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Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes

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{PARAGRAPH}Robert Luke. School of Two. Sly Hats. Sounds Like Sunset. Sui Zhen. Tame Impala. Telemetry Orchestra. The Avalanches. The Desks. The Devastations. The Go-Betweens. The Lucksmiths. The Motifs. The Presets. The Rectifiers. The Woods Themselves. Tim Koch. Tobias Cummings. Touch Typist. Tucker Bs. You Am I. Posted by leetranlam at PM 4 comments:. Labels: Best of sBest of Photo by Will Reichelt, willreichelt. It Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes place in the Acca Dacca Room at Troy Horse Studios, to a roll call of 30 competition winners and people who shamelessly snuck in, like me. It was acoustic-ish "ish" meaning there was still a bit of amp fuzz to rough up all the strums and percussive patterand Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes was awesome to hear the band's songs retranslated this way. My Love Is Stronger Than Your Lovewhen triple-distilled into the quietest of sounds, actually makes you stop a little. The epic highlight for me was finally hearing The Siren Sings live — it is my above-all favourite from latest album Drown In Colour and it'd Unite - Various - 信念に生きる男達 been performed outside of a studio before. There's something about spark and energy of a track suddenly coming to life that really is magic. Posted by leetranlam at PM 1 comment:. This time, it's the Live Feed album. Not entirely Australian, but all tracks were especially recorded for the station and unavailable elsewhere and, therefore music-nerd-perfect. Every penny you spend on it helps support FBi. Click here to see which bands made the record sleeve. Labels: FBI Sunday, October 25, Halloween-ish special. On Sun Nov 1, the night after Halloween, Local Fidelity is going to revisit the ghosts of the past and play two hours of great Australian bands that are sadly no longer kicking around. Sunday, October 18, Voltaire Twins, Perth. Tegan Voltaire - synths and vocals Jaymes Voltaire - synths and vocals Jye Satti - live drums Voltaire Twins has been around since … Saturday morning mini synth jams suddenly got serious. Somewhere along the line, we became a band. Tegan once accidentally met Descarga Atomica - Sabu* - Sabu In Orbit band The Eagles, but didn't realise it when she worked in a coffee trailer many many years ago. We wrote a song called Burn about brothers and sisters. We ditched it years ago, but we've recycled bits of it into a few different songs now. Music making for you began when … Primary school recorder was our first foray into music. After that, Jaymes played Trombone in the School band and Tegan sang in the school choir. We got a piano in year ten and learnt the keys. In primary school Jaymes once made an instrument out of a hose and a funnel and some other garden instruments. Tegan made a guitar with a shoebox and elastic bands. Jaymes did a remix that had this weird sound in it that Angels Song - Globe - Globe Decade -Complete Box 1995-2004- like a duck quacking backwards in a hallway. Wigs and everything. We're actually in the studio recording as we write this. There is a big photo of Russell Crowe in the toilet. Ponder THAT. Billy Ray Cyrus. In the early days we had a song about a postman - but it was the centre of much contention, so we dropped it. If you had to offer any of your lyrics as love advice or life adviceyou would offer Fight then leave, never say please. Most useful lyrics you've heard in a song? Sing your life. Perth's small - there aren't that many venues and big events going on all year round, so I think you do have to be a bit more creative and make things happen yourself, sometimes. Lwhich was really amazing. Next for you is … A trip to Melbourne and glamorous Sydney just before Christmas! Voltaire Twins were one of the many amazing bands who contributed to the Local Fidelity compilation fundraising CD earlier this year. The band has since released its first single, D. To find out more, head to the Voltaire Twins MySpace. Thursday, September 3, Jonathan Boulet, Sydney. It was just a collection of songs I recorded over the years. Let's play Six Degrees of Jonathan Boulet. The guitarist from my other band Paradeshis hairdresser is the the ex-girlfriend of one of the Heimat, Deine Sterne - Ramis Combo - Ikivihreitä from the band Cult of Luna. I used to do a bunch of electronic stuff, and I've got hundreds of four-bar loops that I made with my keyboard during high school. But the first one I ever released to the public would be a song called Storm's A-Comin'. That was the first track I recorded properly, the first time I got some good microphones and an audio interface. All we ever wanted was to be known as the wildest, craziest band around. Portal (Original Mix) - Fiddel Fingerz - Fiddel Fingerz EP1 the aim at every show was just go as nuts as our bodies would allow. Cupboards, doors, coconuts, cars driving by. I sampled a British cousin saying 'wicked' once just 'cos I really liked his accent. No strange gigs yet. Mainly because I haven't played any as yet. But I'm sure I'll have some kind of answer once I'm done with Tame Impala … Do you pin up images when recording to help inspire your songs? Not really. Sometimes it's fun having lava lamps and such. We've had this crazy star projection thing before, though. You turn all the lights off so it's totally dark, then when you turn this thing on, it projects thousands of stars onto the roof and walls. It's really Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes 'cos they're moving really slowly … but it doesn't help because you're too busy being blown away that you can't get anything done. I can't really cite specific songs or parts where the influence show through, but I know it's there. There's alot of great ideas and vibes in that style of music and it's always good to be open to anything. That's a hard one because, for most of my lyrics, I'm not even sure what they are addressing. If you had to offer any of your lyrics as love advice or life adviceyou would offer … Nil. Essential in our lifetime and irresistible in our touch, the great spirits proclaim that capitalism is indeed organised crime and we're all the victims. This next one is called Refused Party Program. Yeah, for sure. The environment you're in, in general. I'm getting really sick of this garage and I think it affects the way I write music. Like I can't get inspired to write fresh sounds when I'm in a place that I know so well. So when it comes to writing the next record, I'm definitely going to do it in another room. You would love to record with A massive crowd. Like, hundreds of people recording the vocals at the same time. That would be epic. All super-promising bands on the up and up. Outside of your solo music, you spend your Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes … Skating, writing music, Parades, Snake Facetrying to be artistic. Next for you is This Tame Impala tour, followed by some intimate Sydney shows, and the official release of the record. If record stores had to come up with a new genre Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes to file your music under, it would be called It was sealed together with masky tape and had a computer-printed set list. After All was the first song I totally fell for and I loved it even more when I later discovered the shuffly percussion came from him jumbling cabinet drawers open and shut. Earlier this year, his music got picked up by a New York label, Evident; made the run of coolsy music blogs, and Community Service Announcement became wonderfully unavoidable. A great great song that was part of the new self-titled album, repackaged with additional songs from that first demo. I asked him to come onto Local Fidelity for a chat and song and he brought an army of people, a kick drum and great stories to tell. The coconuts referred to in one of the answers above are actually from a coconut bikini that his grandad wore at a Hawaiian-themed party. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Head to Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes MySpace for all the essentials. You'll want to keep track. Labels: Jonathan BouletParadesSydney. Sunday, August 2, Denim Owl, Melbourne. Real name: Janita Foley. Drums, loops and samples: Brain Cobra. Real ish name: Aleks Bryant. Denim Owl has been around since Then I went in to his studio and recorded a skeletal version of Kitten Gloves on a Bontempi air-powered organ and er … um … made a MySpace page. Let's play Six Degrees of Denim Owl. I'm friends with this guy Jamie Mildren. You may have heard of his band Slo-mo Speedboat? A band to watch! A silly song called Tiger On A Holiday written with my younger siblings. It was about a tiger who flees the jungle to go on holiday but it sucks, he gets yelled at by people on a beach and also by a butcher. Music making for you began when My pop bought my sister and I a Yamaha Organ when I was about eight. We rocked Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious like bitches on wheels. About age 13, my parents bought me a keyboard and I started composing proggy keyboard pieces. Those were the days! I had to give him a little squeeze to get him to perform. Sorry Windy, but you got to be on my record. That was the deal. We played in Tokyo last year, a set of Ramps and Denim Owl songs to backing tracks. It was quite strange to Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes doing it at all. At one of the shows, we wore white surgical masks and we drew sharks' mouths on them. Somebody pointed out afterward that we were wearing the masks upside down. Hilarity ensued. Then all the indie kids lost their collective shit over our Omnichord. Which was strange given that they are made in Japan. Apparently not! We do have a picture of the cosmos or a segment thereof up in our studio. Last night, we were rehearsing and I was staring into it. And it was indeed inspiring. I think I will do this for the next record. Some patterned wallpaper samples from the sixties might also rock. The best thing is nature. Staring at nature is top of my list for getting inspired. Especially gardens. But studios are always dark windowless places. Patterns and cosmos are more realistic image choices. And kittens. Kittens are a given. I recently wrote a song that was partly Jyri Honkavaara - Leija by a story by Miranda July. The story is about a woman who teaches old folks to swim in her house. My song is about a couple creating a nautical fantasy in their living room. I think. When I read those comics as a wee 'un, it never occurred to me that he died penniless and in a desperate bid to gain respect from society. He was just a nice dead dude. Do you think the town you live in affects your music in any way? Silence is an enormous golden statue of an adorable fluffy penguin. It is a valuable lawn ornament. And Melbourne is a pretty stimulating place, compared to lovely laid back Launceston Tasmania, where I come from. Living in Melbourne, I appreciate the fact that I can feed off the city's energy, but still maintain a decent level of solitude. Also, there are many opportunities to perform here which raises the value of live shows; so Melbourne should, by that logic, be populated by amazing live bands. USP - Baker Street are endeavouring to be at least an above-average live band! Aleks and the other Ramps. Outside of Denim Owl, you spend your time The first rule of Denim Owl is, there is no outside of Denim Owl. Writing songs for a feature-length extravaganza on ice. Somewhere along the way, 'quirky' got hijacked as polite codeword for 'annoying'. To me, the term still means 'endearingly eccentric' and is a compliment rather than a putdown, and I would apply it as I would a gold-star to Denim Owl's music. The goofy lyrics particularly on songs like Red Leather Time For Love - Peter Hunningale - Reggae Max to act like a jokey decoy, aiming to distract you from how lush Janita's vocals are like sticking a fake-moustache on a pretty woman's face. And all the about-turns and offbeat tricks in each song almost does sidetrack you from the main attraction, but her voice is this lovely haze that's hard to ignore. Dream Pocket is the name of Denim Owl's latest EP and it's been something of a stayer for the last few months. Click on her MySpace for more details. At the moment it's all just me Madelaine Lucaslive and recorded. A Casual End Mile has been around since February this year in a public sense, when I started played my first show. I guess I did it by making acoustic folk music. Tulley Bridezilla. Her music is inspiring and beautiful and makes me want to cry sometimes I've also played shows with And Then To Bed, and medieval music maestro Jack Colwellwho has also done a wonderful job setting me up with shows this year. I wish I could remember, but I was always making up little songs when I was younger. It was a Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes country song that went for about two minutes. I traded ballet for trumpet lessons when I was eight. Unintentionally, the noise of my little brothers creating chaos in the hallway outside my bedroom got trapped in a love song. I think every gig is strange in its own way. During my set, all this smoke appeared and I thought I was going to be electrocuted The gig I played at the Bridge Hotel in April was also strange, because it was my first in Sydney playing a lot of new stuff, and I was introduced by a comedian with a very bizarre sense of humour, which became quite awkward considering the intimate atmosphere of the evening. My inspiration comes mostly from subconscious pickings of things that I have felt, or seen or read or heard about. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 5 October Categories : Australian rock music groups Australian musical group stubs. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved Authority control MusicBrainz : a2fb7e3d-d1da-4ea36e-b45b08d47d Categories : Australian indie rock groups New South Wales musical groups Musical groups established in Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View Forth & Fine - Bridezilla / Tren Brothers - Forth & Fine / Sometimes


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