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I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19

Download I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19

I shall be listening to this on my way to sunny miami. Provided me with the momentum for a very boring drive from S'toon to Calgary last weekend. Props to you man, love that last mash-up too. Originally recorded back in MayI've actually had this mix kicking around as a real audio file that I was using to share on my DJ List Profile and now it's finally getting a general release. Funky breaks is the order of the day, winding through a tight mix of both the old and the new with bumping bass lines and catchy samples.

What else can I say; it's quality chunking beats with lots of Finger Lickin' action. Way back inI put out a very special mix called A Glass of Water I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 08a deep, seductive little chill out mix that I didn't really think much of while I was making it but everybody seemed to love. A Cup of Coffee is the spiritual succesor to that little mix tape: a smooth morning blend of dub, r 'n b and soul influences left to percolate inside a pot of electronic beats, smooth vocals and thoughtful lyrics.

When the last time you got a CD and loved every track? It's great to be exposed to an entire CD's worth of new music that I probably would never have discovered on my own. Another internet-only release, this is a very personal mix that had been cooking up inside of me that I just had to stop and lay down once I had all the tracks together. It's a short one, only 53 mins, but packed with some amazing vocal house and broken beat, very reminiscent of the first Orange and Brown CD.

Listener beware: if you're offended by bad language, then skip the last track. I took a stab at making an edited version but it just sounded stupid and, for me, compromised Concerto No.

3 In E Flat, K.447 - 1st movt: Allegro; 2nd movt: Romanze (Larghetto); 3rd movt: Allegr personal nature of the mix. Funky breaks, deep grooves 'n pumping house Taken from the DJShagz.

Records Daddy - Comeback - Fat! This sequel to the well-received Orange and Brown Vol 1 CD 04 picks up on the original's deep and warm house grooves and mixes in some darker, more progressive sounds for the deeper moments of the night.

If you have Vol 1 or 2, you know E Minor - Toothpaste 2000 - Va Va Voom! to expect. If you haven't heard any, then get in on this mix of hair metal, soul, punk, hip hop, chill out and rock.

Perfect for road trips and hard to please back seat drivers. Note: I usually don't do a track listing for this series, and I'm not about to make an exception it just goes against the spirit of the thingbut I'd like to highlight two indie bands that I featured on the tape: Maktub who's track See Clearly discofies the near-end of Side A and Mr Brown who perform Everything is Coola nice mid-Side B "breakdown and ponder" track, perfect for midnight drives.

Both are excellent bands worthy of your attention, so show some love. Power feat. Blaze - Dangerous Aquasky vs. This a recording of the progressive house set I did for Focusan internet radio show on the now defunct www.

Originally broadcast on Jan 12,you used to be able to listen to the set in the Focus archives, but with the site down the mixes have gone down with it. A slow burn groove that goes into banging techier stuff. Finally, here's that warm jazzy house mix I had been hinting at long ago!

Starting out smooth 'n deep, we move through some new and classic beats before picking things up half way through and getting ya ready for the club. Perfect for chilling out or a warm up for a night out. And look at that! A spiffy colour cover! This a pair of live recordings from the Uberzone and Crystal Method concert held at the Warehouse in Toronto.

Featured in these sets are Byron Wong on scratches and efx, and Jonathan Gallivan on samples and efx, both of the Toronto-based electronic outfit, My Brilliant Beast. The recordings were handled by the sound crew I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 put to DAT, but the quality of the recordings wasn't that great, so a big, huge special thanks to Richard Leko of Broomfiller for doing the transfer for me and assisting with some of the editing! This is brand new and my first proper mix CD.

This is I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 sequel to 's Car Tape Vol 1and like it predecessor, there's no track listing here. You'll just have listen to the mix to find out what's on it. The only thing I can tell you is to expect another eclectic mix of breakbeat, rock, punk, soul, funk, hip hop, swing 'n I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 tempo. Loungers need not apply. I only got about 60 mins of the 90 min long set at Ted's on Feburary 2, but what we have here shouldn't disappoint.

It starts off with two tracks from the end of a down tempo chill out set and continues into some progressive house. I made this mix tape just for the heck of it. Think of it as the Winter version of Car Tape. Lots Exploded In A Pool Of Love - Jones (55) - If You Are Loved You Will Never Die classic "so good you gotta smile" Christmas classics.

Great for shopping, chillin' by the fire or throwing snowballs. I had some jungle cds and records lying around and decided to mix my favourite tracks altogether. I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 was the result.

I didn't put a track listing together for this tape, because I wanted the entire experience with this set to be a total surprise. The idea was to preserve the sense of fun and spontanaity that this tape was born from.

No big deal - you'll recognize all the songs anyways. I hope this tape brings back a lot of memories for you and is there when you make new ones. Here's to Road Trips. A precurrsor to the Push the Button series, this tape is split in two. Side A has some funky breaks and house and Side B takes you into the progressive house and trance realm.

Ollie Jaye - Feel So Good. Big on the anthems, you'll find lots of epic trance on this tape. BTW, the title comes from the fact that my home town, Tillsonburg, is the tobacco capital of the world.

Brian Adams - Don't Give Up. The second tape I ever made, this is short set of mostly commercial house anthems and trance tracks. Summer BBQ Mix - Part 1 Net 24 July - 78 mins Gizelle Smith's "June" had been sitting in my crates for a few years now, just waiting for me to make the time to put it into a mix. Angelidis Remix Dr. Melancoholic Vol 3 Net 21 Feb - 84 mins A moody, haunting trip in keeping with the others in the series, though Melancholic Vol 3 is perhaps the moodiest.

Moby's Trip Net 20 Nov - 90 mins This mix was inspired by my Mom, specifically these "endless" tapes she used to use to record music for her piano students. Hope you enjoy it! Let It Snow! Nuclear Fusion - Mat Zo - Anjunabeats. Ha'F Speed Net 07 Aug - 39 mins While everyone was out in the sun the long August weekend, I was inside, working on a dark, ominous dj mix. DJ Koeul Benny AM - 19 February, Good lookin on bustin out the original there payne Never heard this Before this song is funny Cant do that now a days cuz the hair may fall off hahaha Quote:.

Booyah PM - 19 February, I am definitely appreciating all the continious positive feedback! Just wanted to say thank you :D. I can't believe you guys didn't mention this one Watch www. Still i heard some heavy house sets with this track. Jayze PM - 19 February, I forgot to mention for "The Conversation" track, forward to to hear the hook that drives everyone nuts at the club Watch www.

I love house and this is bringing me wayyyyyy back! Jayze PM - 19 February, Quote:. Jayze PM - 19 February, Here's a pretty good vinyl old school Chicago House collection Some valuable house record history in this thread. Any body thats unfamiliar I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 house can view or listen and learn I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 this thread.

Jungle Brothers Watch www. Booyah PM - 19 February, Quote:. Jayze PM - 19 February, If you check out traxsource. It's a huge collection of vibes that you can download if you wish. Perhaps you will find other house classics that may have slipped our minds. Booyah PM - 19 February, Now thats the perfect sales pitch!

Louie Vega and Mr. Kenny Dope. I for one likes that the trend is going back to faster BPM House is in your Soul. Maskrider AM - 20 February, People should be off of it by now I have a feeling that once House is back again in the mainstream most of the Djs here will be lost.

Digging this thread big time! Tunecrew PM - 20 February, Quote:. Maskrider PM - 20 February, I believe Tyree cooper is still making music that song "turn up the bass" is a real classic jam. Hey Dj Koeul Benny Compile all the songs that has been posted here. Just to make it easier for other members snooping around maybe we can convert a few more I'm really enjoying it. Jayze PM - 20 February, Quote:. I have 8wonder, some of there tracks are tagged as house, but they don't have that real house sound - they I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 more like pop tunes with an uptempo beat.

This thread I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 me do it, vodka and cranberry made me do it, Fuck it. I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 get this motherfucka crackin. Hey Koeul Benny always remember. Long huh? I never realized How deep we went into this. I think I owe you on this one I hope the the mods give some of us the right to update threads like this.

It is very Helpful House is all A New Tomorrow - Up With People!* - Pace Magazine Presents Up With People! The Sing-Out Musical love So keep the Funk alive. Yo, y'all frontin forreal I visted when you posted Very dope but at the same time you guys havent really contributed House picks with vid or audio clip attached if we're going to skool someone can we please include the shameless plug to your mix I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 DJ Koeul Benny PM - Bolero Falaz - Various - Aquí Esta Tu Hit February, The post was in order of who posted what first and no one contributor was more important than the other jus to be clear.

As for "contributing" House Picks or whatever, I'd rather you come thru and listen, chat, and go from there. Mostly because most of my tracks aren't on YouTube, and you've mostly mentioned the ones I would mention anyway. There's a whole Jersey House I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 from inception, and that's what I mostly focus on.

It's cool tho, will check out www. I've heard about Muhhamad from Newark. Yes everyone tune in to www. I also thank you for giving props to all the Djs thats contributed to the list. It was beyond generous of your part to compile all of the tracks together.

This is about reppin' territories, This is about being able to enjoy feel good music and postivity. Just because someone doesn't go to a certain party or a certain website does not give anyone the right to judge anyone not to be a househead.

Amazing thread and I give props to all the contributing Djs in this thread. Jayze PM - 22 February, Disclaimer I dont know if you know what B-Art - Streetwise mean but I feel if you play electro and can't include a freestyle song or planet soul or something to push a message then it's really not doing anything for me. I mean even Deadmau5 is taking a chill pill you listen to some of his new music?

Thats all If you listen to a DJ Icey mix that fool is playing Electro but He is also keepin true and pushing a message in all his sets. Offer ends Wednesday Feb 24th at Midnight so take advantage today. If you have suggestions or music PM me so we can put something together.

I guess the Promo Post is dead I know Benny B's blog post was great! That Too High Track iz dope!! I had to go get alot of that music Kid!! You put up some of the mixes I didn't have in the arsenal and some tunes I didn't even know Wake Up Dead - Megadeth - Peace Sells.

But Whos Buying? Dope. Here is one of my all time favorites By Jon Cutler - Dawn www. A very good friend of mine is having a party and the format is "house". She begged me to do it, knowing I don't "know" house music. I've searched through this thread and seen all the suggestions and really need some help. Believe me, it kills me to ask, because I've seen others get killed for taking jobs they weren't proficient in, but I really couldn't tell her no.

Thanks for any help you can give. I've found tons, but what I really want are old house standards that are must plays at all parties!!!! Thundercat AM - 5 March, If you had read this thread in it's entirety you would have your answer already. I started back in Feb looking for them all. I'm almost done. I appreciate your time. Gadamit Henry Street Music Watch www. Jayze PM - 9 March, Here's are a couple more classics that still works today.

Still Love DF's tracks. Can't wait to hear it!! I'll definitely drop the new mixes, and I'm sure people will dig it People who don't like house like it I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 they hear where the sample is from.

Big Upz Jayze. First Super Causal - Djedi Miriji* - Ancient Gods (File, Album, MP3) mix is tight. When you listen to the mix it moves to which song you are on. That site is fucking sick. Quote from his site: I'm not really a house DJ I'm getting there so I don't let a lot of the songs play out as long as other dudes would. You don't have to play every song out or to the end to be a house dj, do it how you like.

With House I see no rules, play how you like. I had a guy at Coop's Underground on 87th and Stoney Island tell me not to scratch and cut up deep house.

And I said why? And he said you don't do it. I said ok, you don't do it. I like doing shit like that. Sounds like house is making a good comeback in the Chi. Victor L PM - 10 March, bump Made it a few months back, some of you have heard it, was posted here before but not in this I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19.

Could still use some help on a few track names Unknown 2. Unknown 3. Unknown 4. Mike Delgado - Fall Down 5. Kenny Dope - Fall Down 6. Vivien Green - I like It Kenny Dope - So Long Julie McKnight - Home Unkown Artist - Soul Heaven Unknown Artist - Drive on Todd Terry - Camerra.

And what a wealth of knowledge too! I call myself a househead, but I don't know too much about the classic house from the 80's so thanks to all the posters above. My first introduction into house music was Bad Boy Bill's Bangin' the Box Vol 1 and whatever was played by the B96 mixmasters back in the day i. Anyway, here are some of B-Art - Streetwise favorites off the top of my head Stacy Kidd - Let love enter Watch www.

Beanfish AM - 11 March, Quote:. Labels I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 to cater towards a specific genre in house. Cajual Records had more vocal house but also had classics like perculator. Dance Mania: 90's more repetitive- step sequence stuff. Vibe Music also had some great bootlegs I've got a couple of mixes with track lists my "work in progress" site: djtonyramirez.

I prefer quick cuts as oppose to long blends, but there in there too Flipsta AM - I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 March, scratchlive. Anything Goes. I start off with house and after that hey, anything goes. If I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 have time check it out. Don't have a cam yet. Detroitbootybass PM - 11 March, Quote:. Who is this, Ron Trent? Yeah they had great deep house stuff Chicago had a good stretch of labels for awhile!

Victor L PM - 11 March, a little deep nh but still worth a listen Follow Me Armand Van Heldon Funk Phenomenon and witch doctor. This is the correct link Let's Get It.

Meanwhile, the party had just begun. But I DID want to get paid. Kinda like 50 Cent's "In Da Club". Jayze PM - 12 March, Damn!!! Have I been gone that long? Anyways, "Follow Me" in my opinion, is respected today as it was when it was first released in Commix - Faceless High Contrast - Green Screen Stamina MC Mood 2 Swing - I got love logistics rmx Humanoid - Tibetan Mist II Andantino Simplice - Prestissimo - Tempo 1 - Martha Argerich, Riccardo Chailly, Kirill Kondrashin Witness - Off Day Sub Focus - Druggy Prodigy - Smack my bitch up sub focus rmx Ram Trilogy - Titan Culture Shock - The Bypass Twista, T.

Grand Hustle Break Starring Xtaci I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 Dirt Bag, P. David Banner, T. Stat Quo Break Bun B, T.

Juvenile feat. Intro 3. Trick Daddy feat. Break I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19. Lil' Flip feat. DJ Smallz feat. Chamillionaire - The Mixtape Messiah Walks Break Hot Boy Break With Juvenile Bun B. Chingo Bling - Let Me In Pitbull - Lean Back Miami Lil' Wayne feat. Kanye Zdrastvuy Love - Murzik - A Cat Named Murzik feat. Jermaine Dupri feat.

Roll Call Freestyle Juvenile - U. Outro David Banner feat. Body Head Break 1 - Roy Jones 4. Russell Simmons on Southern Smoke Radio 7. Get Back!!! Supa Man - Bone Crusher What Chu Talkin Bout? Body Head Break 2 Starring Magic Pay Your Dues T.

Dissin T. Crowns T. Boss Hogg Outlawz Freestyle I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 Muhsin Muhammad on Southern Smoke Radio Half Time - Ying Yang Twins Fear Factor Music Interlude 3. Slim Thug feat. Killa Kyleon feat. Boss Hogg Break 1 7. Pastor Troy feat. Boss Hogg Break 2 Lil' Jon feat. Trina feat. Ludacris - In Da Club Devin The Dude feat. Rick James - Anything remix Stat Quo feat. Boss Hogg Break 3 Ludacris feat. Fresh - Virgo Bun B, Jadakiss, T. Massacre Interlude 1 2.

Take A Closer Lokk Muthafucka 3. Locked Up Remix 4. Plenty Niggas 5. Gangsta Music 6. Dem Boyz In Blue 7. Get Em Again 8. Who I Iz 9. Take It To The Woods Massacre Interlude 2 Sets Go Up How We do No, No, No Holla Back Comin Up Rollin Sittin Sidewayz Roll With Me Massacre Interlude 3 Deep Off In The Game Run I'm Rich Bitch Get Down Push Back I'm A Houston Hustla Layin In Low In Dallas Massacre Interlude 4 G Code Dreams The Massacre Will Not End Three 6 Mafia feat.

Boyz-N-Da-Hood feat. Diddy, T. Killer Mike feat. Bone Crusher feat. YoungBloodz feat. Frayser Boy feat. Ying Yang Twins feat. Webbie feat. Tango Redd feat. I Get Lifted (Dream Vocal Rmx) - Various - Promo-Mix 19 Circle DTP feat. ThreeMafia feat. Field Mob feat. Block Ent. Big Gee feat. Fam-lay feat. Bun B feat. Bubba Sparxxx feat. Magic feat. Da Backwudz feat. Franchize Boyz feat.

Trillville feat. BLACK : Promo Mix [megaupload]Optimo - Essential Mix Heard Em Say Feat. Still Dreaming Feat. The Bounce Feat. Like This Feat. We Are The Champions Feat. Wouldnt Get Far Feat. Jesus Walks Feat. Drive Slow Feat. Two Words Feat. We Major Feat. Whole Life Feat. Pusha Man Feat. Side To Side Feat. Brand New Feat. Back Like That Feat. All Falls Down Feat. Extravaganza Feat. Gone Feat. Impossible Feat. Grammy Family Feat. Work Out Plan Feat.

Diamonds Feat. Touch The Sky Feat. Get By Feat. Welcome Back Feat. Gold Digger Feat. Jadakiss - Look In Your Eyes Jadakiss - Reebok Commercial 1 Jadakiss - Freestyle Dissin' Beanie Sigel Jadakiss - Who Want A Problem Jadakiss - Problem Jadakiss - Flow Jadakiss - Yayo Jadakiss - New York Jadakiss - Reebok Commercial 2 Jadakiss - New York Remix Jadakiss - Happy To Be Here Jadakiss - I'm Not You Jadakiss Easy Living - Wardell Gray - Memorial Volume One Can't Leave The Block Jadakiss - J.

Jadakiss - Still Feel Me Jadakiss - Put Your Hands Up Jadakiss - Ms. Jackson Jadakiss - Bring It Back Remix Jadakiss - It Can Get Ugly Jadakiss - Day And Night Remix Jadakiss - Checkmate Jadakiss - Back To Life


Anna Vissi - Forgive Me This, Whispers (David Duriez Plastic Music) - Jori Hulkkonen - Whispers (Remixes Limited Ed.), Escapism - Opprobrium - Discerning Forces, Godhead - Feeder - Renegades, The Hawking Brothers - Australian Heritage, 912 Passos - Dead Fish - XXV Ao Vivo em SP (DVD), Lets Take It To The People - Funkadelic - Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic, You Curse At Girls - Fountains Of Wayne - Fountains Of Wayne, Turn On The Music (Original) - Roger Sanchez - Turn On The Music, The Beast Comes Around - Napalm Beach - Fire Air And Water, Turn Me Loose - Various - Dominionated The Third, Immer Noch (Greg Danielz Remix) - Sebastian Hämer - Immer Noch

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