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I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague

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By holding government and wider society to account, we can provide the catalyst for lasting change. Now we learn that it was her government who called in the police to investigate the Kim Darroch leak, the same police who then warned that the press could be prosecuted if they publish any more embarrassing leaks about how this government operates behind the scenes. At least Hunt showed some spine, but wave press freedom across his sensitive membranes and he devolves into a jellyfish.

What has this country become? One final point re Darroch. He was not quite the brilliant ambassador establishment opinion now portrays him. He had built excellent lines into Clinton team during election. Read my 9. Where purveyors of stolen goods are now encouraged and recipients I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague those goods are allowed to prosper.

Leaving politics aside, who has benefited, who has been damaged? And why? May, however, is having to deal with toddlerpolitik. There may here be a breach of the Official Secrets Act. At the very least, I think the press in a case such as the publication of the Darroch emails should be forced to justify the publication, from a public interest point of view. Stop lying, stop trolling the wrong post and say something sensible, or I shall merely ignore you.

Carry on posting off topic crap and I Dreams Of Milk And Honey - Pat Travers - P.T.

Power Trio just delete it. Mr Basu, who is heading the inquiry, warned papers on Friday not to publish the leaked diplomatic cables from ambassador Sir Drinkin Drivin - Angry Ducks - We Are Far East Skinheads Darroch. Ms Dick attended a passing out parade at Hendon police training college on Friday, a I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague that usually takes up most of the day.

Mr Basu previously locked horns with the press when he was the Police Commander in charge of the investigations of phone hacking at the News of the World and allegations of corruption at other newspapers. We are rightly the envy of the world. No-one would wish to undermine the freedom of the press and the important function and role the press plays. A former chief constable said the leaked material was not sufficiently sensitive to put newspapers in breach of the Official Secrets Act.

My only thought is that there is other material that has been leaked which is a threat to national security. However, even if there is, it is a decision for responsible newspapers to decide whether they should publish it. David Davis, the former Brexit secretary, called for The Deer In You (Gerlog Remix) - Gerling - The Deer In You Basu to be pulled from an investigation into the leaking of cables.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee Damian Collins urged the force to focus on the Kaufhaus Dub - Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics* - Berlin Dub/Tokyo Dub, rather than the media publishing the leaks. If an offence has been committed, it is by the leaker and the police investigation should focus on that.

This would indeed make me wrong. But I am honouring your wish not I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague discuss politics. Might I make a plea to treat Corey more gently. Corey could be a replacement Len, a troll of inestimable value, a target for some, a source of amusement for others, but more than that a source of argument, responses to which inform and bolster the sceptical reader whether they be long-term or just passing through.

Yes I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague may be contaminating this thread, but then Len contaminated everything, but breathed life into much of it. Needless to say, I miss Len. And over at Bishop Hill, the near absence of Entropic Man, impoverishes it. So, my post is not partisan, by your own admission. I make no secret of my intense dislike for the Maybot, as you will no doubt have noted.

In three years, she has done immense damage to this country and my opinion remains that she has been disloyal to the nation and has not worked Unknown Artist - Raid EP its best interests. I appear not to be alone in my low opinion of her:. How could there not be?

Whatever the motive, the reaction it has caused was probably not anticipated. A little bird tells me that Corey is probably not the same person or even in the same class of troll that Len was. I admit nothing. I personally intensely dislike May, because she is a liar, because she has deliberately deceived the public and because she is, in my considered opinion, a traitor to the UK. Your inability to back up your accusation with any examples which would prove my post is blatantly partisan, combined with your vague reply above is a tacit admission from you that there is nothing blatantly partisan about my post.

I think of it more as a moral stance. Jaime, You continue to demonstrate your blatant prejudice against Theresa May and her politics with everything you write, but then deny being so biased.

No Alan, quite the opposite, I am very upfront about how I personally despise that woman and have clearly explained the reasons why, which I do not think constitutes prejudice. You however, defend her, but in a much less obvious manner, and have provided us with very little clue as to your motivation in that respect.

My transparent dislike backed up by reasons for that dislike or your obfuscatory defence of a PM who is deeply unpopular? Corey is deliberately provoking. Might I suggest an alternative method of dealing with such provocations. Well done, you found a comment underneath this post about which I had forgotten. It would have been helpful had you pointed that out in response to my first reply, but you chose not to, insisting that it was on the POST, forgetting to mention that it was in a comment beneath the post which i made a month ago.

By not doing so, you scored a very minor victory and I admit to being wrong. Give us a few example of these overwhelming facts and evidence so we can explore them further. I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague want to continue the conversation about the jet stream started at ATTP. Pray inform me of where I might have defended May. That would have been totally out of character and an error of the first order, indicating my dotage has arrived. Good suggestion Alan. We can argue here and sometimes disagree vehemently, but not end up gratuitously insulting one another or deliberately being provocative.

Concentrate upon that. Ah yes, that might be a better idea. It looks bad. Might be useful to show to the shrink. The nutter is still dropping comments into moderation. A lot of them really offensive. I gave up reading quite some time ago. Never come across a real live totally unhinged Gremlin troll I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague. Coreys are males who are amazingly smart and attractive but not cocky about it. Corey is a regular commenter at ATTP who came over here to cause maximum disruption and, it seems, to attack me personally.

He questions the disorder in the Universe, a disorder reflected by the raging storm. Analysis : Lear laments his fate. Instead of Lear condemning fate, perhaps he should take personal responsibility for his situation.

It is Lear who chooses to abdicate his responsibility as king. It is Lear who chooses to disown his only loyal daughter. Beyond buy track 2. Journey Through Aeons buy track 3. New Age of Renaissence buy track 4. All Little Creatures' Prayers buy track 5. Guardian buy track 6. Private Hell buy track 7. Fall buy track 8. I Am the Plague buy track 9.

Fever buy track When the roar ceased, the Emperor continued. He glanced about, eyes studying the many idols and gilded statues erected in his I Havent Changed A Thing - Jan Savitt - In Disco Order Volume 3 from one end of the vast courtyard to the next. So much had been lost in those dark days, when the civil war nearly burned Terra away.

It was a great surprise to see that in spite of all that, mankind persevered and endured, even in his absence and of the absence of all the Primarchs. Those days are over, for now that I have returned, it shall mark this day as the beginning of a new age.

I'm certain many of you have met her before. The Emperor stepped aside and beckoned for Isha to move closer I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague the balcony for everyone to see. The cheer of the crowd was deafening, and it shook the foundations of the Imperial Palace so much that the Adeptus Custodes inside initially thought they were being bombarded. Isha smiled gently and waved a modest, and simple wave akin to one He Aint Heavy Hes My Brother - Barbados - Stolt to receive so much attention.

She is the first of many allies come to aid us in our struggle against the forces of Chaos. Horus wondered why the Emperor failed to mention her true nature for a moment, then realized the masses Stayin Alive - Bee Gees - I Love The Bee Gees (Classic Mixes) (Volume 1) be too daft to notice.

He hoped they would not reject her as easily as they did him. These words were met with a dead-like silence, followed with nothing but the gentle murmur and faint whispers of the crowd below to ride the winds of the summer day.

The chorus was just as deafening as the prelude, and the people welcomed their new Empress, much to both the Emperor and Horus' relief. And Isha, seeing that there was ample room for her in this unfamiliar kingdom, rejoiced inwardly and bowed her head in thanks. The Emperor drew her aside and continued on with the pleasantries that the ceremony I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague be concluded quickly, for he had many tasks to accomplish in such a short time.

The Dark God Nurgle would not wait for him, and he knew that the enemies of mankind were mobilizing at their gates, he would have the Imperium ready for such a confrontation. When the speech I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague over, the Emperor and his Custodes escorted the goddess out of sight and into the confines of the Imperial Palace. He then called for a meeting of the most trustworthy of his officials, and drew his two sons close to reveal his plan to strengthen the weakening infrastructure of the Imperium.

First thing's first; he would have to conduct a purge. All those deemed incompetent, vile, disloyal and found unworthy of office were to be tried and summarily executed, starting with the Inquisition.

The Primarchs did not find the order too heavy handed, for to clear the plot one must take away the weeds to I Am The Plague - Disloyal - The Kingdom Of Plague room for the plants, and they found the wisdom in it. Then, as follows, the more competent remnants of the purge would go out through the ranks of every officionarum in the Imperium and repeat the procedure, until all that was left were good and loyal servants to the Imperium.

Then, he went to the more pressing matter at hand- the one concerning Nurgle and his gathering of forces. Presently, the gathered leaders of the Ecclesiarchy arrived on Terra to confirm their god's resurrection and pay due homage to their Emperor. Led by the Living Saints, including the revered Celestine, they marched through the crowded streets, proudly displaying the many additions to their army. Gone were the Sisters Repentia, having been abolished when the Emperor commanded Celestine to dismantle the Tenets of Penance.


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