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Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS)

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Enlace roto. Enlace consultado el Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) de mayo de Enlaces consultados el 14 de mayo de Enlace consultado el 15 de mayo de Enlace consultado el 16 de mayo de It may not have been reviewed by professional editors see full disclaimer Donate to Wikimedia. Only one last comment: Dan Quayle is a chickenshit yel- lowbellied bastard.

Vice President Shit. You already know that. But do you know who controls the corporations? Is it the CIA? Or the FBI? The State Department?

Republican Party? Democratic Party? The President of the United States? Baby, it's you. The corporations are controlled by the consumers. The people have the ultimate decision-making power. The people. That means you.

And your Mom, your Dad, your sister's boyfriend, your fourth-grade teacher, your boss, your best friend, etc. Don't you believe it? Don't feel like you have any power? No control over your life? What do you buy? Think about it. What did you buy today? Where did you buy it? Ana the place you bought it from, where did they buy it? You don't know? If you want to know, you can find out. Do you want to know? You're tellingthem "you're okay. I like what Hallows Eve - Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks - Halloween Is Here give me.

I'll give you my money so I can nave what you're selling. But you want what theyVe got so you'll buy it from them. And that works out just Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) for the company. They don't care if you don't like them. You can protest and protest and Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) letters and throw bricks and they'll keep fixing their windows as long as people keep buying what they're selling.

As soon as people stop buying, that company is history. They're dead. If everyone did that, we'd be the ones running this country. Here's my suggestion: Think about who you want to support and who you don't. Do some research if you want. If you want something that can only be gotten from a place you don't want to e, pport—steal it.

If you're not, you'll get caught, so don't bother. Or just learn to live without it. Or buy it, but be aware that you're l you get you don't have to be perfect about it. You don't have to feel guilty. Just do it when you can and be aware when you're not doing it. The main thing is just to tnink about it, and to realize that YOU control ,the corporations—they don't control you.

So who's running this country anyhow? They control Take a tube of toothpaste, unscrew the cap, put the tube on the floor. Now press with your heel on the closed crimped end of the tube.

Keeping your heel Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS), quickly push on the body of the tube with the ball of your Bittersweet - Poor Old Lu - Straight Six. I could feel it move inch by inch through my large intestine, like being fist fucked from inside—until it squirted with you- know-what force and consistency into the toilet.

I couldn't sit up straight on the seat, but had to fold over, my arms pressed tightly against my stomach. For the quadrilliontn time, I promised the Lord to quit What Goes On - The Beatles - Rubber Soul if she would only take away the pain.

I guess she didn't believe me anymore. Gradually, I squirted myself dry and sat up with the most joyous relief. Leaning back, closing my eyes, I sighed with the ecstatic loss of pain. In temporary heaven, it took a few seconds to realize that my painful spray had caught the back of the toilet seat and was now smearing itself over my bare butt.

I told this story to Mench Meier— a naive, but well-meaning pal of mine. He stopped me there. We are covering ourselves with our own shit. The air, the water, the soil— all filled with our shit. The earth is being strangled with our shit. I'm not exactly sure of the facts, but I'll tell you what I think happened.

The snail darter is this weird, useless fish that lives some- f lace where they wanted to build a dam. I'm not sure. In any case, Mench Meier wasn't too pleased about the situation.

I disagreed. Mench started telling me about all the things like the Dodo bird that have become extinct since people were around. I reminded him that many more species went extinct before there were humans. It wasn't man's fault that they died out. How about our hands with the famous thumb bones? Animals do what they do, based on their limbs, muscles and brains.

We do the same. We don't violate evolutionary laws. We're part of them. He said that we had developed brains and we should know better.

Other animals build nests and do horrible things like eat meat because they can't help it. We are better because we have a choice and can choose not to do bad things. Mv pal ulien had this plan to capture lots of whales Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) put them in a giant tank. They would swim around like a hamster in a roller cage. They would make waves and the waves could run generators to make electricity.

When they died, we could eat them. What's wrong with that? HE was the one who said that we were not like other species. On the other hand, if we are the equal of othei creatures I shook my head and made a face. I told him. You say you can't relate the two. Well, what does that mean? It can only mean that humans are NOT animals, but a species apart. And since we are a different species, and since we now rule over the other species, that must make us a superior species.

Do you use deodorant? That's when he told me about the hole. I made another face. I pulled back tne steel gate in front of it, opened the window, stuck my head out ana looked up. It's just a space where there's no ozone and their shouldbe. If you breathe it, it will kill you. I watched for the bulging forehead vein, a twitch in the neck or any of the other telltale signs of mental illness.

I tried to speak calmly. Ozone is a poison when it's close to you, but way up in the sky it's like a screen. Is it a bie hole? It's in the middle of Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) Pacific—it's not over any land mass. I tried to put the pieces together in as rational a way as I could.

Using deodorant makes a spray that goes into the sky though the clouds and to tne outer reaches of the atmosphere. Then these sprays from all over the sweet smelling-armpit world congregate where there's no people, in the middle orthe Pacific Ocean, and make an invisible hole in a poison part of the sky.

This hole lets ultraviolet rays shine too heavily below. That means that the fish swimming in the Pacific underneath this hole will Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) too deep a tan. And for this I should give up using Right Guard I threw him out. But that didn't get the thoughts out of my mind.

The entire so-called ecological movement is a series of contradictions and outright lies. Most are simply misanthropes. The movement itself is at best "unnatural. Of course I'm not talking about ALL aspects of the ecological movement. I'm not against treating raw sewage before dumping it into drinking water. I'm not against taking some of the poison out of the air.

But there s a lot of folks who carry things a bit too far. Vaer so venlig! These wackoes are anti immigration, and pro AIDS. They think it would be nice to thin down humankind. Immigration, they say, would make America too crowded. People would move into the areas where animals live. They would use too much water. They might even wipe out a snail darter or two! Never mind that many of these people would starve if left in tneir home countries.

Never mind that if they stay where they are, their lives would be worse off than Hit It Run - Run-DMC - Raising Hell farm cattle the eco-folks care about so much.

Let them suffer! It's good Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) the environment. It helps thin out the human race. It makes more room for elk. VHS only. Price Guide, including postage, in U.

They are higher. Please send us a stamp for a full list of records. They would rather see AIDS or another plague wipe out humanity than have humanity wipe out another species. Now I want to explain why they're unnatural. How would it be any worse to run out of whales or leopards than it was to run out of mastodons? Nature moves that way. A time may come when humans are replaced by other world rulers. We could die out like the dinosaur or live on for ever like the cockroach.

Time will tell. I'll let God or Nature or whatever decide for herself what's going to happen. I'll Go Home - Gry - Go Home my little bit to help out folks like you and me.

I like people. I'll leave humankind-hating to the ecologists. See 'em before ne dies! Congratulations, Screamer. Your hard work and persistence finally paid off. For those of you who live outside the Bay Area, a word of explanation is in order. Screamer is this character, a total Sid-clone who looks like he's been caught in a time warp since and who spent most of his weekend nights over the past year and a half trying to make life as miserable as possible for the people who worked and played at Gilman Street.

Screamer had a little gang, and they'd show up outside drinking, smashing bottles, picking fights, you know, acting like punks are supposed to. Those of us who were working security had to decide whether to put up with their abuse, try to Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) with them, threaten them, call the police on them, or just go back inside and hope they'd go away.

Compared to the gangs of skins that attacked Gilman on a couple of occasions. Screamer was a minor annoyance. Like even when he'd get brave enough to actually hit somebody, he was usually too drunk to do much damage. But while the skins might show up once a month or less. Screamer hardly ever missed a weekend. He was commited to his cause, more, I guess, in the long run than people were committed to keeping Gilman open.

Not that I'm trying to throw blame around. If I were going to do that. I'd have to start with Thug Luv - Eminem - Eminem MP3, because I was one of the people whoparticipated less and less in the running of Gilman, till at the end almost all the work was falling on only a handful ot people.

But I can't be quite as upbeat about it as Tim sounded in his report last month. There were strong movements on both sides of the social-political spectrum in the s. While Hitler's forces were first gathering strength, there was also an incred - ible art and music scene in Germany, one that would make most stuff we call radical or underground today seem pretty tame.

The Nazis were just a tiny minority of witless thugs who roamed the streets in packs looking to beat up anyone who did at look manly or patriotic enough for them. Sound familiar?

It should. But the Nazis won out eventually, not because of their greater numbers, but simply because they were meaner and readier to fight. We don't like to fight. There were a bunch of times at Gilman when some of us seriously discussed getting a big group together and going outside ana beati ng the shit out of the Screamer crowd or whoever else was causing trouble.

But wc just didn't have the stomach for it. Even when we tried to act tough, we didn't fool too many people. It's not just the issue of violence, ot course. Gilman Street wasn't the first noble cause I was involved with that wasn't able to survive in the harsh cruel world that passes in some circles for reality, and if I were younger and a bit more idealistic naive might be a better word.

The answer, if there is one, might come down to one of motivation. It never seems that hard to round up a crowd of people who are ready to steal from their friends and neighbors, commit violent rape on the planet earth, and even cheat themselves out of the most vital and precious joys of their own lives for the sake of a little money or the chance to stomp around like a big shot.

Somehow there never seem to be as many people willing to devote their time to saving the planet or making life a bit more bearable for their fellow humans.

I guess what I'm thinking is that most great enterprises don't happen for purely noble or purely selfish reasons. People get a charge out of doing things for others, but if theyre going to keep at it, it seems like they need to get something for themselves too. Would it have been different if people had gotten paid for working at Gilman, or if we'd gone a more commercial route, like doing heavy promotion and advertising? It might have survived longer, but I doubt that it would have been anywhere near as special a place.

I guess you can figure oy now I'm not just talking about rock and roll clubs, but about the way you live your whole life. It gets harsh living out on the edge, but it's where I've spent the majority of my life, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I don't know if I'll ever be able to drive or walk by that building without feeling some major stabs of regret.

It was the best, that's all there is to it. Why can't I feel that same freedom to say or do just about anything that comes to mind, to bounce all over the gamut between sober, responsible organizer and total raving loon? And then Rock N Roll Youre Beautiful - Clubsound - Rock N Roll Youre Beautiful I would slip into Scatter (Matias Chilano Remix) - Michael A - Scatter Gilman mode for a minute or two, go riding up and down the aisles on a shopping cart making goony faces at all the little kids or step in between two strangers to tell them to stop fighting.

Then all of a sudden I'd remember, whoa, this ain't Gilman, dude, this is Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) operating here, and I'd crawl back inside the guarded, cautious persona that I'm used Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) taking out on the street.

Why can't the whole worla be like one big Gilman? I guess in a lot of ways it really is; same kind of problems and same kind of joys, just on a way bigger DJ Haitian Star - German 80ies Funk sometimes life and death scale.

And even more than at Gilman, it's totally up to us to make it work, to make it fun, to make it happen, or to give up and let it die. An element of Darkness that looms within every comer of the world's light. The real life war of good vs. The remnants of such a continuous battle lie scattered deep in our souls and minds. It is he who has created such a war. A war which shall never be won for he is driven by the elements of good and evil. Kennedy assassination.

The actions carried out Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) that of murder of animals as well as human life, before a child's eyes, instill Gary Lewis And The Playboys* - Count Me In / Little Miss Go-Go traumatic horror into a young mind.

Such a sight and experience does not necessarily disappear over night. Thus, something like this will remain with you for the rest of your life. Would such visions of horror be conveyed through violence in later years? This individual killed another child at the age of five and as he says in the interview he had to receive tons of medical help because of this action as well as other actions to be able to carry on a normal life.

My personal feeling and as you the reader wilt come to learn through extensive documented facts, during this investigative journey, that it is the best time to instill and mold a mind because a young mind is still developing. Q- How many deaths did you witness? A- Oh, 20 or I don't know. It's hard to say, but somewhere between 6 and I don't know But it was not an unusual occurrence. It must have been more than the, even, because I remember there were lots of deaths at the rituals.

I don't remember, but there'd be lots of rituals. Q- Were these children strays, or were they the progeny of some of the participants of the ritual? A- Dreams Of Milk And Honey - Pat Travers - P.T.

Power Trio were mainly children who were of like unwed mothers and a lot of Mexican babies. I don't remember any black babies; a few white babies. But most of them were Mexican. And they were. Sort of like keeping them around, and then they'd just buy the babies. I don't think these mothers knew what it was for.

I think they thought it was going to a nice white middle class home. But there were a lot of Hispanic teenage mothers in maybe bad areas, poor areas, that needed the money and didn't want the disgrace.

I mean, that's how I remember it. Q- Regarding your adolescent years: you mentioned to me just a Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) of minutes ago that during your adolescent period with your family, you were used in a titillating sort of sexual intimacy Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) of roll where men or people were brought over to your parent's home, and your parents would expose you to these people, and try to get you to excite these people in a sexual way. And then eventually, one of your parents would take these people into another room and be sexual with these people. Is that right?

A- Yeah, my mother, not my father. My mother usea me in those situations, but my father didn't. Q- What was that like Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) be an adolescent, a evolving teenager, etc? A- Well, that's what it was—pure survival and fear.

I basically was in fear for my life constantly. I didn't even get a chance to rebel, to be a rotten teenager. It was really weird. I Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) getting constantly beaten for just existing, and I was told that if I ever resisted the beatings that I would be killed, so I'd better just let the beatings continue.

So it just became like a constant way of life. Q- With these beatings, did they Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) draw blood? A- No, I just had beatings That was the main thing. And scratched My father beat me up once, like with fists, and I had a concussion. Q- Do you think that has affected some of your mental process?

A- Oh no. I've had lots of concussions from different things. I don't think it helped my adolescent years because I think my mind came back okay from the concussion, but it didn't help my attitude.

It was just constant, constant violence and threats of death. And so I really didn't assume at any time that I would live. I mean I just live with it, and I had plenty of reason to think that they would follow through on their threats. I'd wake up in the morning Q- She actually went ahead and did this to other people A- Yeah, that's how children were killed— they put knives That or Si quieres lofi, lo tienes.

Probablemente uno de mis lanzamientos de punk japoneses favoritos de todos los tiempos, este flexi destruye por completo. A pesar de que este material es bastante sencillo, hay algunos cambios interesantes en la mezcla. El trabajo de guitarra realmente se corta en este caso, tiene solos de ruido y bombas de buceo y riffs en los riffs.

The Sexual. Can someone from Control preferably the singer explain to me the actions that took place during or maybe after the latest YOT show in that area Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) is the basis for such high strung morals? Once again I had to paraphrase To make a comment like that is a statement of pure egotism It is very enlightening to see people trying to improve themselves and their lives by going straight, and I am glad that such a train of thought started.

I know for a fact it has done wonders for great friend of mine who, by the way, is a great drinking partner It seems to me that I agree Would - Alice In Chains - Best Of the bands on at least one level I depart from the Liten Skit - Snutjävel - Aldrig I Helvete idealogy here.

The argument can be boiled down to this. Obviously, YOT and Control disagree. It is futile to attempt to change an aspect of culture that has been around since culture evolved, ie. Not only have the ceremonies related to fucking oneself up unified humankind in many ways, it still does. Apart from the futility of the straightedge movement not the futility of being straight, mind youthere are other threats to mankind that obviously need more attention than drugs.

There'll be no straightedgers left, if there is no world. That one is pretty obvious Humankind has existed to this day using alcohol and drugs Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) it will continue to exist with them playing a large part of culture.

These aspects of the world need change much more than the global use of drugs. God-My Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) 7". Hellmenn -Herbal Lunacy LP Special limited Edition of copies I Great! A Must! Send 2 IRC's for our large Mailorder catalogue! Germany:Katalog gegen 80PP Briefmarke! I really hope more of them will stock all these records in the future!

Otherwise: l? On thie LP you'll get some hard hitting thrashers aa well aa some great,melodic hardcore eonga and all with good,personal lyrics on an extensive sheet,some photos, too!

Reiner Meitner Eichenstr. I mean to stick you in Queen - Cool Cat (Flexi-disc) corner with such a loaded question, if you had a change in motives between Cleveland and Dayton just let us know. Hopefully many more points of view will be expressed this way.

I thank you all for your time. Aquickcomment to Kevin Seconds Cincinnati, Ohio Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) the show Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) you forgot. I find it difficult to understand why anybody who is even remotely involved in the scene can believe that it is dead. Dave, why bother with your distribution service, Signs of Life, if the scene is dead?

Hmmm, I fear we'll never know. Thanks for letting me complain. Whoever, San Francisco CA. It also means that I Zambe - Various - Реггей Party looked at as a completely despicable fill-in-the-blank because I have a mohawk and I dress as non-conformist as my tastes desire at 23!

On the one hand I blame punks for being prejudiced against and abusive to mainstreamers and for fighting amongst ourselves.

This makes oppression imminent and continuation next to impossible. However, now that we have'opened the blind eyes of our religious, government, and economic leaders, owners they are pretending to cure these diseases.

This is only different from religion, government, economy by the definitions of legal and illegal. But independents are individuals. We have no strong political voice because of this and because we are identified with the others. I want to be able to look and think and be like me, unmolested. Get in on the action. Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) I, I know a way to enjoy these platters while soothing your conscience. Then find a friend or a friend of a friend or that long-haired dude that you had a P. And maybe I should rephrase that When you get the tapes back, take them and mosh to them in the privacy of your own home. This way, not only will you be able to enjoy the music you inexplicably like, but the artists and opportunistic labels behind it will receive not a penny.

And for a much cheaper price I might add. All material is considered, and all bands on a tape will get copy of same. If you want a copy, just send a blank tape and 50c postage to the above address. We have always organized gigs for local bands as well as for foreign bands. We always try to inform ourselves quite well about the bands. We also think that we the collective should decide what Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) we put on.

We never work with contracts or agencies. Bands get decent meals, drinks and a place to sleep. Since a few years people seem to know us now and quite some people contact us. The supply is mostly bigger than we can handle wanna organize too often either risk of raids, complaints, mental fatigue; not wanting to spoil the audience. So far nothing wrong. A lot of those bands go through agencies.

There are people who are able to organise big tours on a friend-to-friend basis trust you know? Why is Scream coming back after 6 months? I can imagine they liked it here, but Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) leave some space for others, guys You people know the different scenes here very well.

Please try to arrange gigs in independent clubs as much as possible! Why is it that one band plays nothing but independent clubs and breaks even and another plays all the big venues? Also try not to put clubs up against each LSD - Funus Band - Jesus Christ Dead Or Alive?. You only start a competiton between the clubs and you create trends in the audience.

One month or more they talk about nothing else than band A and when A has toured they forget all about them and throw themselves into a craze about band B. Criticism, opinions, comment As to John A and the Scottish scene report, I was at the gig he mentions. Most of the audience in a stirring display of unity stood by and watched. I too was at the Anarchist conventibn in Toronto and stayed at the same house he did thanks again Al, Sean, Ruth and George, but you already know [ love you forever!

I actually thought Mykel was pretty sweet all in all. I thought the convention was rather amazing all in all. I met a load of lovely people there hello to you allwent to some excellent workshops despite the limitations of size and generally had a wonderful time.

The amount of organisation put Erhebet Euch, Geliebte - André Heller - Kritische Gesamtausgabe 1967-1991 to make it all work was incredible- Anarchy in Action? In Rome we played in a huge fort! Everyone moved in, set up a bar, food, the equipment etc, we and 5 LES from Belgium played, then everyone moved out again, leaving the police totally bewildered!

The railway station was in use throughout the evening! In the room next to us people were sorting mail. Vinny of Apple and Justine Fitzpatrick- what ever happened to you? Even now armed fascists roam around causing havoc. Resistance exists all over the globe and at all levels. In light of the facts, it becomes difficult to characterize the IRA as little more than a street gang, as Campbell has done.

Campell makes another error in discussing Sinn Fein. Most Irish people are in favor of a United Ireland. Campbell also refers to the violence that was present in Northern Ireland before the arrival of British troops ini Inthey murdered 14 civil rights demonstrators in Derry. However, America, for the most part, coddles Britain. IRA I cannot fathom his reasoning or certain of his facts. His letter contains numerous factual errors and miscalculations as well as giving a completely Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) and badly thought out point of view of what the Provisional IRA stands for. It is far easier to kneecap your own dissenters than to risk death by ambushing British army patrols, or attacking heavily armed RUC personnel.

They have also granted amnesty to numerous petty criminals who when asked to give themselves up, did - kneecapping is always used as a last resort only. The fact they got only 2 percent of Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) vote is not at all indicative of the support they command. In many constituencies Sinn Fein did not put up candidates: when in fact lly relative to how many candidates they put up was quite good.

The British Army occupation in Ulster npt Northern Ireland Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) William Campbell calls it is the main cause of the problem and it is a very simplistic problem. X-MEN Debut l. Now, put that question to the relatives of hundreds of Nationalists gunned down by bullets and plastic bullets. Or friends of the hundreds interned merely on suspicion, and without trial or access to legal representatives. Any government that firstly commissions and then attempts to discredit Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) nullify the findings of a report on military policy in Ulster, i. To say that over of the killed in the North were done by the IRA is nonsense. I have a little story that I want to share with ya. A tale, kids, of anti-Communist propaganda, truth being adulterated, cover-ups being made, and all that exciting stuff.

Oliver North naughtiness, Republican goingson Well wrong, in fact. El Wrongo. Heavy pandemic outbreaks of sincerity at benefits. Big Rock Stars. Commies are well bad!!! A Ukrainian poetess, case in point.

Prisoner of Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) awful Reds. They paraded her as a Christian. The reason being of course that your average meathead decadent westerner will gush tons of sympathy.

At her speaking engagement, asked for the ninth commandment, she ummed, she ahhed, and all that. How she bewailed her treatment at the hands of those nasty Russians! Her medical records Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) given not one sign of such ailments, so in fact she can be assumed to Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) spent a slightly more comfortable period of detainment than she was letting on! Somewhat odd, eh, chums? Something to hide there, we wonder? OK then — maybe the CIA does have a hand in all this. What should worry us all is the credibility given to this operation. You might well find yourself funding the CIA. Bit of a "politically shitty idea", eh? Like of course, all Irish are thick whisky-swilling twats, all French are onion-selling winos, all Jews, indeed are large probosced bankers.

Our country is based on a lie. Its no wonder with this theme held so dearly to our Goverment, that it is picked up by society: money is the number one value, not human beings. Obviously you Strawberry Roan - Unknown Artist - Davy Crockett and Other Western Favorites know this.

THEY are the freaks. And it is those closeminded, money hungry people who will eventually lead our country. We MUST band together, show we care and become the leaders. Leading our society with the strong human values we hold so dear. Hardcore is not what outsiders tend to believe it is, we must show them this.

As well as getting the newcomers and those who ignore the reality about the scene back on the right track. If you believe in our scene, believe in what it has to say, support it in anyway you can. We must win! Prove to these closeminded fools that we are good caring individuals, and teach them to be. Joe had the idea that if we all sent ads, lyric sheets, et cetera from underground tapes and records to the P. Well, Joe, I think your heart is probably in the right place, and I totally agree with your reasons for wanting to do this stop censorship, etc.

Because people like Tipper Gore would only see this as a bigger challenge, one they would have to work ten times as hard to beat. Gore, and other people like her, seem to tackle this work with almost religious fervor. So while your idea is certainly an interesting one, I really have a Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) of doubts about it.

But I will write to the P. That'll at least eat up 25c of Hindenburg - Various - Urban Poetry budget. Anyone who can write their name can probably be included in it.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope to hear from you all soon!! Heather L. At one point the San Antonio police chased us but but we returned to the same spot a good pig is a stupid pig and completed the job. The whole venture cost us maybe 13 bucks for copies and a buck for gas. There were Trumpet Tango - Malando* - Wereldsuccessen 30 or 40 Klansmen Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) 2 of us. That should show you what a couple pissed off punx are capable of despite the Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) of thought police and fat ass nazi rednecks. I was given a lawyer appointed by the court who seemed to work more for the prosecution than the defence. Where J. H spoke of using drugs the tapes were unintelligible but when Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) said my name and we did two actual deals it was quite clear. I pleaded guilty knowing I could not fight the mega-millions of the government and by doing this I was charged with count two of a two count indictment. Yet when I was brought Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) the judge the amount of drugs taken Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) count one supposed to be dismissed was added to count two. The statures in the U. I was the leader of the Gorehounds. When I'm free I will reform to put out a third LP. I will sell and rent videos, sell fanzines, and records, also artwork.

Convicts are supposed to be eligible for low interest special business loans. If you would like to help me out send me Jump Street Rules - Mark Mothersbaugh - 22 Jump Street (Original Motion Picture Score) / 21 Jump Str. If you write and want me to write back send a postal money order only for stamp money.

If you want a letter back you have to send me stamp money. Include my inmate number on anything. Jordan Kratz L. Love Is So Wonderful - Various - Rare Collectable And Soulful Volume 2 do not really see myself as a racist, I am only opposed to the things that I feel are a threat to the scene itself.

I feel that no certain race of people are responsible for damaging the scene. They sit around on their self-righteous pompous assholes and expect everyone else to do as they want, serving their each little whim. They believe that everything revolves only around themselves working us like puppets on a string.

You think I am wrong, then look at the politicians - who do you think runs them, who do you think pulls their strings? We are supposed to living in a country where a man is judged by his or her qualifications rather than by how much money they posses or by how much the people have who are backing them up. UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix) - Tiësto* - In Search Of Sunrise 4: Latin America (File) many times someone with Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) ideas who is ready to make a positive change is passed over for someone backed by a bunch of stuffy bureaucrats only standing behind who will do and say what they desire.

I feel if this continues we can expect the decline of our country and our scene as we believe it, we must get off our dead asses and speak up for what we feel that is right to us. Thank you for your time. There are many problems that face the world today, but there are many developments that promise a better future. When a government defines'security only as military strength, social needs and human rights take second place. To do that, Tune In - Various - This Is Only A Test!

- Acid! must first convert our current international policy of intimidation and domination—with the biggest bully on the block getting its selfish way—to a policy of international cooperation. Humans have always cooperated to solve their common problems, and as the problems get larger, so do the groups in which we cooperate.

When the nations of the world cooperate, they have great strength. To assemble a common security system, we must make the means available for nations to cooperate. Although assembling common security will take a lot of work, it is not utopian or impossible— some progressive steps are being taken right now. For instance, six nations recently proposed creating an international arms control verification agency.

For more then ten years, over nations negotiated the Law of the Sea Treaty, which establishes comprehensive protection for the seas. The Reagan Administration blocked both these attempts for international cooperation, but the administration will be changing soon. But nothing will happen all by itself. Before any landmark changes to the existing system can be made, public policy must endorse the common security system. That involves informing yourself and your friends and, most important, letting your politicians know how you feel.

At the end of this letter I have listed several of the organizations who promote an alternative security system. Each of them defines the problems and solutions a little differently, but all are headed in the right direction. It is the people actively cooperating today that will define the future! If you have any questions or comments, please write. The Campaign for U. Number one: Zed Records! Sure, other record stores sell them but I thought you guys were different.

Why would you put a band like Y. I have heard very few songs by Y. And finally number three: To all the record stores and t-shirt stores, any time me and my friends go to record stores we will do our best to break your white power records and really mess up your shirts too!

Thanks MRR and readers! Another question. Keep it up! Punk rock came to Chile more like a fashion than as a way of life as it is and the only information we Chilean youth have received is the distorted image given by the mass media. As you may know our country is ruled by a fascist aictator called Pinoshit Pinochet. Thousands of people were killed in those days, many others are missing, dissappeared, ana thousands are living abroad in exile.

We the youth are the sons of the dictator- ship, we were born or grew up with no freedom to say what you think, being brainwashed by t. This is the environment in which we have grown up, with no political culture or orientation and feeling fear and repression in the air. I want to go beyond my feelings against the system, I want to know and make a Kostrok - Made Of Wood (File) decision. Well this is all for now and I hope Hello!

I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) get my letter, read it, and decide to send me material, I would thank you very much. Write back soon. Force, Concience and Revolution!!! Dear MRR crew, I am writing to protest your new policy of censoring material you receive. Why not? You did not censor a self- acclaimed nazi in issue 63 who got to speak for freewhy must you censor those who are willing to pay to say their piece? I do not feel that you have any business denying people a chance to express themselves in a way which threatens nobody.

The U. How Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) you judge what falls into these categories? Will people advocating revolution be classified as Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) Perhaps you have decided to censor only material you cannot write snide comments after. Perhaps this threatens your sense of having control over the information that goes out to the hardcore scene. You cannot prove yourself better than someone by refusing them space. By that, we mean a publication put out by fans.

We do not want to spend our time and energy giving publicity to idiocy. Censorship is different than a personal publication making choices on what it will cover and how. I sincerely doubt that you want to give MRR that much credit. However, as many researchers and writers outside the mainstream have noted, the American media usually presents its information in a pro-government manner, give or take a few technicalities. I remember seeing a program on prime time TV news where Soviet media men were debating with American media men over a video screen.

The topic of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan came up and the Soviet media men strictly adhered to the line of the Soviet government. Guess what the US media men were doing as well? The fact of who did what that led to the invasion aside, it was interesting and rare to see the media men voluntarily Rock A Bye Baby - Roxy Blue - Want Some? mouthpieces of their respective governments on the same program.

The Western press was called in to report the incident, and a faked event became a historical fact that is passed down to future generations. Those damn gooks deserved what they got, before Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) wimped out and left Southeast Asia. Also see the New York Times December 26, for a look at media operations of that time and before. Remember this was over ten years ago, and think how the Agency has grown since then. Anyone who would like to discuss any of the above topics feel free to write.

I would be glad to exchange articles and information with anyone. We do add a bit of profit onto what we sell, but that gets eaten up by phone bills, bank charges etc. Even with the profit we add all of our records are a hell of a lot cheaper than shops and other mail order people.

Robin D. Watch the Morton Downey Jr Show sometime for a good example. It'd be Funny if it weren't so tragic. But unfortunately, it's that kind of cumulative ignorance that fuels the good ol' USA.

Downey himseif is a hypocritical guy trying to kiss up to that mass idiocy. He's chickenshit, rich, and just the kind of guy America loves. When the black community picked Malcolm X or Louis Farrakhan or Huey Newton, you can bet your sweet ass that Downey wasn't Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) on his chair clapping. Downey only cares about three things: using fools to make him richer, to further inflate his ego, and to push his reactionary values further.

But he ain't nothing compared to the big boys, those super rich and powerful fucks that are really gunning for power. By that standard, it would be hard for me to vote for either party cuz Hello! I Love You - Video-Stalin* - Love Terrorist (VHS) really Citizen Of The World (TV Film Music) - Johnny Harris / Johnny Johnston - Citizen Of The World / Go, my frustrations and hostility against the way the rich and powerful have kept a nation in ignorance, have fanned the flames of irrationality, have pushed bigotry and divisiveness on us all, and have stymied creativity.

But I will vote, and I will vote for the Democrats.


LEstate - Concerto In Sol Minore Op. 8 N° 2 - Antonio Vivaldi - Le Quattro Stagioni, Bad Girls - Westlife - World Of Our Own, Crack Attack - Broken Bones!* - Trader In Death, Deep Fried Funk - Waxfactor - The Battlecake EP, Epilogue (Part 1) - Jeff Wayne - Jeff Waynes Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds, No. 6: Mio Tesoro Per Te Moro (Aria In Forma Di Menuet Alla Francese) - Kathleen Battle • Wynton Mar, Raunchy Guitar - The Ventures - Dance!, The Beast Comes Around - Napalm Beach - Fire Air And Water, Nostromo / Wax Eyelids - Domesticated - Tape, Rare Play Volume 2 Intro - DJ Premier - Rare Play Volume II, Dirty Eyes (Sex Dont Sell) - The Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love, (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction - Otis Redding - The Best Of Otis Redding, Too Much Playin - XJN - Yes And No

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