked me out.

On our second date, he told me, Youre actually not the girl I wanted to dateI was more into your younger sister. Ahead of our date, he said he would run out to get me flowers. But he showed up without any flowers instead, hed just bought himself a shirt. You Tarzan. Me Jane. Catch the Skars in The Legend of Tarzan out now. Avada Kedavra, your innocence. FAIL Dicklicks penis-shaped gum: the only instance when using your teeth is a good thing.

FAIL How else do you do it? Chinese government bans seductive banana eating on livestreams. Being called the M word can be as shocking as finding your first gray hair. Inside Amy Schumers head writer and I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 producer, Jessi Klein, offers up some solid alternatives. How can I help you, miss? Miss, you dropped a dollar. Miss, can I buy you a drink? Excuse me, miss, Im interested in having sex with you. Everyone wants to be a miss.

Miss means you have more in common with Audrey Hepburn than not. Miss sounds like youre mostly air, like your body has the magic and delicacy of a wind chime, and when you walk down the street, everyone hears little bells. I dont remember the exact place or time I was first called maam.

Which means, on some level, I must have blocked it out. I remember I was around 30 and it was a complete surprise. In my mind, I was still wind-chiming around town as a miss. And then some waiter, or maybe it was a bank teller, looked me up and down and decided I was a maam. I didnt expect to be called maam any more than I expected Clive Owen to walk in and demand we have sex.

In that moment, I felt very viscerally the beginning of something slipping away: not just the possibility of fucking Clive I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 but something biggermy image of myself. How was I being perceived as a maam?

And just what is a maam, anyway? And why was I so upset? Maam makes people crazy. Almost universally, women hate it with the exception of a few people in the South who have decided. Fallopian tubes. Yeast infection. Who made up these words? Women certainly didnt.

If, at the beginning of time, right after making vaginas, God had asked me, What would you like your most intimate and enjoyable part of yourself to be called? I most certainly wouldnt have said vagina. No woman would, because vagina sounds like a First World War term that was invented to describe a trench that has been mostly blown apart but is still in use. Maam fits right into this pattern. Maam sounds like a species of frog that watches reality television all day.

Maam sounds like a woman whose body is mostly Cheez Whiz. Maam isnt just a form of address. Its a way for a perfect stranger to let us know how old he thinks we are. What is the purpose of this? Why does a West Elm clerk have to let me know he thinks he knows how old I am? The issue isnt my comfort with my age Im 40 so much as why, why, why the fuck does this need to be a factor in every interaction I have? Why do we have to be a nation divided between misses and maams?

Why do I have to be trained to respond to a different name once the world at large has decided I am no longer a fawn? Maam is doubly insulting because we hear men being called sir all day. And sir is awesome. Sir is what knights are and what Paul McCartney is. Sir sounds like you are sitting in a castle eating rack of lamb. Sir means you are respected and maybe a little feared.

People dont fear maam, except. Men are called sir starting from when theyre old enough to be called anything, and they stay sir through old age. Men dont have to deal with the fact that at some point in their life they will find themselves tossed into a linguistic system that I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 let them know, in no uncertain terms, that in the eyes of the world, essentially, theyve begun to die.

When youre called sir, youre being called the same thing that James Bond is called. When Im called maam, Im being called the same thing that Senator Barbara Boxer is being called, and shes Except, scratch that.

Even she famously got bent out of shape when she was addressed on the senate floor as maam. She corrected the person, firmly asking to be called senator instead. But if you are not a senator and have no plans to be one and probably couldnt be even if you wanted to because of some questionable YouTube videos youve done, what do you ask to be called?

Weve never come up with a good alternative. But I know you cant complain if youre not trying to solve the problem yourself. All rights reserved.

It makes us crazy for several reasons. I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 Reads 1. For one mom and her prodigy daughter, going for the gold literally becomes a matter of life and death. Mommyhood gets hilariously tricky in this novel from the author of The Descendants.

Would you use it? BFFs Evie, Krista, and Willow do, so surely the dates, promotions, and perfect lives will come rolling in.

But when the financial crash looms, whos willing to protect whom? Chosen by millions of women,2 Plan B One-Step helps prevent pregnancy when used within 72 hours 3 days after unprotected sex or birth control failure. The sooner you take it, the better it works It is generally safe and effective when used Wachturm / Erwachet - Sodom - Marooned Live directed Plan B One-Step contains levonorgestrel, the same hormone used in many birth control pills for several decades, just at a higher dose.

Its a backup plan and should not be used as regular birth control because it is not as effective Find it in the feminine care aisle at many stores. There is no prescription or ID required, and there is no age restriction. References: 1. Data on le. Market Research, February Teva Womens Health, Inc. FDA drug use review, December Accessed October 28, PBO October But factor in shadowy secrets and hidden agendas, and pretty soon, shes got Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise - The Dave Pike Set - Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise giant merde-storm on her hands.

But when theyre reunited on a yacht in Cannes a year later, temptation is everywhere. Author and historian Elizabeth Cobbs fictionalized spin on the life of the founding pops and his better half, Eliza Schuyler, is a juicy answer to Ron Chernows Alexander Hamilton which inspired the blockbuster musical. Dont be surprised if you find yourself dropping the occasional revolutionary freestyle once youve made your way through this page-turner.

They make me human. Now that all of my work, my relationships, my tweets, my body parts, and my sandwiches are publicly analyzed, Im proud that I labeled myself a flawed, normal human before anyone else did.

The essay collectionin which the comedian details the highs, lows, and WTFs of her life thus far drops August Please form an orderly line. She clicks the volume button up to max. A male voice begins, Im really into meditation, mindfulness, and focusing my consciousness. I roll my eyes so hard, they ache. Donor number sounds like a Buddhist surfer, and the guy before him sounded like a teen in a high school marching band. These arent necessarily bad things, but I know nothing of his temperament or sense of humor.

I am meeting him only through the web page of his donor profile. It never occurred to me that once I married a woman, Id still have to find a man. You have to pick one by the weekend! Sam declares. I look over at her Excel spreadsheet, meticulously organized with her top choices in bold. These donors had everything we were looking for: brown.

I thought this would be the easy part, but instead Im crippled with indecision. Ive always known that Sam and I cant make a baby together. Since we first began dating in college, I understood the costsboth emotional and financialthat we would face when the time came to start a family, but I had some foolish daydream that it would be easy once we were ready. A decade later, I mourn the baby we cant create together.

When I hear someone gush to a pregnant friend, I hope he gets your smile but is tall like your husband, I cant help feeling wistful. Our baby would be the cutest, I tell Sam. She wraps me in a hug, kisses my nose, and says, I know. After our wedding, we began talking about starting a family.

Our timeline put us a few years out, but my wife loves to plan ahead. She knew wed need time to navigate the process of procuring sperm. We exhausted the obvious questions first: Did we know a potential donor? We know lots of great guys, but we didnt want to complicate relationships.

We each have a brother. Just use one of them, my mom offered up like a Rubiks Cube shed maneuvered in seconds.

We want our children to be ours and dont want to burden our brothers with the complexity of being the biological father.

I love Sams brother, but carrying his child sounds like a. Donor sperm means that uncles can be uncles and friends will stay friends. We also want to give our future children the option of contacting the donor when they turn 18, which means we were after an open donor, whose identity could be disclosed.

In a perfect world, our donor would also be tall with a couple of sisters and a bit more athletic prowess than my wife or I have. Sam narrowed down our cryobank options by considering which ones offered known donors, how selective their process was, and how they limited their sperm. Some banks will sell as much of a donors sperm as they have available. Others reach an offspring cap.

Sam didnt want our children having hundreds of biological siblings. What if we had a child as desperately curious as I am? I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 she want to track down every I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 sibling? I have enough drama with twoimagine ?

What Sam and I were really looking for was the healthiest donor whod mix with our genesfirst mine, then Samsand create children that would resemble Transformer - Ryan Davis - Transformer EP, even if only slightly.

Ive never been one to believe in signs. When I finally settled on a donor, however, I gave in to the feeling of fatebecause meant to be makes paying for sperm feel a little more personaland I made my choice. Not only was his genetic makeup a healthy match for both of ours, but he was asked in. Go confidently in the direction of donor for both of us.

Well your dreams, he wrote. I can use half a vial ined. My father had spofor your IVF cycle. I left Before The Start - Trevor Rabin - The One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) this same Thoreau her office feeling newly quote in his toast at our confident. Sam did too.

I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 was surely Were gonna have a baby, a sign. It was something I we said.

Slowly, the but thats what we have process began to feel more tried to do. Maybe we will spiritual than I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3. We need to find a new donor purchased all six available for Sam, and well have vials of his sperm. Her own After three failed mother was adopted and attempts to impregnate me via intrauterine inseminah tion, we consulted with a us e g e p doctor about in vitro feron I ho tall tilization.

With only three e om nd, ut is t vials remaining, I knew s Eric Clapton - Clapton Chronicles - The Best Of Eric Clapton needed to re-up on ar frie le b I can e our sperm. Sam worI h ant smi d. We want lik lp our children to be he biological siblings for various reasons, including the possibility of future health concerns like if one wanted to donate an organ to the other.

I also didnt think I could go through the process I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 choosing another donor, which was hard enough the first time. No number of e-mails or phone calls to the cryobank could solve our dilemma.

Our healthy, handsome, well-read donor had yet to make another donation. If ever I wanted to text a man, it was now. I brought up the sperm issue with our fertility Son Rice Is Back In Town - Monrad & Rislund - Åh Hold Kæft!. I really want to use this. When we told friends we were trying to conceive, one clapped her hands and said, Oh, Sam, I hope the baby has your eyes.

Sam laughed and replied, Well, thats impossible. Our friend felt terrible, but I loved her sentiment, Linval Thompson - Dont Call The Police with our first child now growing inside me, I cant wait to see which of our traits he or she displays.

I just hope choosing a stroller is easier than choosing a donor. Planning a dene-therelationship talk with your guy? Dealing with friend drama? Organizing your space? From dressing for the job you want to nding long-lasting love and keeping things hot, Cosmos got you covered with the practical, doable tips youll need in our brand new book. Cosmos Dream It! Dare It! Do It! Available wherever books are sold.

BELT, Pennyblack. FENDI, fendi. GUCCI, gucci. Just Look at That Face No, not that one although it is adorbs! Give a chic watch a forever home on your wrist and youre guaranteed a lifetime of love. How is it that even among the millions of flashes on the red carpet or the bright lights onstage, our favorite celebs always look bright-eyed and oh-so-glam? Their secret is the Spider I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 lashes that are perfectly sculpted to create a bold, eye-opening effect.

The crayon application couldnt be easier and the high-intensity color lasts all day. I can wear the Spider Look every day and do a light sweep, or really comb it through for a more dramatic effect. Apply Master Precise Skinny Waterproof Gel Pencil along the upper lash line and drag out to create a winged look that will complement your lashes in a major way. Then line the lower lash line to make your stare super intense. Start with your upper lashes and wiggle the wand from roots to ends.

The cone-shaped bristles grab and group lashes to a point with extreme length. Last, hold the wand vertically to cover your lower lashes. The result? A star-worthy look thats all about drama. Bold, sculpted volume. Extreme length. Open your eyes to the spider effect. Simulation of actual product results on lashes enhanced with lash inserts.

Strike Gold Make denimon-denim less ranch hand, more street-style star by layering on dainty metallic jewelry. Contour for structure. Highlight to enhance. A sculpted, V-shaped face, now in an easy glide!

I cant live without it. Get expert tips at Maybelline. One saturated stroke, loaded with pigments. Break the mold. Go sensationally bold. Its what I dream about. Now, a matte foundation that hydrates. No drying. No roughness. Just velvet-smooth perfection. Our unique gel-whipped formula, infused with water, provides hour hydration.

Creates a fresh feel as it covers. Metallic intensity. Up to 24hr tenacity. Saturate your lids in liquid chrome. Heavy metal. Im into it. These cone-shape bristles clump multiple hairs together for spiky, Twiggy-esque spindles. Top basic black with a single coat for a subtle sheentwo for full-blown disco eyes.

Put down the lash crimper and pick this up! An arc-shaped spoolie and gel formula team up to defy gravity for a full 24 hours. VOLUME Tiny nylon bers latch onto lashes for thickness and length so major, your bestie will swear youre wearing extensions.

Ways to Lash Out! The secret to making mascara extra awesome? This one plumps, lifts, and strengthens. An adjustable wand loosens or tightens bristles to achieve three different looks with one applicator. When mascara wont budge, theres this oil-based remover wand. Wiggle from root to tip, wait 30 seconds, I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 wipe away clean.

The magic number behind Lancmes tilted liquid liner makes. All red everything. Think brick-colored blush, copper-tinged shadow, even maroon eyeliner. Our fave: these red-hot. Of the 15 shades, our vote goes to this girl boss approved berry.

Balm is the new oil when it comes to face wash. Saving it for later? Its the one product you shouldve started using yesterday. Heres how to play catch-up. And thats a step in the right direction. Eye skin is tissue-thin, dry, and folds on itselffactors that increase absorption and therefore sensitivity, says Heidi Waldorf, MD, a New Yorkbased derm.

For this reason, face creams may be too harsh and they arent always ophthalmologist-tested i. The eyes also have different issues than the rest of your face, so a specialized cream is key, says Frauke Neuser, PhD, principal scientist for Olay. Hardly one-size-fits-all, the latest formulas use carefully chosen ingredients to address a variety of concerns. We mapped out the biggest ones so you can find your perfect fix.

Plus, most of us regularly apply concealer, foundation, and powder around our eyesoften without moisturizing firstand these products especially matte formulas can dehydrate the area even further. Hydrating eye creams are considered starter eye creams, says Dr. Waldorf, since even. Think your skin cant handle an eye cream?

Waldorf swears by these two gentle formulas. Moisturizing formulas will keep the skin smooth and in good I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3. Theyre also great for priming the area for makeup, so consider them an a. Look for formulas made with humectantsingredients that draw in water from the airsuch as hyaluronic acid in Neutrogenas gel, see next page or glycerin in Aveenos cream, also on the next page.

Blame the lack of collagen, responsible for keeping skin plump, and the fact that its elastin, which keeps everything tight, is constantly being tested. Every time you squint or smile, the fibers break down, says Dr.

And with few oil glands, the skin there tends to looks older faster. It wins top honors from beauty editors and more importantly, from the women who use it. The hyaluronic acid formula boosts hydration, then locks it in.

Giving skin a fresh, supple look and feel. No wonder women have made this the best-selling new product in the skincare world. See whats possible. The newest way to look well-rested? Eye patches! I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 in the serum with a moon-shaped mask for brighter eyes in minutes.

Experts agree its the most difficult issue to fix topically. However, Olays Illuminating eye cream uses three ingredients proven to lighten brown or bluish circles significantly if used daily for about two months. Waldorfs remedy? Collagen-plumping peptides to counteract the hollows find them in Ms serum. For I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 more dramatic fix, derms can inject a filler like Restalyne or Juvederm. And never underestimate the power of a bomb concealer like Armanis.

Youre seeing blood vessels through your skin, says Neuser, who believes the problem is largely genetic. And the older you get, the more pronounced they will become. Around age 25. Lots of things can cause you to retain fluid, like salty foods or just the way you sleep. And for some, the issue is geneticfat pads simply protrude.

This is where roller-ball creams like Olays really help. I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 moves stagnant fluid, says Neuser. Diors peptide-infused for. So do creams with caffeine like Philosophyseven at room temp. The five-minute treatment gently warms the skin, leaving it tighter and younger looking, says Dr. While a commitmentyou need about six treatments for results that last for four to eight monthshe says the effects are unbelievable. What a beautiful difference.

This one offers six shades that stun. The rounded one? Something smoky. The same lipquenching formula, now with shimmer. Adds shine and bounce for a renewed, just-styled look. FIX Whether your foundation is a shade off or it oxidized post-application very commona damp beauty blender is your friend, says Gigi.

Blend the line with the round side, focusing on the perimeter of your face. FIX Removing wet mascara marks can create a bigger mess, so rst and foremost, wait ve minutes for it to dry, says Gigi. Then wipe it with a clean cotton swab or makeup-remover tool Givenchys has a precise markerlike tip.

My cat eye is completely crooked. FIX Even out your line with a pointy cotton swab we heart Q-tips Precision Tips dipped in oil-free remover, which wont smudge the rest of your makeup. Gigis secret weapon: this micellar water by Bioderma. FIX Brush hairs upward with a clean spoolie to diffuse, says Gigi. The bristles grip onto and remove excess product. You can also use a small, angled brush, dipped in creamy concealer peep her fave by MAC to polish the edges. Anastasias dual-ended tool offers both brushes.

FIX To tone down redness without I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 your whole face, swirl powder foundation on cheeks with a uffy brush, says Gigi. Her go-to foundation?

FIX Just contour, says Gigi. Sweep bronzer our current obsession: this one by Physicians Formula on cheekbones to dull the shine. Share Girls Night Out beauty tipswhile youre out! Subscribe to Cosmopolitans digital edition and youre never without the fun, You Bring Me Down - New Image - You Bring Me Down / So Fine advice you crave.

Beauty Hacks Going from beach towel to bar stool has never looked sexier! Heres how to get happy-hour ready, faster than you can order a marg. Nix sticky skin with a body wipe.

SweetSpots are alcohol-free and pHbalanced so you can clean up everywhere without irritation. Relaxed in the sun? Doves detoxifying dry shampoo will soak up oil and grit. Swam all day? A wave cream like Oribes tames frizz as hair air-dries. Fight back with this waterbased cream gelit is not tacky and cools on contact think of it like AC in a bottle.

The ultra-sheer formula makes mirrorless application a breeze. Forget a full facea swipe of mascara, touch of powder bronzer itll last longer than creamand tinted lip balm are Blue Slim - Memphis Slim - Memphis Slim (Reel-To-Reel) you need to look gorge.

Hanging out in the sun triggers your melanocytes, the pigmentproducing cells. These cells can manufacture even color all over or they can go haywire, sputtering out more melanin or increasing in number to I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 freckly or dark spots.

Latte-colored blotches on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, and jawcalled melasmaare often caused by hormones and aggravated by UV light. A daily application of an SPF 30 or higher helps prevent new pigments from forming and spots from deepening. Next, block the formation of fresh pigments. The gold standard is a. The ingredient blocks tyrosinase, the enzyme necessary to produce melanin.

You can also try a lotion with niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that blocks the transfer of melanin to the cells in the epidermis. Find a product you love. For even faster results, consult your derm about a Q-switched laser. It breaks up unwanted pigments in one or two treatments. You may want to steer clear of lasers for melasmathe heat can make it worse, says Dr.

Lets get real for a minute and talk about your skincare. Now you can have it all.


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